Various Artists -《Accustic Arts - Uncompressed World Vol.2》(无压缩音讯世界 二 )[WV]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Accustic Arts - Uncompressed World Vol.2
专辑中文名无压缩音讯世界 二

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★ 世界级发烧大厂Accustic Arts精心选取13首发烧女声,满足音响迷最挑剔的耳朵。

★ 採用完全无压缩的母带处理方式,还原最真实的母带之声。

★ 全程採用Accustic Arts AMP II - MK 2、TUBE-PREAMP II、TUBE-DAC II以及PROLINE MK 3喇叭等顶级Hi End器材鑑听!

来自德国的Hi End音响厂Accustic Arts在2009年成立了Accustic Arts Audiophile Recording专门发行符合音响迷严苛标準的杰出录音,首部作品「无压缩的世界第一集」受到全球专业媒体与音响迷的一致好评,如今他们再接再厉推出「无压缩的世界第二集」。「第一集」选了13首发烧无比的器乐曲,「第二集」则以音响迷最喜爱的发烧女声为主,一共选了15位欧美女歌手的作品,精彩程度完全不输「第一集」。虽然演唱者完全不同,但这些歌曲都有一个共通点,就是绝佳的音乐性与录音效果。除了那些广为音响迷熟悉的女歌手之外,「无压缩的世界第二集」中还有一些乐坛的新秀,相信您听了这张专辑之后,肯定也会深深爱上这些声音。

与「第一集」一样,这张专辑在最后的母带处理时也採用了完全无压缩的作法,以期还原最真实的声音。首先以Pro Tools HD system统一档案规格与音量电平,接著以POW-R #1涤噪运算将所有曲目转成CD的44.1 kHz/16 bits规格,最后以Sonic Studio的PreMaster专业处理软体完成母带,带您进入完全无压缩的音乐世界!


It was in fact a small experiment when in 2009 the record Label ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDING was founded. Yet one year later with the issue of "Uncompressed World Volume 2" it is clear that the experiment has succeeded. There are many music lovers who appreciate our compilation series dedicated to the audiophile work of producers, audio engineers and musicians. We are very happy about the positive feedback of the first volume and have decided to carry
on with Volume 2.
Where volume 1 included 13 instrumental tracks, with Volume 2 we now present a total of 15 different, excellent recordings with the focus on the female voice. Thus volume 2 features voices of 15 female singers from Europe and the US. The voices are all different and yet they have something in common: the tracks have a high musical and excellent sound quality. Along with a number of well-known names, there are also singers on the CD who are mostly unknown to the listener. Let
yourself be pleasantly surprised by the recordings, just as we were in the course of our extensive research and pre-listening activities.

Important mastering insights on Uncompressed World Vol. 2:
Similar to Vol. 1 the tasks set was to bring the variety of the selected songs which have been recorded in different time periods and with different recording formats
to the final master with zero loss of quality. Pro Tools HD system was used to adjust the songs with the provided different formats and levels. Just like with Vol. 1 the POW-R #1 dithering algorithm was used to convert some tracks to 44.1 khz / 16 bits. For the ideal no loss basis the CD premastering was done with Sonic Pre Master on DDP.
For the monitoring of Uncompressed World Vol. 2 we used ACCUSTIC ARTS AMP II - MK 2, TUBE-PREAMP II as well as TUBE-DAC II SE on the electronics side as well as the PROLINE MK 3 speakers in a special crossover configuration in the nearfield.


ACCUSTIC ARTS has released Uncompressed World Vol. 2. "To Finally", originally released on Jamie's debut EP, A Moment to Break, is one of fifteen female voices you will hear on the German compilation. It was in fact a small experiment when in 2009 the record Label ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDING was founded. Yet one year later with the issue of "Uncompressed World Volume 2" it is clear that the experiment has succeeded.


01. SLEEP AWHILE - Benedicte Torget 3:25
02. BETTER BE HOME SOON - Andrea Zorn 4:27
03. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS - Jessica Gall 3:47
04. MAYBE I'M AMAZED - Lydia Gray 3:05
05. SUMMER MOOD - Karen Selig 2:55
06. EARTHLY THINGS - Eliksir 5:56
07. FIVE LOAVES AND TWO FISHES - Corrinne May 4:40
08. 8BALL - Sandra MacBeth 4:14
09. TO FINALLY - Jamie Lynn Noon 5:10
10. JESSIE (GOING THROUGH) - Leslie Tucker 3:55
11. A LITTLE LOVING - Lisa Bassenge 3:42
12. KOSMO - Maria Markesini 4:32
13. HAPPY - Amy Antin 4:21
14. ‘TIL THEY TAKE MY HEART AWAY - Clair Marlo 4.15
15. MY SILLY HEART - Margriet Sjoerdsma 5:26






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