Angela Gheorghiu -《安吉拉·乔治乌精华名作》(The Essential Angela Gheorghiu)[FLAC]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名The Essential Angela Gheorghiu
艺术家Angela Gheorghiu

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世界上最迷人的歌剧女伶 Angela Gheorghiu

女高音 安琪拉乔治乌精华名作


音乐学院毕业后,1990年她走出国门。同年,她在克鲁基(Cluj Opera House)歌剧院首次登台饰演了歌剧《绣花女》中的女主角咪咪。也是同年,她在Belvedere International Competition 国际声乐比赛中荣获金奖。1992年乔治乌登上了著名的伦敦英国皇家歌剧院(Royal Opera House)的大剧场,演出了歌 剧《唐吉万尼》中的采莉娜。

在1994。乔治乌艺术生涯的转折出现了。指挥大师索尔蒂为歌剧《茶花女》挑选女主角,但是听了很多歌手的演唱都不能让她满意。有人向大师推荐了当时还名不见经传的乔治乌,大师听了她的试唱后感动的热泪盈眶,不得不离开片刻,说“这个姑娘太棒了,她可以做任何事儿!” 当时就拍板敲定由新手乔治乌饰演女主角。乔治乌还从没有演过茶花女,可是对艺术执着的热情和认真的态度,她非常用心去学,去揣摩剧中交际名媛薇奥列塔的全部咏叹调及内在情感的变化。演出获得了巨大的成功,当帷幕徐徐落下时,全场爆发出雷鸣般的掌声,观众起立鼓掌达数十分钟。整个伦敦所有的媒体报纸都争先头版头条刊登了演出盛况,一颗耀眼的世界级新星诞生了,这震撼了整个音乐界。有些报道把乔治乌与伟大的歌剧女神Maria Callas和Renata Tebaldi相提并论,称赞她前途无量。从此,她的事业迎来高峰,一步一步地走向世界艺术舞台的顶峰。

The quality of an anthology always depends on the source recordings a label has to choose from. In the case of Angela Gheorghiu, both Decca and EMI have plenty of good material -- so much so that both released compilations in 2004, each of which is an excellent capsulation of Gheorghiu's art and career, and neither of which duplicates the other's musical selections. Decca was Gheorghiu's label during the first years of her international career, and so The Essential Angela Gheorghiu is limited to recordings made before 2000. But, even though these selections are a few years old, they represent many of the core roles of her repertory. Most notable is her Violetta (Verdi's La traviata) with Georg Solti from 1995. It was the role that launched Gheorghiu into the big time, and having her "Ah, fors' è lui...sempre libera" from that time of her career is a great opportunity to hear the qualities that first made her famous. Equally important are the arias from La bohème, which is a centerpiece of her performing schedule. There is pathos to Gheorghiu's singing that suits her perfectly to both of those tragic roles -- Violetta and Mimì; yet, her "Jewel Song" from Gounod's Faust, full of girlish wonder and sparkling vocalism, is equally convincing. She is an extremely versatile singer, always musical, and never out of her comfort zone vocally. If there is any complaint, it's that these slightly older recordings don't have the same musical maturity in spots as her later work for EMI. Fans who already own Gheorghiu's complete opera recordings will find duplication of material here. But if you're looking for a collection of great soprano arias, or a document of her singing in general, you can't go wrong. ~ Allen Schrott, Rovi

This is a wonderfully put together compilation displaying some of her best performances. The selections from Traviata are fine examples of what put her on the map. Her aria from Forza is stunning. And she is a wonderful Mimi. I think this CD explains what all the raves have been about. For those who don't know her work this CD would be a great place to begin. I am a huge fan so I am biased. However I do think she one of the best singers and actress singers working in opera today. I highly recommend this CD!

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01. Alfredo Catalani - La Wally, opera (dramma musicale) in 4 acts: Ebben?...Ne andrò lontana (Italian)
02. Giacomo Puccini - La bohème, opera: Sì. Mi chiamano Mimì (Italian)
03. La bohème, opera: O soave fanciulla
04. Giuseppe Verdi - La Traviata, opera: Ah, fors`è lui...Sempre libera
05. La forza del destino, opera: Pace, pace, mio Dio
06. Charles Gounod - Faust, opera: Ô Dieu! que de bijoux!...Ah! Je ris de me voir si belle (Air des bijoux)
07. Jules Massenet - Hérodiade, opera in 4 acts: Celui dont la parole efface toutes peines...Il est doux, il est bon
08. Chérubin, opera in 3 acts: Vive amour qui rêve (Aubade)
09. Gaetano Donizetti - L`elisir d`amore, opera: Chiedi all`aura lusinghiera
10. Giacomo Puccini - La bohème, opera: Donde lieta uscì al tuo grido d`amore
11. Giuseppe Verdi - I Vespri siciliani, opera (Les vêpres siciliennes): Mercé, dilette amiche
12. Simon Boccanegra, opera: Come in quest`ora bruna
13. La Traviata, opera: 〞Teneste la promessa...〞...Addio del passato
14. Il Trovatore, opera: Tacea la notte placida...Di tale amor
15. George Grigoriu - Valurile Dunarii (Waves of the Danube), operetta: Muzica

(Italian) 01-05, 07-12, 14
(French) 06, 13 and 15






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