Wolfpakk -《Wolfpakk》[FLAC]

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德国全明星旋律重金属《Wolfpakk 2011》
Mark Sweenry曾是瑞士旋律力量金属劲旅Crystal Ball的主唱,直到去年离开乐队投入WOLFpAkk创作。而Michael Voss则更为年长,他便是于1981年成立的德国著名传统金属/硬摇滚先驱团队Mad Max的主唱。也是德国另一只于1990年成立的旋律金属Casanova的主唱,Michael Voss依然在任这两团的主唱兼核心人物。这两位还集结了各大乐队乐手,专辑一共10首曲子,几乎每首曲子的演奏成员都多多少少的不同。

鼓手:Gereon Homann (来自于德国老牌硬摇滚Eat The Gun)
键盘:Alessandro Delveccio (曾任1976成立的英国硬摇滚乐队Glenn Hughes鼓手)
键盘:Ferdy Doernberg(1989年成立的德国重金属大牌Axel Rudi Pell现任键盘,此团由芬兰大牌旋律力量Stratovarius灵云现任鼓手成立)
贝斯:Tony Franklin (曾任英国老牌硬摇滚Blue Murder贝斯、键盘一职)
贝斯:Matthias Rethmann (曾是德国全明星旋律金属Silver成员,而Michael Voss也在其中)
贝斯:Nils Middelhauve (德国著名交响哥特金属Xandria仙朵拉现任贝斯手,2004年加入至今)
贝斯:Neil Murray (英国著名硬摇滚Whitesnake白蛇贝斯手)
贝斯:Barend Courbois (荷兰著名老牌重金属Vengeance贝斯)

Artist: Wolfpakk
Title: Wolfpakk
Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Power Metal
Release Date: 26th of August 2011
Label: AFM Records

WOLFPAKK is an ambitious project of Michael Voss (Ex-CASANOVA, MAD MAX) and Mark Sweeney (Ex-CRYSTAL BALL) who have known each other for a long time and planned on working together on a Metal project extraordinaire with view to bring the best musicians of the Metal & Hard Rock genres together for a collaboration on their ‘Wolfpakk’ album to be released on 26th of August. Many, well, actually all songs are worth to be mentioned - it’s simply not an easy task to bring forward a favourite song, because they are all strong contenders for being mentioned as such, so I’ll just go to mention songs that would represent my feelings about this album the most.

‘Siren’ was pure Heavy Metal anthem. You may have already heard a song that was out as a video ‘Reptile’s Kiss’, probably their most catchiest, reminding one of the best of Hard Rock era, to me it brings something of ROBERT PLANT, but many other references could be find there, but again, these guys made it all their own. Though it’s close to cheesy in some ways, they managed to steer by a thin edge from that label. Still it’s probably a song that spoke to me the least on this album. Now I have to decide between ‘The Crow’ and ‘Let Me Die’. Considering that long after the album stops playing, it’s the latter that is still in my head, I’ll go with that one. The opening brings the epic to mind immediately, the chorus is superb and memorable, it has everything that I can sum up simply as “classic”, it brings all the genres smoothly together with a great skill, it’s has a layered feel with its great collaboration of vocals and vocal techniques (including the dramatic narrative within its middle) woven together with the song that create the fantastic atmosphere and that’s without mentioning the great stuff going on with guitars and drums, it has an altogether feeling of wholesomeness for me.

One more aspect of the album I will mention are the brilliant keyboards within the last song ‘Wolfony’ that bring the album in no less epic way to its conclusion, and the sadness it evokes breaking out into a breakneck speed only to turn to some classic guitar solos with a superb touch of choir singing in Latin, and some more “treats” - not that you’ll want the album to end! The effort has paid off; this album is indeed extraordinary - epic, engaging, skilful and excellent. It brings the best of the genres together and creates something that feels very fresh from them. The music and lyrics are stirring, strong and simply superb to enjoy. A sure recommend!

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01. Sirens 04:57
02. Dark Horizons 04:20
03. Lost 06:47
04. Slam Down The Hammer 04:25
05. The Crow 05:29
06. Wolfpup 00:57
07. Let Me Die 06:48
08. Reptile's Kiss 04:37
09. Ride The Bullet 04:13
10. Wolfony 09:59






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