《Cocoa编程基础培训视频教程》(LiveLessons Cocoa Programming Fundamentals)[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人David Chisnall
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英文名LiveLessons Cocoa Programming Fundamentals
主讲人David Chisnall

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Cocoa编程基础培训视频教程讲述了基于Mac OS X上强大的Cocoa API与编程环境开发工具的应用。由David Chisnall讲解Cocoa的核心框架与组件的运行,如何使用它设计并开发出高级Mac OS X应用程序。

Cocoa Programming Fundamentals LiveLessons
By David Chisnall
Published Jun 1, 2010 by Addison-Wesley Professional. Part of the LiveLessons series.
Copyright 2011
Edition: 1st

DRM-Free Video Downloads. Purchase and immediately download individual lessons from this DVD. Make your lesson selections below and click on the Buy button.
Videos can be viewed on: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec.

Cocoa Programming Fundamentals LiveLessons provides a video guided tour of the powerful and elegant Cocoa APIs and programming tools found on Mac OS X. Expert author and developer David Chisnall explains how Cocoa's core frameworks and components work, and then demonstrates how to put them to use in designing and developing sophisticated Mac OS X applications.



Lesson 1
Lesson 1: Introducing the Cocoa Developer Tools, Downloadable Version

This lesson takes a look at the developer tools available for Cocoa programming: Command-line Unix tools; the Xcode IDE; debugging and profiling tools

Duration: 00:28:48 File Size: 48MB

Lesson 2
Lesson 2: Creating Simple GUIs, Downloadable Version

This lesson introduces graphical programming on OS X: Using Interface Builder; storing objects in NIB files; connecting controller objects to views; and common Cocoa UI design patterns

Duration: 00:29:36 File Size: 35MB

Lesson 3
Lesson 3: Understanding Key-Value Coding, Downloadable Version

This lesson looks at two related technologies in Cocoa: Key-Value Coding (KVC) and Key-Value Observing (KVO)

Duration: 00:20:15 File Size: 25MB

Lesson 4
Lesson 4: Cocoa Graphics, Downloadable Version

This lesson takes a look at the basics of drawing in Cocoa application: NSView and the view hierarchy; handling events; drawing lines and shapes in a Cocoa view

Duration: 00:21:56 File Size: 25MB

Lesson 5
Lesson 5: Text in Cocoa, Downloadable Version

This lesson explains how to work with text in Cocoa: Storing text; adding attributes to text; enumerating fonts; laying out text

Duration: 00:25:14 File Size: 33MB

Lesson 6
Lesson 6: Advanced Drawing, Downloadable Version

This lesson explores some advanced graphical features of Cocoa: Reusable drawing with cells; coordinate transforms; drawing text in a custom view

Duration: 00:32:45 File Size: 36MB

Lesson 7
Lesson 7: Dynamic Layouts in Cocoa, Downloadable Version

The lesson covers how to create dynamic layouts in Cocoa: Understanding the view; moving views to new superviews; creating and destroying windows

Duration: 00:25:55 File Size: 32MB

Lesson 8
Lesson 8: Audio, Downloadable Version

The lesson covers sound and speech in Cocoa: Playing sound; using QuickTime; synthesizing speech

Duration: 00:22:22 File Size: 25MB

Lesson 9
Lesson 9: Animated and 3D, Downloadable Version

This lesson covers advanced visual effects in Cocoa: Caching drawing on layers; animating transitions with CoreAnimation; Integrating OpenGL with Cocoa

Duration: 00:26:27 File Size: 35MB

Lesson 10
Lesson 10: System Integration with Pasteboards, Downloadable Version

This lesson shows how to use pasteboards to integrate applications within a system: Copy and paste; drag and drop; directly accessing pasteboards; supporting pasteboards via delegation

Duration: 00:27:01 File Size: 29MB

Lesson 11
Lesson 11: Exploring the Objective-C Runtime Library, Downloadable Version

This lesson takes a look inside Objective-C and shows how it provides a lot of the power of Cocoa: How message sending works; exploring the runtime system; sending messages by name; introspecting classes

Duration: 00:23:27 File Size: 29MB

Lesson 12
Lesson 12: Porting Cocoa Apps, Downloadable Version

This lesson shows how to ports applications to other platforms: Compiling Cocoa applications on other platforms; using GNUstep as a Cocoa replacement; customizing GUIs for non-Mac platforms

Duration: 00:18:57 File Size: 25MB






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