《贝司效果器插件》(Audiorealism ABL Pro)v1.1.7 AU VSTi UB OSX[压缩包]

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英文名Audiorealism ABL Pro
版本v1.1.7 AU VSTi UB OSX

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操作系统:Mac OS X
应用平台:Mac OS X 10.4, Intel, Audio Units or VST 2.4 compliant host

Audiorealism ABL Pro是一个和弦/单声道的半模块化合成器插件集成模式音序器。独特的低音线是众所周知的,并已成为一个在音乐行业的标准,半模块化版本的基础上它的长处和他们延伸达到新的声音而不会失去其原始表达式。

What would a 303 on steroids be like? We answered that question using a mock-up by our friend AlphaDog and adding some more stuff like patch cables and polyphony, and it turned out to be a very different beast indeed. While ABL Pro has it's roots in sequenced synth sounds it also excels at pads and leads and is something of a hidden gem for many producers. We guarantee you nothing else sounds quite like ABL Pro.

The filter is based in the 202 filter which sports self oscillating resonance, accurate tuning and a great range (from sub bass to above upper hearing limit). This filter can howl!

CV Routing
Most modules send or accept control voltage (CV) which means the signal path can be modified in real time without any glitches in the audio. Sequencer has CV Gate/Note output and can be used when playing ABL Pro in Note mode, monophonic- or polyphonically.

Advanced Pattern Randomizer

The pattern randomizer lets you create patterns in different keys and scales using different densities of notes, accents, slides and gates.

Configuration Screen

The configuration screen allows you to customize your ABL Pro to your liking. It supports three low pass filter selections (303-emulated and the standard 24dB 202 simulation plus an oversampled variant for even less aliasing).


High quality aliasing-free oscillators and filters

500+ preset patches and sequences

Can be used to process external signals, for example thru the VCF

32-voice polyphonic

Audio rate modulation

Plus many of the features from ABL2 such as:

Internal step sequencer

Full MIDI CC control with learning function

Two MIDI modes (Pattern or Note)

Sample accurate sync to VST and AU hosts

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4, Intel, Audio Units or VST 2.4 compliant host

                                                           
                                                                
            team  ±   ± ±±± ±   ± ±±±  ±±± ±  ±±±                  
                   ±±  ± ±   ±± ±± ±   ±      ±                      
                    ± ± ± ±±  ± ± ± ±±   ±±  ±  ±±                    
                   ±  ±± ±   ±   ± ±      ± ±    ±                   
                  ±   ± ±±± ±   ± ±±± ±±±  ± ±±±                   
                                                                
                                                          
                       PRESENTS                     
  ³ INFO                                                                  
                NEMESiS :Supplier.............Coder: NEMESiS
            Serial Code :Protection..............OS: OS X
                AU/VSTi :Type...............Warezed: 04/10/2011
                1x10 MB :# of ZIP x Size.....Rel. #: 356

                      URL: http://www.audiorealism.se
  ³ DESCRIPTION                                                            
  AudioRealism Bass Line Pro (ABL Pro) is a monophonic/polyphonic semi-
  modular synthesizer plug-in with an integrated pattern sequencer. While
  the unique sound of the Bass Line is well known and has become a
  standard in the music industry, the Semi modular version builds on its
  strengths and extends on them to reach new sonic possibilities without
  losing any of its original expression.

  In Performance
  ABL Pro is mainly designed to be used as monophonic sequenced type of
  instrument. However it can be played polyphonically, or polyphonically
  sequenced. The instrument comes with a variety of patches:  sequenced,
  polyphonic, monophonic, fx, etc.  

  CV Routing
  Most modules send or accept control voltage (CV) which means the signal
  path can be modified in real time without any glitches in the audio.
  Sequencer has CV Gate/Note output and can be used when playing ABL Pro
  in Note mode, monophonic- or polyphonically.  

  AUX signal processing
  ABL Pro can process external signals, for example through its filter.
  The AUX envelope follower outputs CV which allows you to patch up
  interesting effects. Even limiter and compression type of effects can be

  Excellent VCF  
  The instrument contains an excellent self oscillating filter with
  tracking and filter modulation from oscillators, and has a 22kHz range
  (at 44.1kHz sampling rate).

  Tight Envelopes
  The envelopes are extremely snappy and evaluated every sample, no
  approximations here.

  Key features:  
  * 2 (+1) Oscillators with sawtooth, squarewave, pulse, triangle and
    sinus waveforms
  * Sync and ring modulation between oscillators
  * Noise generator with variable color
  * 2 ADSR envelopes
  * Full range oscillators with no aliasing
  * Non-linear filter with self oscillation and VCF tracking
  * Modulation generator with audio rate frequency (can be used as third
  * Can be used to process external signals, for example through the VCF
  * Stereo Delay unit with modulatable delay time (left & right)
  * 32-voice polyphonic mode
  * Patch cable system allows additional CV routing
  * 500+ preset patches and sequences

  Synth specifications:  
  * 2 Voltage controlled oscillators
  * 1 Voltage controlled noise generator
  * 1 Modulation Generator with Audio Output, which can be used as 3rd VCO
  * 1 Voltage controlled filter (3 filter types, 18dB, 24dBSO and 24dBSO
  * 2 Envelope generators (Main envelope generator and volume envelope
    generator), with voltage control
  * Oscillation operator unit (ring and sync between oscillators)
  * 1 Envelope follower for AUX signals
  * 1 Stereo delay with voltage controlled delay times
  * 2 Inverter modules
  * 2 Attenuators, one with lag output

  Sequencer specifications
  * 1 Sequencer with CV Note/Gate output and gate outputs for Slide and
  * 7 octave range
  * 64 steps x 128 patterns
  * Effects per step: Accent, Slide, Transpose up & down
  * Prescale per pattern: 1/16, 1/32, 1/16T and 1/8T

  Many of the features from ABL are still there:
  * Internal pattern sequencer
  * User skinnable
  * Full MIDI CC control with learning function
  * Rebirth pattern import
  * Freebee pattern import/export
  * Two MIDI modes (Pattern and Note)

  Copy protection:
  * Serial code delivered by e-mail

  * VST 2.0 for PC and Mac OS X
  * Audio Units for Mac OS X

  System requirements:
  * Windows 2000/XP, P4 1 GHz, 256 Meg RAM or equivalent
  * Mac OS X 10.3, G4 1 GHz, 256 Mb RAM or equivalent

  We just updated ABL Pro with new installers and minor bugfixes on
  both platforms.

  Fixes rare crashing on Mac  

  Compatible with Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6).
  Both VST and AU universal binary versions and should be compatible
  with OSX 10.4 and later.

  Improved GUI performance for Audio Units


  ³ INSTALL NOTES                                                          
   1) Run Install_ABLPro117_MAC.pkg to install.
   2) Use KeyGen.app to generate license key.
   3) Try the soft.

   4) Buy the soft.

   5) Enjoy!!

  ³ GREETINGS                                                              
               0xdBass   hwsnbn   HYPERMANN & BREZEL   NoGRP

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