《Lynda.com出品JavaScript基础视频教程(2011)》(Lynda.com JavaScript Essential Training (2011))[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人Simon Allardice
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英文名Lynda.com JavaScript Essential Training (2011)
主讲人Simon Allardice

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Lynda.com推出的由Simon Allardice主讲的时长5小时30分的JavaScript基础教程,内容从最基础的部分如IDE的选择、代码放置的位置等开始,介绍在表单、事件方面的处理,以及DOM等。视频还会涵盖Debug、JQuery等相关信息。无论是第一次接触JavaScript还是已经使用了很长时间,都可以选择观看学习。

Course Summary

Course name:JavaScript Essential Training (2011)
Author:Simon Allardice
Duration:05h 30m
Released on:7/22/2011
Exercise files:Yes
Level: Beginner


In JavaScript Essential Training, Simon Allardice shows how to use JavaScript to add new features and a richer, more compelling user interface on web pages. This course keeps current best practices and practical uses for JavaScript in mind, while covering syntax, working with the DOM, and developing and debugging across multiple platforms, devices, and browsers. It also shows how to progressively enhance and gracefully degrade web pages, and take advantage of the world of JavaScript libraries now available. Exercise files are included with the course.
Topics include:

Understanding the structure of JavaScript code
Creating variables, functions, and loops
Writing conditional code
Sending messages to the console
Working with different variable types and objects
Creating and changing DOM objects
Event handling
Working with timers
Debugging JavaScript
Building smarter forms
Working with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript
Using regular expressions



Introduction 03m 28s
Welcome 01m 01s
What you should know 01m 44s
Using the exercise files 00m 43s

1. Getting Started 15m 41s
Introduction to JavaScript 08m 06s
Creating your first JavaScript 02m 13s
Getting to know the tools and applications 05m 22s

2. Core JavaScript Syntax 56m 08s
Understanding the structure of JavaScript code 07m 09s
Where to write your JavaScript 03m 56s
Creating variables 06m 21s
Working with conditional code 05m 44s
Working with operators 13m 28s
Sending messages to the console 02m 59s
Working with loops 08m 01s
Creating functions 08m 30s

3. Types and Objects 35m 25s
Working with arrays 07m 57s
Working with numbers 06m 13s
Working with strings 07m 39s
Working with dates 05m 38s
Working with objects 07m 58s

4. Understanding the Document Object Model 09m 06s
What is the DOM? 05m 49s
Working with nodes and elements 03m 17s

5. Working with the Document Object Model 25m 17s
Accessing DOM elements 11m 03s
Changing DOM elements 05m 42s
Creating DOM elements 08m 32s

6. Working with Events and Event Listeners 24m 45s
Introduction to JavaScript event handling 08m 16s
Working with onClick and onLoad events 07m 36s
Working with onBlur and onFocus events 02m 36s
Working with timers 06m 17s

7. Debugging JavaScript 21m 41s
Common JavaScript errors 07m 14s
Using Firebug 04m 07s
Going through a debugging session 10m 20s

8. Building Smarter Forms 10m 13s
Accessing form elements 04m 20s
Preventing a form from being submitted 02m 36s
Hiding and showing form sections 03m 17s

9. UI Enhancement 09m 49s
CSS and JavaScript 03m 46s
Removing and applying CSS classes 02m 16s
Changing inline styles 03m 47s

10. JavaScript Best Practices 19m 44s
Understanding JavaScript style 07m 39s
Minifying your code 04m 28s
Using JavaScript code checkers 07m 37s

11. JavaScript Libraries 22m 24s
Introduction to JavaScript libraries 03m 17s
Linking to multiple JavaScript files 02m 11s
Introduction to jQuery 12m 07s
Using a content distribution network to deliver JavaScript files 04m 49s

12. JavaScript and HTML5 17m 35s
JavaScript in HTML5 09m 37s
Using Modernizr 03m 02s
Using Strict Mode 04m 56s

13. Advanced JavaScript Features 33m 03s
Knowing the JavaScript to avoid 06m 35s
Introduction to regular expressions 06m 56s
Working with AJAX 10m 44s
Working with objects and prototypes 08m 48s

14. Putting It All Together 21m 10s
Example: Countdown 08m 03s
Example: Resize 05m 47s
Example: Accordion 07m 20s

Conclusion 04m 58s
Where to go from here 04m 00s
Goodbye 00m 58s






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