Ulli Bögershausen -《深红》(Crimson)[FLAC]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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艺术家Ulli Bögershausen

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「深情吉他Crimson(深红)」是「钢弦吉他教主」尤利‧柏格斯豪森的最新专辑(2007)十二首融合古典与流行的吉他独奏曲,大多由尤利谱写,从开头的「序曲」到最后的「出场」,尤利希望乐迷能一路领会他的创意转折、心情变化,尤其在手指离弦瞬间,餘韵仍能令人感受尤利的音乐执著与生命热忱。这首「Percussive Groove」虽然简单纯真,却能令人手舞足蹈,加上绝佳的录音,水晶般清澈的琴音与舒畅的音流,令人心旷神怡。

Styles may come and go, but good music will weave its ageless magic no matter what the current fad. Ulli Bögershausen is a guitar wizard with a truly remarkable craft at his command. He possesses a gift for making time stand still. And while the moment lingers, his solo guitar playing paints pictures upon the very soul of his audience – inobtrusive, yet unforgettable; vignettes glowing with the serenity of a day in late summer, a slight melancholy blended wonderfully with a mediterranean joy of living in a steady dance-like flow of notes in the air of an endless blue September day.

After more than twenty years of performing and recording, the seasoned German guitarist can boast stacks of rhapsodizing concert reviews from newspapers and magazines anywhere between Los Angeles, Bonn, and Taipei. He has held audiences spellbound at intimate rural German venues, and he has left them open-mouthed at guitar festivals in Nashville and in the concert halls of Japan and Taiwan. His playing has been called “breathtaking in its intertwined harmonies and its unfailing timing”, his performances have been considered “as if from a fairy tale”, and his albums have been regarded as models of “sensitive string wizardry” and of “guitar music for the 21st century”.

Steeped in the tradition of the folk guitar, but constantly refined by his classical studies, Bögershausen´s playing continues to leave the audience with the best of both worlds. A breezy lightness pervades everything, tastefully balanced by an almost classical sense of formal depth and compositional coherence. Ulli Bögershausen has taken his time to develop a style all his own, quietly incorporating state-of-the-art skills, styles, and techniques all the while.

As a result, Bögershausen not only plays two or more independent lines at the same time, but also manages to give each line its distinct voice as if a complete orchestra were at work. His crystal-clear single-note runs make the 32nd notes sparkle intensely like effervescent water. Like legendary John Renbourn, Ulli Bögershausen has given the steel-string guitar an unheard-of sound of effortless elegance, whose liveliness owes little to the strict classical-guitar ideal of tone.

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01. Overture
02. Percussive Groove (extended version)
03. Mistral
04. Manha do Carnaval (La Chanson D’Orphee)
05. Liado’s House
06. Both Sides Now
07. Lakewood Song (extended version)
08. Bernas
09. Hit the Road Jack
10. Time after Time
11. Outro






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