《Visual Studio插件》(Whole Tomato Visual Assist X)更新v10.6.1854.0修正版/含破解补丁[压缩包]

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    制作发行© 2011 - Whole Tomato Software, Inc..
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中文名Visual Studio插件
英文名Whole Tomato Visual Assist X
制作发行© 2011 - Whole Tomato Software, Inc..

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requires software maintenance through 2011.07.18 (General release.)
•New! Improved speed of solution load and Find References on multicore systems. (case=18233)
•New! Dialog positioning is smarter on multi-monitor systems. (case=57285)
•New! Member list is shown rather than a suggestion list when typing over existing text following . or -> (case=57852) 10140
•New! Display XAML data-bound x:Name and x:Key values in VA Outline. (case=57813) 10176
•New! Added uppercase variants of GUID tokens to VA Snippets Editor. (case=57016)
•Prevent hang/timeouts during project load when project uses environment variables that Visual Studio is not able to resolve. (case=57973)
•Fixed parsing and refactoring problems for code declared with the STDMETHOD family of macros. (case=12800, case=12803, case=12386, case=45936, case=58329) 10075, 9614, 8973, 7787, 7252, 7251, 7233
•Local function declarations are parsed correctly. (case=25957) 9341, 8675
•Suggestion listboxes don't steal focus when the user is typing LINQ predicates. (case=16277) 10189
•More improvements to Create from Usage when invoked from C++ constructor initialization list. (case=31277, case=58369) 10218
•Create from Usage infers the correct type for method parameters that are members of classes or structs. (case=33485)
•Create from Usage infers type bool for methods used in the test condition of the ternary (conditional) operator. (case=57444) 10139
•Create from Usage items inferred from reference parameters default to non-reference types. (case=58376)
•Implement Interface supports overloaded methods. (case=54587) 10155, 9973
•Implement Interface handles relational operators <, >, <=, and >=. (case=57625) 10164
•Implement Interface respects order of declarations in interface. (case=58301) 10099
•Fixed VA Snippet incorrectly inserted at beginning of file. (case=55563) 10185, 10026
•Fixed detection of changes to C++ property sheets. (case=56185)
•Added enums missing from Find Symbol in Solution (FSIS) when declared in a .cpp file. (case=57545)
•Improved handling of "using namespace" statements. (case=56363, case=58175)
•Find References Results count updates dynamically as results are removed from the list. (case=58040) 10193
•Double-clicking or pressing Enter on a file node in Find References Results opens the file in the text editor. (case=58321)
•Find References Results displays the correct icon and color for variables used as array indices. (case=38628)
•VA Auto Recovery handles Unicode text (applicable to Visual Studio only). (case=58071) 10196
•Fixed Add Include when root directory is specified as an additional include directory. (case=58426) 10224
•Single-character entries appear properly in the Multiple Clipboard list. (case=58497) 10228
•Spell Check underlines errors in Doxygen-style comments. (case=57415) 10133
•Fix for VA colors not being saved when Visual Studio options dialog was opened via Tools.CustomizeKeyboard. (case=58598)
•Corrected method coloring in C# foreach statements without curly braces. (case=14446) 7314
•Correct visibility icons are displayed for C# private members. (case=57884)
•Correct icons are displayed for events and delegates. (case=58290)
•Fixed the VA Navigation Bar definition of certain macros. (case=30829)
•Fixed painting problem with VA View dropdown lists opened via Alt+Down keyboard shortcut. (case=58357)
•Fixed problem parsing Qt headers (regression in 1848). (case=58701)
•Eliminated another crash resolving some namespace aliases (regression in 1848). (case=58509)
•VS2010: Improved performance in files with lots of collapsed code. (case=57743) 10001
•VS2010: Fix for temporary reset of VA default colors when fonts and colors options are viewed before an editor has been opened. (case=57614)
•VS2010: Corrected position of column indicator. (case=57518) 10142
•VS2010: The vassistx.SpellCheckWord command functions correctly. (case=57926)
•VS2010: Provided registry option to improve compatibility with ViEmu. (case=58034) 10215
•VS2010: Improved compatibility with the Debugger Canvas extension. (case=58124) 10201

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非常好用的 Microsoft Visual Studio 插件,自动识别各种关键字,系统函数,成员变量,自动给出输入提示,自动更正大小写错误,自动标示错误,等等。在Visual Studio .NET 2005 中, 支持 C/C++, C#, ASP, Visual Basic, Java 及 HTML; 在 Visual C++ 6.0 and 5.0 中支持 C 和 C++ 的编程。
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