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版本[Playable ZIP]

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发行版本:Native Harmonix (Native Harmonix 002)
专辑类型: Dubstep, Dub, Electro



Following his 2004 debut 'Sub Conscious' under the moniker Phutureprimitive, Portland, Oregon-based producer and songwriter Rain is ready to release his long-awaited full-length album 'Kinetik' on March 15th (Native Harmonix) with a 24-show North American tour in support.

Known for his ambient and technical sound — synthy, bass-driven melodies with dark heavy beats, sometimes intertwined with more organic instruments -Phutureprimitive does not disappoint, even considering the lengthy seven-year absence. Instead, he manages to come back even stronger on 'Kinetik', with slightly darker bass-laden tracks that are full of the raw energy Phutureprimitive fans have come to expect. It takes more than just a few listens to notice all the intricacies Rain carefully crafts into each cut on the album.

The album opener, “Cryogenic Dreams,” starts off with an airy and simple guitar melody that quickly builds into a bass-loaded sound explosion of synthetically-created ambiance complete with a tribal flavor.

“Kinetik,” exemplifies its name to a ‘T,’ and is the clear choice for album’s title. A track full of energy due to its motion and fluidity of sound, synthy base lines overlay an irresistible rhythm created by digital percussion and intense melodic diversity.
Get your subwoofer ready for the heavy, powerful bass booming of tracks like “Xotica,” “The Changeling,” and “Center of Gravity,” as well as the thumping, fast paced synth-beats on “Predatory Instincts,”— your speakers will get a workout blasting these deep, weighty vibes.

“Rapid Cognition,” starts with a subtle bounce, flowing seamlessly into a strong melody and grinding beats that drive the track. “Ripple Effect,” integrates sighs and human voices, throughout, plus digitally altered robotic vocals, adding spark to the infectious beat and punchy bass.

The light, ambient vocals on “High Rez,” bring contrast to the heavy tone of the album with a more upbeat feel, still connecting to the rest of Kinetik with its choppy bass undertones. The floating, romantic viola-like instrumentals on “Disappear,” emphasize the lyric ‘cause every moment is made to disappear’ as a serene outro to an intriguing and detailed record.

With all of the effort Phutureprimitive has brought to the table with his sophomore album, be prepared to keep 'Kinetik' on replay, discovering all the nuances within. ~ by Kerry McNeil

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Format: WavPack (playable ZIP) - CUE, LOG, Covers embedded
Original Release by a-one

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01. Cryogenic Dreams (6:25)
02. Kinetik (5:32)
03. Xotica (5:06)
04. The Changeling (5:34)
05. Rapid Cognition (5:16)
06. Ripple Effect (5:39)
07. High Rez (5:35)
08. Predatory Instincts (5:42)
09. Center Of Gravity (4:32)
10. Disappear (3:39)






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