Steve Kuhn Trio -《Quiereme Mucho 》(深情的你)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Quiereme Mucho

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录音室于:纽约 Recorded at Clinton Studio "A" in New York on February 20 , 2000.


Quirieme Mucho CD coverPianist Steve Kuhn’s latest release, Quiereme Mucho is the consummate example of a trio’s ability to capture unobtrusive harmonies, rhythms, and melodies. In this case, the less-is-more format does not translate to baseness. To the contrary, Quiereme Mucho is fresh, energetic, and delightfully tasteful.

The disc opens with Andalucia, a spirited walk-in-the-park tune whereby Kuhn, David Finck (bass) and Al Foster (drums) engage in a musical dialogue that demonstrates their penchant for challenging each other, but with cohesion and compassion. Finck is very active walking the tempo along and Foster provides a rousing performance, both of which complement Kuhn’s excellent harmonies.

Siempre En Mi Corazon and Tres Palabras are examples of Kuhn’s meticulous and lyrical phrasing. Quiereme Mucho paints a tropical picture that is largely attributed to Finck and Foster while Kuhn provides soft accents around the melody. While the entire disc is excellently crafted, this track is one of its highlights.

The standard, Besame Mucho, shows the band’s ability to swing very hard. The racing tempo created by Finck challenges Kuhn and Foster and pushes them ahead. Then, as if to say, “Okay, my turn”, Kuhn forges ahead on the melody, challenging his counterparts. The result is a crisp toe tapping, hard driving tour de’ force.

Overall, Quiereme Mucho is a wonderful addition to the jazz canon and another reminder that the trio format is alive and well. Aside from the beautiful selections, the sheer versatility of the band’s ability to capture ethereal images is reason enough to make Quiereme Mucho part of your musical library.

Track Listing: Andalucia/ Besame Mucho/ Siempre En Mi Corazon/ Duerme/ Quiereme Mucho/ Tres Palabras.

Personnel: Steve Kuhn – piano; David Finck – bass; Al Foster – drums


by Scott Yanow

Veteran pianist Steve Kuhn and his trio (with bassist David Finck and drummer Al Foster) dig into six Spanish and Mexican melodies with Quiereme Mucho, turning them into straight-ahead jazz. Latin rhythms are largely absent from a set that includes "Andalucia" ("The Breeze and I"), an up-tempo "Besame Mucho" and "Time Was" ("Duerme"). The music in general is boppish and full of wit, with Kuhn often quoting other unexpected songs along the way. Finck and Foster have their brief spots but this is largely Steve Kuhn's show. The music may have been largely de-Latinized but the result is one of Kuhn's most swingin

Steve Kuhn has had an interesting career. A talented jazz pianist, he has worked in many types of settings through the years. He began classical piano lessons when he was five, studied with Madame Chaloff, and accompanied her son, baritonist Serge Chaloff, on some gigs when the pianist was 14. He freelanced in Boston as a teenager, graduated from Harvard, and moved to New York where he worked with Kenny Dorham's group (1959-1960). Kuhn was the original pianist in John Coltrane's Quartet, playing for two months before McCoy Tyner succeeded him. He was with the bands of Stan Getz (1961-1963) and Art Farmer (1964-1966), lived in Europe (1967-1970), and then returned to the U.S. in 1971. Kuhn doubled on electric piano in the 1970s, recorded for ECM, and co-led a group with Sheila Jordan in the latter part of the decade. After a period playing commercial music, he formed an acoustic trio in the mid-'80s, which has been his main vehicle ever since. Steve Kuhn has recorded as a leader for Impulse (1966), Contact, MPS, BYG, Muse, ECM, Blackhawk, New World, Owl, Concord, and Postcards.

* Steve Kuhn - piano
* David Finck - bass
* Al Foster - drums


01. Andalucia ( The Breeze And I ) - 8'01
02. Besame Mucho ( Kiss Me Mucho ) - 8'06
03. Siempre En Mi Corazon (Always In My Heart ) - 6'49
04. Duerme ( Time Was ) - 5'41
05. Quiereme Mucho (Yours) - 4'56
06. Tres Palabras ( Without You ) - 9'45






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