Michael Schenker -《Thank You》[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Thank You

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  迈克尔 申克(Michael Schenker)--蝎子乐队吉他手,世界上流行时间最长,最具影响力的金属摇滚乐队先锋正是来自德国的Scorpions(蝎子)乐队。他们的各张专辑已在世界范围内卖出了超过两千万张并且有一大把的打榜金曲。乐队成立于1968年,毫无疑问,Scorpions是整个欧洲大陆最负影响力的乐队之一。但他们又有着其它着名乐队所没有的经历——1989年他们世界巡回演出甚至到达了苏维埃时期的莫斯科,更因为单曲“Wind Of Change”受到了苏联元首戈尔巴乔夫在克里姆林宫的亲切接见,这是第一支也是唯一一支受到苏联领导人接见的乐队。

Michael Schenker Group乐队
  Michael Schenker Group是一个吉他为导向的硬摇滚乐队。成立于1979年,由前蝎子队和飞碟的吉他手迈克尔申克组成。申克是著名的一半黑色,一半白色的飞行吉布森吉他手,是众所周知的新古典主义流派。

  吉他英雄 Michael Schenker 于1955 年1 月10 日出生在德国汉诺瓦 (Hannover) ,1971 年十六岁时与其胞兄 Rudolf Schenker 组成德意志金属元老 Scorpions ,推出 Lonesome Crow 专辑,接着在英籍主唱 Phil Moog 的力邀之下于73 年加入英国重摇滚乐团UFO ,之后所诠释的Rock Bottom 、Doctor Doctor 、Light Out 、 Love To Love 、Only You Can Rock Me 、High Flyer … 等 脍炙人口的经典名曲,将他个人声望推至高点。 79 年 Michael 曾短暂重回 Scorpions ,跨刀于该团的 Lovedrive 专辑。
  80 年自组乐团 Michael Schenker Group (MSG),推出数张经典专辑,谱出Cry For The Nation 、Into The Arena 、Attack of the Mad Axeman 、 Assault Attack 、Armed and Ready 、On And On 、Bijou Pleasure… 等令所有摇滚乐迷动容的经典代表作,其结合重摇滚节奏和深入人心的蓝调五声音阶曲风,加上使用炫目的黑白相间的招牌 Gibson Flying V 电吉他,为他赢得了当代吉他英雄的美名,至今仍传颂于摇滚乐界,更影响着80年代末至90年代的后辈吉他英雄们,在Yngwie Malmsteen 、Steve Vai 、Joe Satriani 、John Petrucci 还是名不见经传的毛头小子时,Michael Schenker 就已经是和 Ritchie Blackmore 、 Jimmy Page 、Jeff Beck 齐名的吉他大师了,可见得Michael Schenker 的辈份和地位之崇高!他的抒情旋律美的让人心碎、他的狂野独奏让人心神振奋!
  虽然在90年代末期Michael 曾经短暂重回UFO录制数张专辑,但是由于性格使然他还是决定单飞重组MSG 。 2006年最新作品Tales Of Rock ’ N ’ Roll 依旧保持硬摇滚的曲风,历年之御用大将 Graham Bonnet 、 Gary Barden 、Robin MaAuley Kelly Keeling 、Chris Logan 、Jeff Martin 、Pete Way 等老战友纷纷回笼相挺。 话说能够横跨三个十年的摇滚吉他名人确实少见, 30 余年来 Michael Schenker 依旧老而弥坚活跃于乐坛,他现在亦为 Dean 吉他首席形象代言人, 以黑白相间的 “Flying V” 吉他左右开弓奏出无数颗激昂音符,征服全世界各地无数摇滚乐迷。

Amazon Review: As always, Michael is brilliant! On "Thank You" he shows his artistic virtuosity, creating beautiful, soaring melodies on acoustic guitar. The whole CD evolves, with major and minor themes running throughout, and progresses with stunning and powerful under currents. I found the CD to be emotion filled, focused, and flawless, with zero fluff and usual meaningless riffs. The progressions on Thank You are so good that the last 3 songs, beside Positive Forward, are naturally favorites: Truth, Open And Willing, and Escape From The Box. Open And Willing has really wonderful overtones and inspiration, like the Ode to Joy from Beethoven's 9th. Escape From The Box by contrast is a deep and powerful accounting of the soul, where the vocals are narrated by Michael. Michael also a true master of composition. Like all great composers, from Bach to the Beatles, each song has a strong melodic foundation. But he has the added advantage of being the complete master of his instrument, and goes well beyond, with flawless and lightening fast playing. He always leaves the listener wanting more performing his trademark solo's that go on and on, only fading into the audible finish of the song, showing there's no shortage of great ideas. Michael is only limited by the CD format, and the expectation in the music business that everything fit into a neat package.

Allmusic Review: The first of many instrumental and alternately arranged forays into more dynamic musical realms, Thank You is Teutonic shred head Michael Schenker's acoustic side trip into the warm and fuzzy soft rock landscape. During the harmonic high notes ("Courage and Confidence," "Love and Kindness"), Schenker does his best to squeeze out some rapid solos and generally treats his acoustic guitar as if it were anything but. The overdubbed picking exercises on "Endless Possibility" take the tendency toward spatially challenged 16th-note misappropriation to its most uncomfortable extreme. The blood of brother Rudolf can be heard as it courses through Schenker's fret-bound fingers on powerless power ballads like "Faith and Trust," sorely missing the big electric resolutions that anyone who has listened to FM radio over the last 25 years is now trained to expect after so much slow-motion acoustic rock. The melodies are sweet and the technique is flawless, as Schenker (unlike many bloated virtuosos of his day) actually shows an improved command of his instrument with each passing year. Beyond its clinical elements, there's little insight and emotion driving Thank You, so while fans of the guitarist might have reason to celebrate the demonstrations of dexterity, outsiders will only briefly wonder at the musician's control, before so much unattached note work finally blurs their senses.

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01.Positive Forward
02.Courage and Confidence
03.Faith and Trust
05.Endless Possibility
08.Love and Kindness
10.Acceptance and Forgiveness
11.Patience and Tolerance
13.Escape from the Box






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