《耶鲁大学开放课程:环境政治和法律》(Open Yale Courses : Environmental Politics and Law) 视频更新至第15课/中文字幕更新至第2课[TLF制作][MOV]


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英文名Open Yale Courses : Environmental Politics and Law
学校耶鲁大学 Yale University

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院校名称:耶鲁大学 (Yale University)
英文名称:Open Yale Courses : Environmental Politics and Law
课程代号:EVST 255 - Environmental Politics and Law, Spring 2010
主讲导师:Professor John P. Wargo
授课学期:Spring 2010


耶鲁大学课程之:《EVST 255 - Environmental Politics and Law, Spring 2010 》,课程代号EVST 255, 由John P. Wargo教授主讲, 共24个课时, 平均每节在50分钟左右.

切尔诺贝利事故的阴霾尚未散去,福岛核电站危机再度上演,如何有效防范核能隐患?民以食为天,食以安为先。食品安全关系国计民生,近几年各类违规食物却屡遭媒体曝光,美国人又是如何制定他们的食品安全法?《寂静的春天》描绘了一个无法想象的未来,而如今DDT之类的农药已被大量禁止,这类振奋人心的变化是如何产生的?环境保护功在千秋,法律能否塑造人们的行为,减少环境污染?什么样的法规才是切实有效的?2010年春季耶鲁大学公开课《环境政治与法律 》为未来的商业精英和政界领袖而设计,引领他们学习前人的经验应对未来的问题. —— 摘自TLF字幕站

官网介绍: About the Course

Can law change human behavior to be less environmentally damaging? Law will be examined through case histories including: environmental effects of national security, pesticides, air pollution, consumer products, plastics, parks and protected area management, land use, urban growth and sprawl, public/private transit, drinking water standards, food safety, and hazardous site restoration. In each case we will review the structure of law and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

课程安排:Course Structure:

This Yale College course, taught on campus twice per week for 50 minutes, was recorded for Open Yale Courses in Spring 2010.

关于主讲教授 About Professor John P. Wargo

John Wargo is a Professor of Risk Analysis and Political Science, and is Chair of the Yale College Environmental Studies Major. He has written and lectured extensively on the limits and potential of environmental law. He wrote Green Intelligence: Creating Environments that Protect Human Health (Yale Press 2009), which is the primary text used in this course. The book won the Independent Publishers' Gold Medal Award in the field of "environment, ecology, and nature" for 2010 and was chosen as one of Scientific American's favorite books for 2009. He also wrote Our Children's Toxic Legacy: How Science and Law Fail to Protect Us from Pesticides (Yale Press 1998) that won the American Association of Publishers award as the best book in the field of political science. Professor Wargo has participated in several National Academy of Sciences committees, testified before Congress, and been an advisor to the White House, the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the EPA, USDA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on environmental threats to health.

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EVST 255: Environmental Politics and Law
Class Sessions

1. Course Overview: Science and Law
2. Principals and Strategies in Environmental Law
3. Nuclear Experiments
4. Nuclear Secrecy and Ecology
5. Preparing for War: NEPA
6. Marine Food Chains: Mercury
7. Site Restoration Law
8. Chemically Dependent Agriculture
9. Risk and Law: Pesticide Paradigm
10. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law
11. Safety Claims and Free Speech: Preemption and Defamation
12. Air Quality Law: Margins of Safety
13. Vehicle Emissions and Public Transit
14. The Quiet Revolution in Plastics
15. The Tobacco Paradigm
16. Evolution of Tobacco Law
17. Land Use and Conservation Law: The Adirondack History
18. Property Rights and Public Lands Management
19. Land Use Law and Property Rights
20. Managing Coastal Conservation and Development
21. Certification: Design and Green Architecture
22. The Past and Future of Nuclear Power
23. Renewable Energy Policies
24. Reflections and Lessons



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