Gosling -《Here Is》[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Here Is

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这个乐队比较冷门 基本上没有中文介绍 这张专辑是前几天去五道口批发市场淘来的货 听起来味道比较正 基本上属于融合摇滚 有几首是流行 总之整体感觉不错 (顺便说一下 五道口批发市场那快要拆了 很多东西都甩 卖这碟的店也甩(那家店就是门口有碟 里面是卖衣服 不是那家卖仿碟的哦 是另一家。) 他家基本上都是原版眼碟口碟 都贱卖了 想借机检漏的朋友们 抓紧时间 原价30,50的 现在全都10块了。)


First things first: Ryan Gosling is not in this band. At least, if he is, he's not listed in the liner notes, which would seem like a pretty big oversight, given how the band's handlers are trying their hardest to position it as the Next Big Thing in alternative rock. You can really tell the band is trying, too: Each song bursts with aplomb, from faux-prophetic title to the anthemic choruses and indie ballads. Unfortunately, none of the songs on Here Is... live up to their own aspirations, instead settling for bland alterna-rock. Think one part Semisonic to two parts Flickerstick and you get the idea.

If Gosling sound familiar, the generic songwriting might not be the only reason. In the late 1990s, Gosling were known as Loudermilk, and they played a harder edged brand of alterna-metal. When that genre fell from favor, the band punted, changing its name and sound with no one the wiser. Except that, well, they aren't any more interesting now. Maybe it's admirable that they're giving it another go, but to go through a transformation like this to end up playing just another derivative style of alternative rock seems like a waste.

The band tries hard to show off its classic rock influences, but rely too much on imitating instead of updating. Layered backing vocals show that the band listens to Queen. Vague, perplexing metaphors nod to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin ("Worm Waltz" boasts the lines, "You can't keep the sun in a hole underground, so why does the worm feel so profound? He's in the ground.") Hell, one track, "The Burnout", uses "Bennie and the Jets" as a bridge. But Gosling never does anything with these influences that you haven't heard everywhere from late-90s alternative radio stations to recent beer and car commercials.

Make no mistake: Gosling have the potential to be huge. There are a lot of people out there that will love this band, love the bouncy sing-alongs, the brash vocals, and the just-tough-enough guitars. Don't be surprised to hear their music on teen dramas or find it on "Grey's Anatomy". But as far as hooky pop-rock goes, there are plenty of bands to choose from, and Gosling do very little to entice the listener to choose them.

— Cory D. Byrom, September 20, 2006


01. Intro
02. Mr.Skeleton Wings
03. Worm Waltz
04. Half Awake
05. The Burnout
06. Come into My Room
07. Stealing Stars
08. Waiting for the Sun
09. Glass Is Empty
10. Afraid of Nineveh
11. One Hand Two Hand
12. Here Is
13. Sinking Ship






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