Various Artists -《John Bowers B&W 纪念精选》(B&W - A Tribute To John Bowers)[FLAC]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名B&W - A Tribute To John Bowers
专辑中文名John Bowers B&W 纪念精选
艺术家Various Artists

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1966 年,John Bowers 与挚友 Peter Hayward 在英国南部海岸 Worthing 创办了一家后来称为 B&W Electronics 的制造企业。他们坚持务实低调的作风,将所有利润投入到企业研发中,以求创造出完美的扬声器。

1965 : Beginnings
儘管 Bowers & Wilkins 现已成为一家大公司,但在1965年, John Bowers 在与朋友 Ray Wilkins 合伙经营的音响店中,为当地客户亲自组装扬声器系统,这是B&W的起源。

A selection of 17 memorable pieces of classical music used by John Bowers to demostrate B&W Loudspeakers quest for audio perfection.

Bowers & Wilkins is a British loudspeaker company that produces mid-range through reference quality hi-fi and home theater speakers. The company name is often abbreviated to just B&W.

Joe Atkins (Canadian) is current owner and chairman. He is the successor to Robert Otto Trunz, who led the company after founder John Bowers died in 1987.

Bowers & Wilkins is based in its home town of Worthing, West Sussex, England.

B&W is part of the B&W Group Ltd, which also includes Rotel and Classé audio (midrange and high-end, respectively).

B&W previously offered a range of electronics (amplifiers etc.) under the Aura brand, but it was discontinued in 1997. Other sub-brands were 'John Bowers' for the Active One loudspeaker and preamp and 'Rock Solid' for a lifestyle speaker range. The B&W 'Blue Room' brand for 'Pod' speakers disappeared as these are currently produced and sold by Scandyna.[1] From 1988 to 1996 B&W ran their own record label.

A Tribute John Bowers 精选各家之长 B&W 010-综合测试片之二
入选原因:B&W的音乐、音响专家为您精选出各式各样的古典音乐,有管弦乐、有管风琴、有小型合奏、有古乐器、有歌剧人声独唱合唱等,最后还有电臺访问B&W创办人John Bowers的片段。这里面所选曲子完全以自然的录音为最高原则,它让您知道什么样的声音才是正确的。请依照内中十七首曲子的唱片编号去找齐这十七张CD,保証都是绝佳录音。


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John Bowers was born in 1922, and during the Second World War he joined the Royal Corps of Signals where he served as a special operations executive in clandestine radio contact with allied resistance operatives in occupied Europe. He was based at the world-famous Bletchley Park, and spent time behind enemy lines as well. It was during his time with the armed forces that he met Roy Wilkins, who would later lend his name to one half of Bowers & Wilkins.


01. Also Spracb Zaratbustra(Ricbard Strauss) / The Philadelphia Orchestra (1:47)
02. Panis Angelicus(Franck) / The Choir of Paisley Abbey (4:01)
03. Die Fledermaus(Jobann Stranss) / Placido Domingo (4:35)
04. Tube Tune(Cocker) / Francis Jackson (4:52)
05. Mrs Tiggywinkle's Lanndry(Lancbbery) / Poyal Opera House Orchestra (2:21)
06. Messiab, a Sacred Oratorio(Handel) / The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral and The Academy of Ancient Music (5:33)
07. Rondean: Allegro from Clarinet Concerto in A Major(Mozart) / The Academy of Ancient Music (8:29)
08. Pulcinella(Stravinsky) / The Saint Paul Chamber (1:33)
09. Alexander Nevsky(Prokofiev) / London Symphony Chorus and Lonson Symphony Orchestra (3:17)
10. The Playful Pizzicato(Benjamin Britten) / The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (3:04)
11. No.1 in G Major(Rossini) / The Academy of ST. Martin-in -The-Fields (5:08)
12. One of Tbose Songs(Calvi-Holt) / The King's Singers (2:18)
13. Serenata Notturna(Mozart) / The Academy of Ancient Music (4:42)
14. Prelude on B.A.C.H(Liszt) / Peter Hourford (3:07)
15. Allegretto from String Quartet No.3(Sbostakovicb) / Fitzwilliam String Quartet (3:50)
16. Ave Verum(Opus 21, no.1)(Elgar) / The Choir of Worcester Cathedral (2:32)
17. Romance: Largbetto from Horn Concerto No.3(Mozart) / The English Chamber Orchestra (4:01)
18. John Bowers Radio Interview (1:45)






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