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制作发行MetaProducts ® Corporation.

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应用平台:Windows XP, 2003, Vista,7

  MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 是一款相当方便使用的离线浏览工具,可排定抓取时间、设定Proxy,也可选择抓取的项目及大小,可自设下载的存放位置、及存放的空间限制。它内置浏览程序、可直接浏览或是使用自己喜欢的浏览器来浏览、且更可直接以全浏览窗切换来作网上浏览,另它对于抓取的网站更有MAP的提供、可更清楚整个网站的连结及目录结构。

MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise 是一款离线浏览器。同时拥有许多web开发功能,使得你能够利用内置的浏览器方便的编辑、浏览和搜索下载的网页。它可以将所有你喜欢的站点下载到你硬盘上,不管是Web, FTP, HTTPS, MMS还是RTSP站点。

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IPB Image




Offline Explorer Enterprise is a unique offline browser that includes:
The ability to download up to 100 million URLs per Project
An OLE Automation interface to enable control from other applications
An original feature to update Projects with deleted files
Internal Proxy server to access downloaded sites transparently in your browser
Generation of Google SiteMap files
The fastest-possible multi-threaded processing of downloaded files by using all CPU cores

In addition, its main features are:
Very fast, easy and reliable file retrieval from the Web including FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, RTSP and NSV (SHOUTcast) sites
Support of BitTorrent protocol and downloads
HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and User@Site Proxy support
Download up to 500 files simultaneously
Downloaded web sites may be viewed with your external browser or with our Internal Browser. (Note: this option requires MSIE 3.02 or higher.)
Downloaded Web pages may be printed from the Internal Browser. It is also possible to print the whole site at once.
Downloaded Web sites may be published on the Web or exported to any other directory
Since Offline Explorer uses relative path translation, downloaded files can be easily relocated
Supports Drag-and-Drop links from Browsers
Monitors Clipboard for manual or automatic creation of new Projects
Fully configurable user interface (including toolbar) with a handy New Project Wizard
Will run in the background
Provides support and extracts links from Java and VB Scripts, Java Classes, Cascading Style Sheets (.CSS), Macromedia Flash (.SFW), XML/XSL/DTD, Table Of Contents (.TOC), MPEG 3 Play List (.M3U), Authorware (.AAM), Acrobat (.PDF), RealMedia (.SMIL, .RAM, .RPM), VRML (.WRL, .WRZ), QuickTime video (.MOV), WAP pages and MS NetShow Channel (.NSC) files
The only offline browser that fully supports all known XML technologies, including XSL and DTD files
Supports use of MS IE cookies while downloading
Multiple Project Templates make new Project creation simple
Downloaded sites easily exported to another location in required format or added to a MS IE Cache, ZIP, searcheable HTML Help (CHM), MHT file or a compressed EXE viewer
Built-in Backup/Restore projects
Search through downloaded files for keywords in filenames or in HTML text
Multiple Projects selection allows fast operations on the Projects tree
Internal Dialer with ability to disconnect or shutdown computer automatically when download is complete
Flexible URL Filters with powerful keyword support to fine tune your downloads
Download speed control
Downloads can be scheduled, sequenced or started from the command line
Nested folders in Projects tree
URL macros
Multiple URLs in each Project
Ability to keep old copies of loaded files
Downloading queue manager
Data Mining - post processing of downloaded Web site
Other servers links levels feature
Automatic Export of downloaded Projects
Custom referrers, cookies and post requests
Export downloaded sites to a plain directory with no subdirectories or upload by FTP
Additional Project description window to supply multi-line comments

Offline Explorer Enterprise supports Easy Wheel™ technology. You don`t need to click on a control to scroll it using the mouse wheel. Simply point your mouse over the control you want to scroll up or down and use the wheel!

System Requirements
Use this section to determine our program system requirements.
Microsoft� Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7.

The program also runs on the corresponding Windows 64-bit platforms.

The minimum memory required to run Windows, although more memory is recommended for better performance.

Download File Size
9863 K

Disk Space Required to Install Program
11000 K*






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