《O'Reilly出品:使用Java开发Android应用程序》(O'Reilly - Developing Android Applications with Java)共2部分/更新完毕/115网盘下载见28楼[MP4]

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英文名O'Reilly - Developing Android Applications with Java
主讲人Tony Hillerson

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O'Reiily 2010年出品的 Developing Android Applications with Java 视频教程 共两部分
由 Tony Hillerson 主讲



· Developing Android Applications with Java Part 1
· By: Tony Hillerson
· Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
· Pub. Date: January 19, 2010
· Running Time: 11 hours 23 minutes 52 seconds
· Description:

This product will get you up to speed on the basics of Android development, including the Android SDK and the Eclipse IDE. As you learn, you'll build a simple Android app from start to finish.

视频教程2(构建Twitter app)

· Developing Android Applications with Java, Part 2
· By: Tony Hillerson
· Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
· Pub. Date: April 5, 2010
· Running Time: 9 hours 28 minutes 51 seconds
· Description:

As you learn, you will build a Twitter app from start to finish.

You can never have too many Twitter clients, as the market has already proven. We'll use a very comprehensive and useful library called twitter4j to do the heavy lifting for us, but there will be plenty of lifting left to do. We'll walk you through setting up sign ins, creating a public timeline, making sure your app is responsive and giving it style to stand out from the flock. Finally, for those times when 140 characters isn't enough, you'll extend your Twitter client to also post photos to the popular Twitpic image service.


Tony Hillerson

Tony Hillerson is a Software Architect for EffectiveUI. He graduated from Ambassador University with a BA in MIS. On any given day he may be working with Flex, Java, Rails, Maven, Ant, Ruby, or shell scripts. Tony has contributed to many community projects, such as RubyAMF. Tony has spoken at 360|Flex and Adobe MAX, as well as local user groups.

Tony is interested in all levels of usability and experience design, from the database to the server to the glass.

In his free time Tony enjoys playing the bass, playing World of Warcraft, making electronic music, making beer, learning Latin, and studying philosophy. Tony lives outside Denver, CO with his wife and son Titus.


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Part 1:

Overview Week: Getting started with Android

Overview Week: What is Android? (Free Preview) 19 minutes
Overview Week: Eclipse and SDK setup and build a Red Flashlight app (Free Preview) 38 minutes
Overview Week: Add a button to a Green Flashlight (Free Preview) 21 minutes
Overview Week: Add the Green Flashlight (Free Preview) 18 minutes

Week 1: Build a Task Manager App

Week 1: Layout and Build a Task Manager App 4 minutes
Week 1: Displaying a list of tasks 40 minutes
Week 1: Sharing Data Across the Task Manager App 12 minutes
Week 1: Create the Add Task View 22 minutes
Week 1: Implement Safe Canceling 21 minutes
Week 1: Homework and Q & A 13 minutes

Week 2: Create a Task List

Week 2: Creating a List of Tasks 3 minutes
Week 2: A Better List View 22 minutes
Week 2: Showing the Tasks 58 minutes
Week 2: Completing Tasks 7 minutes
Week 2: Removing Completed Tasks 7 minutes
Week 2: Wrap up, Homework and Q&A 17 minutes

Week 3: Add Persistence

Week 3: Adding Persistence to our Task Manager using SQLite 7 minutes
Week 3: Loading tasks from the database 48 minutes
Week 3: Adding new tasks to the database 22 minutes
Week 3: Completing a task 9 minutes
Week 3: Deleting tasks 10 minutes
Week 3: Wrap up, Homework and Q&A 19 minutes

Week 4: Add Location and Maps

Week 4: Adding Location and Maps to our Task Manager 6 minutes
Week 4: Adding a Location to a Task 27 minutes
Week 4: Displaying a Map View 29 minutes
Week 4: Searching for an Address and Map Overlays 28 minutes
Week 4: Returning the Address to AddTaskActivity 7 minutes
Week 4: Wrap up, Homework and Q&A 17 minutes

Week 5: Add Location Awareness

Week 5: Adding Location Awareness to our Task Manager 4 minutes
Week 5: Saving the Address on a Task 23 minutes
Week 5: Displaying the Location of the Task 15 minutes
Week 5: Adding the Device's Current Location to the Map 16 minutes
Week 5: Displaying the Current Location on the Task List 24 minutes
Week 5: Filtering the Tasks by Location 16 minutes
Week 5: Wrap Up, Homework and Q&A

Part 2:

Overview: Build an Android Twitter App

Getting Ready to Build a Twitter App (Free Preview) 14 minutes
O'Auth Twitter Authentication and Q&A (Free Preview) 22 minutes

Week 1: Getting Authenticated with Twitter

Example Files 0 minutes
Introduction and Review of OAuth (Free Preview) 5 minutes
Becoming an OAuth Consumer 19 minutes
Is the User Authenticated? 13 minutes
Loading Twitter's Authentication Page 11 minutes
Saving the Access Tokens 37 minutes

Week 2: Displaying Tweets and the Twitter Public Timeline

Example Files for Week 2 0 minutes
Introduction to Loading Tweets and Threading (Free Preview) 3 minutes
Loading the Twitter Home Timeline 25 minutes
Loading Newer Tweets 25 minutes
Loading Older Tweets 11 minutes
Loading on a Thread 27 minutes
Showing the Status Detail View 15 minutes

Week 3: Tweeting from Your App

Example Files for Week 3 0 minutes
Introduction to Threads and Tweets (Free Preview) 4 minutes
Loading Avatars with Threads 13 minutes
Loading Avatars with Async Task 35 minutes
Loading Tweets with Async Tasks 14 minutes
Navigating with a Menu 20 minutes
Posting Tweets 15 minutes
Wrap Up, Homework and Q&A 8 minutes

Week 4: Adding Style to Your App

Example Files for Week 4 0 minutes
Introduction to Skinning and Styling your Twitter App (Free Preview) 7 minutes
Creating a Theme with Colors and Fonts 30 minutes
Styling Menus and Buttons 33 minutes
Styling the Text Area and the List 24 minutes
Styling for Different Screens 21 minutes

Week 5: Posting Photos from Your App

Example Files for Week 5 0 minutes
Introduction to Posting your Photos to Twitter (Free Preview) 7 minutes
Getting Ready for Photos 20 minutes
Attaching a Photo from the Library 30 minutes
Attaching a Photo from the Camera 28 minutes
Posting a Photo 17 minutes
Recap of course and Q&A






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