Wishbone Ash -《Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue》[2CD][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue
歌手Wishbone Ash

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Wishbone Ash是70年代中期全英格兰最红的硬摇滚乐队之一,纵横乐坛30年,被誉为蓝调摇滚传奇。乐队的标志吉他手Andy Powell,Ted Turner也是吉他史上的英雄,曾被《滚石杂志》评选为Top20世界级杰出吉他手。乐队融合了Yes时代的prog rock,space rock的部分又感觉有几分Pink Floyd,还有Led Zeppelin式的经典Riff,有时也玩起Ten Years After式的Blues Rock.

Artist: Wishbone Ash
Album: Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue
Released: 2010
Source: Island Records/UMC 5326131
Genre: Hard Rock; Progressive Rock
Format:Disc Two: FLAC tracks, M3U, CUE, LOG, HQ scans

Review: Sometime World is Universal's 40th anniversary compilation of Wishbone Ash tunes. Disc 1 offers material from Ash Mk I, made up of Martin Turner, Steve Upton, Andy Powell and Ted Turner. Disc 2 includes material from Ash Mk II, with Laurie Wisefield replacing Ted Turner, and two tracks from Ash Mk III, with John Wetton replacing Martin Turner. Disc 1 is probably the strongest material, particularly from a prog point of view, including Phoenix, The Pilgrim and a number of tracks from the classic Argus album. But Disc 2 also includes some good tunes, like Persephone, FUBB, Lorelei and The Way of the World. Fans may quibble with some choices. Ballad of the Beacon and Sorrel, my favourites off Wishbone Four, are not there. Rest In Peace or Say Goodbye would be better choices off Locked In than Moonshine, but some would say skip Locked In altogether. That album is widely considered to be one of the Ash's weakest albums. It should have been good, but producer Tom Dowd, famous for his work with other artists like Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers Band, dropped the ball, and the Ash themselves provided some rather lackluster material. Many fans also consider the material on the Number The Brave album to be a departure from previous Ash offerings, with Open Road, for example, having the southern-US-style boogie rock sound that came to dominate the two subsequent Ash albums. It's obvious, as well, that the Ash did not make full use of John Wetton on Number The Brave.

A selling point for Sometime World is the excellent remastering job. This is especially noticeable on Everybody Needs A Friend from Wishbone Four, an album which was poorly mastered on its first outing. Universal has promised remasters of all the MCA Ash back catalogue, but so far all we've seen is the Argus deluxe edition. The remastered four-disc Distillation box set is a more complete compilation of Ash material over the years, and includes some rarities, plus a disc of live material from Ash Mk II. But Sometime World serves as a good overview of Wishbone Ash's first decade. --progarchives

- Martin Turner / bass guitar & lead vocals
- Steve Upton / drums & percussion
- Andy Powell / guitar & vocals
- Ted Turner / guitar & vocals (disc 1)
- Laurie Wisefield / guitar & vocals (disc 2)
- John Wetton / bass guitar & vocals (disc 2, tracks 13 & 14)


Disc One:

01. Blind Eye
02. Errors of My Way
03. Phoenix
04. Vas Dis
05. The Pilgrim
06. Jail Bait
07. Sometime World
08. Blowin' Free
09. Warrior
10. Throw Down the Sword
11. Everybody Needs a Friend
12. The King Will Come [Live]

Disc Two:

01. Persephone
02. F.U.B.B.
03. Moonshine
04. Mother of Pearl
05. Lorelei
06. Front Page News
07. Goodbye Baby Hello Friend
08. Come in from the Rain
09. You See Red
10. The Way of the World (Parts 1 & 2)
11. Living Proof
12. Lifeline
13. That's That
14. Open Road






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