《DVD电影备份》(Ideal DVD Copy)v3.2.5[压缩包]

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英文名Ideal DVD Copy

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应用平台:Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/window 7


  使用Ideal DVD Copy,你可以轻松的备份DVD电影。即使你是一个新手,你也可以在防止划伤盘片的情况下,复制DVD,在家用DVD播放器或者计算机上DVD播放其观看。

Ideal DVD Copy is a simple and great DVD Copy Software. It can help you copy any copy protected DVDs to DVD directly, or copy your DVD to computer hard drive as DVD folders or ISO file, so that you can appreciate your DVDs on your computer without the original one. It also can burn DVD from hard drive to blank DVD.

Ideal DVD Copy is a powerful dvd copy tool to remove dvd copy protection and we always keep up with the development of dvd copy protection, so that we can remove the new copy protection at the first time. With internet service, Ideal DVD Copy is more efficient on copying new released encrypted DVDs. Once we fixed one and ulpoaded the decryption file to our server, Ideal DVD Copy will automatically access it to remove the new copy protection, which save your time and money to re-rent the DVD.

With Ideal DVD Copy in hand, you may appreciate your favorite DVDs on computer or home DVD players without the risk of damage or scratches to the original DVD.

Key features:
Remove all copy restrictions of DVD - Automatically make region free, remove UOPs and all DVD copy protections (CSS, Sony ARccOS, PuppetLock, etc.). Constantly updating program to overcome any new copy protections. Enable internet service, which can automatically download decryption file from our server to user's local computer for copying the new protected dvds.
True 1:1 DVD Copy without losing any quality - Copy entire DVD to 4.7GB disc or 8.5 GB dual layer disc with 1:1 mode. The copied DVD is completely the same as the original DVD you bought.
Copy DVD-9 movie to a 4.7GB disc - Shrink DVD-9 movie to fit on a 4.7GB disc in near perfect quality. Save your money to purchase expensive dual layer discs.
Copy main movie only - Remove menus, trailers, unwanted audios and subtitles.
Copy episodic DVD and TV Show - You may choose any or multiple episodes you wanted from a TV Show DVD or episodic DVD to copy with "Selected episodes" dvd copy mode.
Copy DVD-9 movie to two 4.7GB discs - Split a DVD-9 movie to two 4.7GB discs without losing any quality. Save your expensive dual layer discs and keep the original DVD quality.
Copy DVD movie to hard drive - Store your favorite DVDs to computer hard drive, so that you can enjoy DVD from your computer hard drive without original DVD. If there's a need, you also can burn the copied dvd to blank DVD disc later.
Copy DVD to ISO file - Copy DVD to your hard disk with only one .iso file, needn't puzzled about the .ifo, .bup and .vob files. But you need virtual drive tool to playback the iso file.
Burn DVD from hard drive to blank DVD - Save space of your computer.
Fast dvd copying speed - Copy a DVD within 20-40 minutes, depending on your system performance.
Very easy to use - Simple user interface, backup your DVD just by one click.
High Compatibility - Support almost all DVD Writers and blank discs (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL). The copied DVD can be played back on stand-alone dvd player or computer DVD players.

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System Requirement:
Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/window 7
512 MB of RAM
8 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
A DVD Writer (for burning DVDs)








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