Soft Cell -《Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing》[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing
歌手Soft Cell

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Soft Cell 软细胞合唱团是英国20世纪80年代初的2人组合。成员有主唱Marc Almond和音乐合成David Ball。在那些80年代初合成器音乐浪潮中兴起的“古怪的双人组合”乐队之中,“软细胞”乐队是最“古怪”的一支,但最终证明也是最成功的。乐队1979年在英国利兹成立,他们的首次露面是在当地一家夜总会的圣诞晚会上,他们当时尽情地把60年代的灵歌、低级的酒吧舞蹈、70年代的迪斯科以及粗俗的魅力结合到起。1980年中期,乐队推出了一张名叫《变动的时刻》(Mutant Moments)的加长单曲唱片,并且很快卖完了全部两千张唱片。这张唱片后来成为了收藏家的珍品。 起初他们撰写音乐作品并以软细胞合唱团的名义发表,他们的现场表演带有喜剧和视觉艺术。他们歌曲往往侧重于爱情和浪漫,以及生活的另一面,如毒品和谋杀。1981年《Tainted Love》成为他们在全世界范围内的经典。

Digitally remastered 1998 reissue of their second release, 1982's six track remix mini-LP 'Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing'. Contains new cover art, new liner notes, all of the originaltracks & six bonus tracks: extended versions of 'Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go', 'Memorabilia', 'What!', 'So', 'Torch' and 'Insecure Me'. Both this reissue & the original are Mercury releases.

Soft Cell, best-known for their stark, yet captivating electronic soul cover "Tainted Love", took a trip (literally!) to New York City to remix some of their material in 1982. Instead of simply extending their songs (sadly, most modern electronic artists give up their heart and soul by letting TOTALLY UNRELATED "artists" remix their singles-check out Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure's mixes: Where are the original songs? Where are the original artists? Yuck.) Soft Cell took their material into their OWN hands, and totally reinvented some of their best-known songs (except "Tainted Love"). Instead of the two-minute Soft Cell tracks, we are presented with six lengthy creations, each as exciting as the next. David Ball's keyboards pulse, pump, crunch and bleep to create a carnival-like madhouse of frenzied frolicking, which vocalist Marc Almond luxuriates in. Soft Cell create a world of neon bars and backrooms, with characters that live their lives with hedonistic abandon. Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing throws all cares to the wind, and shamelessly spins the COOLEST dance music *ever* created in the 1980's. Listening to this album now, it is hard to imagine that it was made seventeen years ago. Dave and Marc were very ahead of the pack, and this hypnotic collection of dance mixes brings the listener into an uninhibited land of fantasy and fun. The cover of NON-STOP ECSTATIC DANCING says it all. David Ball-cool, collected, and brimming with GQ style, stands beside Marc Almond, the little diva with more *glamour* than you can shake a whip at, hint at a fantastic world of twilight and sleaze. Marc grins beside an Adult Cinema Emporium in Times Square, while Dave stands by in leather, stoic and staring. I WANT TO PEEK INTO THEIR WORLD! "Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing" is a nice place to start! This edition features some original mixes. A must-have for anyone interested in QUALITY electronic music.

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01. Memorabilia
02. Where Did Our Love Go?
03. What?
04. A Man Could Get Lost
05. Chips On My Shoulder
06. Sex Dwarf
07. Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go
08. Memorabilia
09. What!
10. So
11. Torch
12. Insecure Me






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