Various Artists -《One Love :The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute》[DVDISO]

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专辑中文名One Love :The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute

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一个爱 - 鲍勃马利全明星致敬
来自牙买加的音乐会,一场向雷鬼宗师Bob Marley致敬的集会, 是音乐爱好者的节日, 更是被誉为包含了世界上一半音乐的演唱会!1999年, 重星集聚于牙买加的海滩边, 举行了这场激动人心的音乐盛会, 有人甚至说:" 如果这场演出的艺人全都死去, 那么现在世界上一半的音乐就都没有了!"

Bob Marley,一个音乐界不容忽视的名字。他是第三世界的超级巨星,雷鬼音乐的鼻祖,他的音乐包含了宽容、博爱及信仰,他短暂的一生赢得了不同肤色不同阶层人民的爱戴。1945.2.6.,Marley出生于牙买加,艰难的生活使他成为一名反种族主义音乐斗士。
1964年Marley组建了“Wailing Wailers”乐队,1978年在“一份爱,一份和平”的音乐会上,Marley将牙买加总理曼利和他最大的政敌的手握在一起,高举过头顶,这一象征和解的动作载入了史册。Marley与他乐队在雷鬼乐的形态里给予牙买加人民自尊、自信和和平。

1968年,乐队正式改名为“The Wailers”乐队。他说任何为了正义而呐喊的人都是哭泣者。
1981.5.11,年仅36岁的Bob Marley离开了深爱他的人们他对理想的执着、对流行音乐的贡献,使他站入最伟大的音乐家行列,他最后写道:在一个阳光明媚的清晨,我完成了工作,飞回了故乡……

The One Love Bob Marley All Star Tribute is a live concert DVD from a show performed in Jamaica with all the surviving members of the Wailers and the Marley Family along with a great list of performers, featuring everyone from Lauryn Hill to Chrissie Hynde; from Busta Rymes to Jimmy Cliff and from "Hootie" to The Black Crowes' Chris Robinson.

As some of Bob Marley's best songs are performed by some of music's rising stars, it becomes immediately apparent why Marley's music is appealing to everyone from 15 year olds to 50 year olds. While some performers do a better job covering Marley's songs than some of the others, there are some fantastic performances on this DVD. There are 19 songs performed by the All Star performers, and 5 more songs found in the special features section which are performed by various members of the Marley family.

This is a concert filled with highlights, from Lauryn Hill's fantastic performance of "Turn the Lights Down Low" to kick off the show to Eve of the Ruff Ryders and Stephen Marley's "Rat Race". Hill's duet with Ziggy Marley on "Redemption Song" is also a high point in the show, as is Chrissie Hynde joining Jimmy Cliff on "Jammin". Few if any of the songs are "ruined" for Marley purists, as the artists quite obviously perform in admiration of the man whose song they are covering. The concert is a nice, relaxing, enjoyable show that will remind you just how much you like Bob Marley's music. The

Picture: Despite rainstorms during the concert, there is remarkable clarity in the presentation that is as good as concert films tend to get.

The Sound: Also, very good. The concert is presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital and despite the difficulties in mixing a live concert film, the sound comes through quite well. Unfortunately, the 5 bonus songs are not in 5.1 but are in Dolby Digital 2.0, as is the behind the scenes documentary.

Menus/ Extras: The menus bear special mention. Easy to navigate, the menus are especially enjoyable because the sound accompanying the menus is the gentle crashing of waves. It can be surprisingly relaxing. The 5 bonus songs are enjoyable, and it is a good opportunity to hear some of Marley's lesser known work performed (the exception being Ziggy Marley's take on "Stir it Up") The documentary is interesting and gives a nice look into all the preparation that brought the concert to the stage and is filled with interviews from the various performers about the influence Bob Marley had on them. As stated above, it is unfortunate that the extras are not presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital. Additional bonus features include a Bob Marley discography, a Bob Marley photo collage, weblinks and "Palm Previews", previews of other Plam Picture titles.

Summary: This is a fantastic show, really providing the best of a great artist's work performed by some of the true talents of the day. Watching this concert will likely leave you with a greater appreciation for both Marley and some of the contemporary performers. Lauryn Hill's performance alone is sufficient to make this a DVD worth buying for any serious music lover, and the whole show is enjoyable. Pick it up!

VideoNTSC Mpeg 2, 720x480 DVD Full
Audio 5.1 English
Subtitles English, Portuguese (BR).
Menu Yes

• Uma Hora de Filmagem Adicional | One Hour Of Additional Footage
• Por Detrás Das Cenas | Behind The Scenes
• Entrevistas com os Artistas e Intérpretes | Interviews With Artists And Performers
• Multi-ángulo Da Apresentação Final Da Música "One Love" | Multi-angle Of The Final Presentation Of The Song "One Love"
• Bob Marley - Discografia e Galería De Fotos | Bob Marley - Discography And Photo Gallery

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01.Lauryn Hill - Turn Your Lights Down Low (5:10)
02.Chrissie Hynde - Waiting In Vain (3:19)
03.Chrissie Hynde & Jimmy Cliff - Jammin' (3:58)
04.Erykah Badu - No More Trouble (5:08)
05.Erykah Badu & Jimmy Cliff No Woman No Cry (5:12)
06.Queen Latifah - Who The Cap Fit (5:36)
07.Darius Rucker - War (4:47)
08.Tracy Chapman - Three Little Birds (3:25)
09.Busta Rhymes & Julian Marley - Rasta Man Chant (4:26)
10.Chris Robinson & Damian Marley - Kinky Reggae (3:30)
11.Ben Harper - Get Up, Stand Up (3:50)
12.Toots Hibbert & The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself (2:24)
13.Tracy Chapman & Stephen Marley & Ziggy Marley - Trenchtown Rock (4:26)
14.Eve & Stephen Marley - Rat Race (4:52)
15.Marley Family Band & Melody Makers, The & The Wailers - Africa Unite (4:53)
16.Lauryn Hill & Ziggy Marley - Redemption Song (5:00)
17.Marley Family - Could You Be Loved (6:17)
18.The Melody Makers - Pass It On (2:49)
19.Final All Performers - One Love (6:24)
20.Ziggy Marley - Natural Mystic (Bonus Track) (4:29)
21.Kymani Marley - Sun Is Shining (Bonus Track) (4:08)
22.Damian Marley & Julian Marley - Kaya (Bonus Track) (4:31)
23.Stephen Marley & Cedella Booker - HIgh Tide Or Low Tide (Bonus Track) (5:46)
24.Ziggy Marley - Stir It Up (Bonus Track) (4:59)






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