John Waite -《Rough & Tumble》[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Rough & Tumble
歌手John Waite

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1976年John Waite与吉他手Wally Stocker,声乐兼键盘Mike Corby 和歌手Tony Brock 在伦敦建立了the Babys乐队。乐队the Babys于1981年解散。第二年他开始了他的独唱生涯,1987年John Waite的音乐事业陷入停顿。现如今"当我看见你的微笑"仍旧是他最经典的歌曲。

Three decades have passed since a restless, wild-eyed teenager from northwest England first packed his bags for London to pursue his passion for music, and though he has enjoyed formidably staying power, chart-topping records and sold-out concerts around the world, John Waite’s hunger has never diminished – it has simply become something much more complex.

The album is good mix of rock (with classic rock touches), country and ballads and on the whole, it’s a good album. To be honest it was a lot better than I was expecting. There are some good tracks like ‘Rough & Tumble’, ‘Skyward’ and ‘Sweet Rhode Island Red’ but – and I’m not just saying this – it’s the songs Kyle was involved in that stand out.

‘Love’s Going Out of Style’ is probably the hardest first listen out of the four songs but is worth sticking with. It has that same disjointed feel that The New Left could do so well. If you have Let Go then listen to ‘The Dotted Line’ and ‘Tease Me’ and you’ll know what I’m getting at. Great song with a great a hook that you might need to warm up to but once you do, you’ll be singing that chorus all day. I think I can hear The Beatles in there too.

‘Better Off Gone’ is another chameleon of a song. Starting off with an intro similar to ‘Life In The Fast Lane’ by The Eagles, it morphs into a song that would play easily on country radio. It also has that nice end of summer, Counting Crows feel to it too. For all Counting Crows fans that like Hard Candy, you’ll like this.

But for me, ‘If You Ever Get Lonely’ is where it all happens. If you need a reference point think, The Difference, These Hard Times and Wind Up Girl (The New Left). Plus, if you’re a Train fan, get this song! It’s a beautiful ballad about a love that was lost but nowhere near forgotten. For anyone who has lost someone who you’ve not stopped loving and who you’ll never give up on, this song is for you. We talk a lot about Rob being able to get to the heart of the matter, and it’s for sure that he does, but this song gives him a run for his money. Out off all the songs on the record, it is the most emotionally driven song and it’s the one that hits the nail right on the head. Great music, great melody and the most easily accessible song on the album, it’s easily a single and one you’ll all love I’m sure.

If you are only interested in the songs Kyle has been involved in, then you should get these tracks because you won’t be disappointed. But if you really like what you hear and want to hear more, then the whole album’s worth getting. Just keep in mind that John Waite and Kyle Cook aren’t Rob Thomas, so don’t expect Cradlesong!
It’s available now on CD and download, so spent a few bucks (if you have it to spare that is) and get some great songs!

John Waite – Vocals
Luis Maldonado – Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Shane Fontayne – Electric, Acoustic and Baritone Guitar
Kyle Cook – Guitars, Programming and Harmony Vocals
David Santos – Bass Guitar
Mike Webb – Hammond B3 Organ
Billy Wilkes – Drums and Percussion
Fred Eltringham – Drums and Percussion
Rodger Carter – Drums and Percussion
Bobby Keys – Saxophone
Jennifer Paige – Background Vocals

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01. Rough & Tumble [04:23]
02. Shadows Of Love [04:03]
03. Evil [04:03]
04. If You Ever Get Lonely [03:56]
05. Skyward [04:09]
06. Sweet Rhode Island Red [03:49]
07. Love's Goin' Out Of Style [04:47]
08. Better Off Gone [03:52]
09. Further The Sky [04:48]
10. Peace Of Mind [04:37]
11. Mr. Wonderful [04:23]
12. Hanging Tree [03:21]






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