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英文名Dillobits Software InSync
版本v10.4.8 x86|x64

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应用平台:Windows™ 7 • Vista
Server 2008 • Server 2003 • XP


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Backup and/or synchronize folders
Mirroring or 2-way synchronization
Exclude unwanted folders and files
Run jobs on-demand or on a schedule
Easy job setup and management
Clone and mirror jobs for fast new setups
Simulate jobs to pre-check any errors
Preserve NTFS permissions and ownership
Wide range of file systems supported
Deep path and long filenames supported, up to the NTFS limit of 32,767 characters
International character set support in file and folder names
Supports native 64-bit execution. Don't settle for legacy 32-by applications that will run on 64-bit OS's but will incur the translation overhead to the native 64-bit environment, and that cannot take advantage of the full range of OS capabilities offered
Optimized for fastest performance
Use volume name instead of drive letter for plug and play storage

Backup your important data quickly and easily with InSync. The InSync folder synchronizer efficiently replicates entire groups of folders, sub-folders and their files. Now you can perform backups or copy data from one machine to another with ease.

Simplicity and flexibility are important. InSync keeps things simple for those who want it simple, while allowing the flexibility necessary for more difficult and/or professional situations. Do straight folder-to-folder copies, or specify one or more source folders that can each be sync'ed to one or more target folders. Easily exclude folders. Include or exclude files using wildcards. Define and run multiple synchronization jobs. Clone or mirror existing jobs when new setups will be similar to previous ones.

Efficient resource utilization is the backbone of InSync's performance-focused design. Save time and system resources by copying only data that has changed. For even more optimization, you can allow InSync to run multiple tasks at the same time. InSync's focus is on high-performance data backup, and for power users, mirroring and data propagation, too.

Scheduling convenience is built-in. You can run your InSync jobs yourself, or you can schedule InSync jobs to run whenever is most convenient. The powerful yet easy-to-use InSync scheduler lets you schedule your InSync jobs to run daily, weekly or monthly, at any time you choose.

Power users will appreciate InSync's advanced feature set:
Any type of storage media may be used, including external hard drives, USB drives, CD-RW, DVD, NAS, Zip Disks, Workstations, Laptops, Desktops, Netbooks, Servers, LAN, WAN, VPN, Networks and more
File systems supported include FAT, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, CDFS and UDF
Supports inclusion and exclusion of files using wildcards (such as *.bak)
Supports long path names that exceed the usual 260 character Windows limit
Supports international character sets in folder and file names
Allows concurrent execution of multiple synchronization jobs
Allows concurrent execution of multiple tasks within a job using multi-thread processing
Preserves NTFS permissions, ownership, and group information (requires administrator privilege)
Supports backup and synchronization of locked files on NTFS (requires administrator privilege)
Supports native 64-bit execution for best performance on 64-bit operating systems

InSync runs in true 32 or 64-bit mode on the following operating systems:
Windows™ 7 • Vista
Server 2008 • Server 2003 • XP

      ______ _______ ___ ___ __ _______ _______            
     |   __ \    ___|   |   |__|     __|    ___|            
     |      <    ___|   |   |  |__     |    ___|            
       target     :: InSync.v10.4.8 x64                    
       firm       :: Dillobits.Software                    
       targetdate :: 2011/OCT/17                            
       os         :: Win 7/Vista/Server2k8/Server2k3/XP    
       lang       :: English                                
       prereq.    ::                                        
       website    :: http://www.dillobits.com/insync.html  
       type       :: File Synchronization Software          
       protection :: serial                                
       rlsname    :: insync.exe                            
       rlstype    :: cracked                                
       rlsdate    :: 2011/OCT/23                            
       REViSE is                                            
        looking 4 ::                                        
         affil sites (prefered is non-eu/non-us)            
         affil sites (german stuff but server              
          location outside .de)                            
         dump sites / shells                                
         crackers, keygenners, unpackers                    
         dotNET reversers                                  
         MAC OSX reversers                                  
         Android reversers                                  
         Java reversers                                    
         tools coders                                      
       contact    :: REViSEPOST@MAIL.RU                    
       support the software developers                      
       if you use this software, BUY it!                    







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