Deep Purple -《Phoenix Rising》[DVDISO]

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专辑中文名Phoenix Rising
歌手Deep Purple

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“Phoenix Rising(凤凰之浴火重生)”是Deep Purple(深紫)乐队的一张最新现场音乐专辑,发行于2011年的5月份。

深紫乐队的雏形成立于1968年的英国伦敦,这是一支以之前“探索者”Chirs Curtis(鼓手)为中心的乐队,当时名叫“迂回”(Roundabout)。当时成员还有John Lord与Nick Simper。经过一段时间之后,Chirs Curtis离开了乐队,之后的人员调整也比较频繁。最后“迷宫”(Maze)乐队的两名成员,包括主唱Rod Evans和鼓手成为了固定成员。并开始了他们的北欧巡演。这次巡演成功结束之后,乐队正式更名为深紫(Deep Purple)。

  Deep Purple(深紫乐队)与Led Zeppeline、Black Sabbath并称为英国摇滚乐的奠基人,尽管历经8代成员的变革,(不同时期曾经参与过乐队的成员竟多达14位),却一直如同一棵常青树,保持着旺盛的生命力,活跃在国际乐坛,可谓摇滚乐历史上的一支不朽的传奇。 “Deep Purple“深紫乐队自1968年乐队成立以来,三十年的时间里,共发表了18张专辑,而单曲,精选,及各种不同版本的再版唱片更是多达140余张之多。全球唱片总销量超过1亿张,仅次于“Beatles甲壳虫”乐队, 并且遥遥领先于“Rolling Stone”。

After Ian Gillan and Roger Glover left after the release of "Who Do We Think We Are," Deep Purple decided to continue and entered one of the most controversial, exciting and extreme phases of their career. Back then unknown vocalist David Coverdale (later superstar of his own band Whitesnake) and bass player Glenn Hugues joined the band. The following albums "Burn" and "Stormbringer" showed they could maintain the same levels of the previous incarnation of the band while maintaining "classic album status." When Ritchie Blackmore decided to leave the band, they surprisingly decided to continue, recruiting guitarist Tommy Bolan. The Mk IV lineup released the great album "Come Taste the Band," and played in front of immensely large audiences at the peak of their glamorous lives...until excesses affected the band and Bolin tragically died of a heroin overdose. Deep Purple were then officially split up. This package features: RISES OVER JAPAN: 30 minute-long live footage filmed in 16mm in Japan, restored in HD. Never before released, not even on bootlegs. Originally planned to be included in a Deep Purple film the short movie was never released after Tommy Bolin's death. If it wasn't known the show is from 1976, the stunning video quality would make the viewer believe this is a production filmed with the most modern HD cameras. GETTING TIGHTER: The full length 90-minute documentary of the story behind Deep Purple after Ian Gillan and Roger Glover's departures. Jon Lord and Glenn Hughes tell the story of the "post Gillan" years, through never before seen live images, backstage footage, never before told stories and original video material collected through years of hard work. A real dream come true for all Deep Purple fans. New inside stories and the truths about the dark sides of Deep Purple with the rise and fall of their seventies years will really grab fans.

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This new collector's edition includes:

Concert Deep Purple Rises Over Japan (DVD)
30 minutes of live show recorded at the Budokan Hall
Japan on December 15, 1975, in HD and 5.1 sound.
topics include: Burn, Love Child, Smoke On The Water,
You Keep On Moving and Highway Star

Documentary Gettin 'Tighter (DVD)
80-minute documentary subtitled in Castilian with
interviews and Jon Lord Glenn Hughes reviewing the
Deep Purple path from the MKIII to its
dissolution in 1976 the MKIV. The documentary
contains items Getting 'Tighter, You Are The Music -
We are The Band, Smoke On The Water, Highway Star, Burn,
Lay Down Stay Down. Might Just Take Your Life
Mistreated, Stormbringer, Black Night, Space Truckin ', I
Need Love, Gettin 'Tighter, This Time Around, You Keep On
Moving, Coming Home, Get Ready, Love Child and Lady Luck.

Interview in Jakarta '75 (DVD)
Glenn Hughes Jon Lord and tell us about the infamous tour of the year
1975 in Indonesia with the murder of one uncertain of their
bodyguard promoted by the managers of the concert.

Documentary: Changes In The Band
The Demise Of Deep Purple Mk Ii
The Birth Of Mk Iii
The Making Of Burn
The California Jam 1974
Sunbury Music Festival 1975
Glenn Hughes Troubled Times
Drugs Become An Issue
Ritchie Blackmore Leaves The Band
Tommy Bolin
Come Taste The Band
Drugs Become A Problem
Glenn Hughes In Rehabilitation
Mk Iv On Tour
Indonesian Nightmare
Rising Over Japan
The Final Mk Iv Shows


Concert: Deep Purple rises over Japan
01. Burn
02. Love Child
03. Smoke On The Water
04. You Keep On Moving
05. Highway Star

Documentary: Changes In The Band
01. Introduction
02. The Demise Of Deep Purple MK II
03. The Birth Of MK III
04. The Making Of Burn
05. The California Jam 1974
06. Stormbringer
07. Sunbury Music Festival 1975
08. Glenn Hughes Troubled Times
09. Drugs Become An Issue
10. Ritchie Blackmore Leaves The Band
11. Tommy Bolin
12. Come Taste The Band
13. Drugs Become A Problem
14. Glenn Hughes In Rehabilitation
15. Mk IV On Tour
16. Indonesian Nightmare
17. Rising Over Japan
18. The Final MK IV shows
19. Credits






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