Steve Kuhn Trio -《悼念公主而作的孔雀舞》(Pavane For A Dead Princess)[WV]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Pavane For A Dead Princess
艺术家Steve Kuhn Trio

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♫ 爵士大师改编古典小品
♫ 荣获「Swing Journal」杂誌金赏奖

这张唱片大概是Venus Records创业以来最特殊的作品,为什么?古典乐迷看到标题一定能够理解,这是张以古典小品的演奏专辑。主奏钢琴手史帝夫库恩的古典素养肯定相当深厚,才能够将这些古典经典作品改编为爵士乐演奏。对於同时涉猎古典与爵士乐的乐迷来说,聆听这样的作品特别能够感受到深刻的趣味。其实仔细思考,爵士乐手们习於将经典歌曲、民谣等改编为即兴挥洒的爵士乐,那么,改编旋律优美、传世达百年以上不被淘汰的古典音乐旋律,不就更符合爵士乐海纳百川、兼容并蓄的特性?



三重奏的两个成员中,David Finck在Chesky公司已经留下许多著名的发烧演出,而Billy Drummond也是常出现的固定班底。三个人的精彩演出替Venus唱片公司留下了这张与眾不同的专辑。毫无疑问,本片也理所当然的获得了Swing Journal杂誌的金唱片推荐!

He began studying piano at the age of five and studied under legendary Boston piano teacher Margaret Chaloff, mother of jazz baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff, who taught him the "Russian style" of piano. At an early age he began improvising classical music. As a teenager he appeared in jazz clubs in the Boston area, gigging with the likes of Coleman Hawkins, Vic Dickerson, Chet Baker, and Serge Chaloff. He graduated from Harvard and attended the Lenox School of Music where he was associated with such other future jazz masters as Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, and Gary McFarland, with a supportive faculty that included George Russell, Gunther Schuller, the Modern Jazz Quartet members, and Bill Evans. This allowed Mr Kuhn to play, study, and create with some of the most forward-thinking innovators of jazz improvisation and composition, culminating with his joining trumpeter Kenny Dorham's group for an extended time and then John Coltrane's quartet.

Steve Kuhn - piano
Dave Finsc - bass
Billy Drummond - drums

Artist: Steve Kuhn Trio
Title Of Album: Pavane For A Dead Princess
Year Of Release: May 29, 2006
Label: Venus Records
Genre: Piano Jazz

Published: February 6, 2006
Steve Kuhn Trio: Pavane for a Dead Princess

Anything that pianist Steve Kuhn does is likely to be beautifully executed and tasteful, and Pavane for a Dead Princess is no exception. Here, he and his empathic collaborators David Finck (bass) and Billy Drummond (drums) address themselves to the stock classical repertoire, jazzing up eleven popular pieces from Debussy, Rachmaninov, Tchaikowsky, Grieg, Brahms and Chopin. (There are actually two "Pavane"s—the title track, by Ravel, and Faure's version.)

The result is nothing less than terrific. These are not classical melodies sitting stiffly on a jazz beat; instead, the trio digs deep into the structure of these well-worn compositions and thoroughly explores and expands them. Who knew "Swan Lake" or "Fantasy Impromptu" could swing like that? Or that Brahms's treacly "Lullaby" would make such a moving ballad?

Listeners familiar with this music in its original form will get the biggest kick out of this release, and those who've been intimate with Chopin's piano scores will especially appreciate the brilliance of Kuhn's improvisations. But any listener can enjoy what happens to strong, beautiful melodies in expert hands like these.

The recording is clear and warm, the pacing ideal. The musicians are in peak form, sounding positively inspired, and they swing like mad. What a delight!

Track Listing: I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, Pavane for a Dead Princess, Moon Love - Symphony #5 2nd Movement, One Read Rose Forever - Ich Liebe Dich, Swan Lake, Nocturne in Eb Major Op9, No2, Reverie, Prelude in E Minor Op28 No4, Full Moon and Empty Arms - Piano Concerto #2 3rd movement, Pavane, Lullaby.

Personnel: Steve Kuhn: piano; David Finck: bass; Billy Drummond: drums.

Record Label: Venus Records | Style: Beyond Jazz

拉威尔的Pavane pour une infante defunte, 直译就是"为一个死去婴孩的巴望舞曲", 通常就简称"婴尸孔雀舞", 的确, 音乐很少看到这么诡异的曲名, 据说死去的婴孩, 就是一位小公主. 当然这也可能只是传说. 但Ravel确实是於20世纪初,因这首作品才声名大噪的. 这首乐曲也确实很优美感伤.

Pavane pour une infante défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess) is a well-known piece written for solo piano by the French composer Maurice Ravel in 1899 when he was studying composition at the Conservatoire de Paris under Gabriel Fauré. Ravel also published an orchestrated version of the Pavane in 1910. A typical performance of the piece lasts between six and seven minutes.

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01. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Fantasy Impromptu (F.Chopin) - 7:27
02. Pavane For A Dead Princess (M. Ravel) - 6:31
03. Moon Love- Symphony #5 2nd Movement (P. Tchaikovsky) - 6:54
04. One Red Rose Forever- Ich Liebe Dich (E. Grieg) - 5:37
05. Swan Lake (P. Tchaikovsky) - 6:14
06. Nocturne In E Flat Major Op. 9, No. 2 (F.Chopin) - 6:43
07. Reverie C. Debbussy) - 8:14
08. Prelude In E Minor Op 28, No. 4 (F.Chopin) -5:48
09. Full Moon And Empty Arms/ Piano Concerto #2 3rd Movement (S. Rachmaninov) - 6:56
10. Pavane (G. Faure) - 6:37
11. Lullaby (J. Brahms) - 3:37

Recorded: NYC, Aug. 18 & 19, 2005






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