《网络同步客户端软件》(Socialite )v1.4.0 Mac OS X[压缩包]

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版本v1.4.0 Mac OS X
制作发行Apparent Software

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应用平台:Mac OS X
操作系统:Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Snow Leopard or Lion)

Realmac Sotware 推出了不少 Mac OS X 上非常不错的软件,近日他们又宣布,将会推出一款 Mac OS X 上的社会化软件 Socialite。Socialite 与 Seesmic Desktop、Tweetdeck 等多列式社会化网络客户端软件有些类似,但是支持的网站数量上要更为丰富。据介绍,Socialite 将能同步 Google Reader 阅读条目,除去 Twitter 和 Facebook 之外,还支持 Digg、Flickr、Identi.ca、Reddit、OneRiot 和任意的 RSS 订阅。

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Socialite是一个Mac OS X应用程序,这样的设计让您轻松连接社交网络和跟你息息相关服务网络。通过Socialite,你能够从Facebook和Twitter获得更新状态和照片,同步更新谷歌阅读器RSS,Flickr的图片和Digg上的新闻。

Socialite is a beautiful Mac OS X application, designed to make it easy to stay in touch with the social networks and services that matter to you.

From statuses and photos on Facebook and Twitter updates, to Google Reader RSS syncing, photos on Flickr and news on Digg, Socialite keeps all your social networks in one place.

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Facebook Built-In
It's the biggest social network on the planet, and Socialite lets you stay in touch with friends using status updates and photos. Whether you're wanting to view your friends' statuses, photos and conversations - or update your status and post photos, Socialite's got you covered!
Twitter - A tweet away
Everyone loves Twitter, and Socialite allows you to easily share what's happening right now in your life. There's full multi-account support, complete with the Retweet and List features - not to mention saved searches, Profile Peeks as well as Image Uploading and URL shortening.
Google Reader - Feed-reading heaven
Socialite is designed to be your one-stop shop for news, and the full support for Google Reader (and its sharing services) makes it easy to keep on top of your RSS feeds. Right from within Socialite you can browse your most recent unread articles, share and star articles as you read them.
RSS - Beyond Google Reader
If you don't use Google Reader don't worry: you can use Socialite's alternative RSS service. The RSS service allows you to easily subscribe to feeds on your Mac - with options to share items with other services.
Flickr - Image Paradise
Browse your friends recent uploads to Flickr, leave comments and favorite images - right from within Socialite. You can also upload images and view Flickr's Interesting images.
Socialite's Digg support allows you to easily browse for the latest news: from Technology to Images to Politics, all of Digg's news streams are at your fingertips.

The new version of Socialite has some usability improvements along with lots of bug fixing and performance improvements. It also drops support for Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard. If you need to download the last version that worked with 10.5 and PowerPC’s download version 1.3.9.

Release notes for Socialite 1.4.0:

Better memory management, especially when using Socialite for a long time.
Always show events in favorites/starred containers.
Fix loading in RSS URLs with “|” in URLs.
If there’s an active filter (search), “Mark All as Read” will only mark read the filtered events.
Delay start of search (filtering) by about half a second to allow fast typing of search terms.
Twitter: user’s newly posted tweets are now initially unread.
Facebook: user’s own status updates become unread if there are new comments for them.
Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements
Updated Growl framework to version 1.3.1 SDK.

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