原声大碟 -《植物大战僵尸》(Plants vs. Zombies)Original Soundtrack[MP3]

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专辑英文名Plants vs. Zombies
版本Original Soundtrack

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这张专辑是风靡网络的游戏《植物大战僵尸》的原声音乐,全部曲目由Laura Shigihara 一人创作。


Laura Shigihara 是一位优秀的作曲家和歌手。她是热门单机游戏《植物大战僵尸》(Plants vs. Zombies) 的设计师 Geroge Fan 的女友,同时也是这款游戏的音乐制作人和主题曲《Zombies on Your Lawn》的主唱,这张专辑其中就收录这首歌的英文和日文两个版本。

Laura Shigihara has been working as a freelance video game composer and sound designer since 2005. She’s created music and sound effects for over 20 published titles since then, ranging in genre from orchestral themes, to quirky uptempo boss battles, and even including songs featuring her own vocal tracks. Her most recent work was the soundtrack for the game “Plants vs. Zombies.” Laura has been a fan of video game music since the days of the original 8-bit Nintendo; a time when a composer didn’t have access to high-end production materials, and as a result, had to rely solely on their creativity and talents as a composer. Looking up to these composers, one of Laura’s strengths has always been her creativity. Her music has been compared to that of Yoko Shimomura and Yasunori Mitsuda in terms of style.

Graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in International Relations and Business, Laura decided to pursue a career in music after an unexpected detour landed her record contract offers in Japan for singing and production. Although she didn’t accept for various reasons, she still chose a music related job working as the audio director of a Japanese-American company where she created music and sound effects, and co-hosted an audio talkshow. Shortly after she began composing for game soundtracks. After completing several contracts, she decided to make it her career.

In addition to work, in her spare time Laura has been making an rpg for the PC called “Melolune” which she hopes to release sometime in 2010. Laura also teaches piano to elementary school children twice a week, and occasionally plays the piano and sings at venues around her area, from Yoshi’s Jazz Club to local events. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, hiking, dancing, drawing, going on adventures, and of course games (some of her favorites include Chrono Trigger, Starcraft, Yoshi’s Island, Secret of Mana, the Megaman series, Suikoden, Street Fighter 2, Star Tropics, and many others).

If you’ve been playing Plants vs. Zombies like we have at Spawn Kill, you’re likely familiar with this little lady and her infectious tunes! She’s a gamer, a video game music composer, and she’s even got her own game coming down the pipeline! I’m talking about Laura Shigihara of course, who’s responsible for the extremely adorable and catchy videos that you may have seen via YouTube or the various Plants vs. Zombies Twitter accounts. I was lucky enough to score an interview with her, and she’s graciously answered a few questions for us here at Spawn Kill. Look out, readers, there’s a Laura on your internets!


01 .Crazy Dave's Greeting.Mp3
02 .Crazy Dave (Intro Theme).Mp3
03 .Choose Your Seeds.Mp3
04 .Grasswalk.Mp3
05 .Loonboon.Mp3
06 .Moongrains.Mp3
07 .Zen Garden.Mp3
08 .Watery Graves (slow).Mp3
09 .Watery Graves (fast).Mp3
10 .Ultimate Battle.Mp3
11 .Rigor Mormist.Mp3
12 .Cerebrawl.Mp3
13 .Graze the Roof.Mp3
14 .Brainiac Maniac.Mp3
15 .Zombies on Your Lawn.Mp3
16 .Zombotany (Unreleased Track).Mp3
17 .Uraniwa ni Zombies ga!.Mp3
18 .Crazy Dave IN-GAME.Mp3
19 .Choose Your Seeds IN-GAME.Mp3
20 .Grasswalk IN-GAME.Mp3
21 .Loonboon IN-GAME.Mp3
22 .Moongrains IN-GAME.Mp3
23 .Zen Garden IN-GAME.Mp3
24 .Watery Graves IN-GAME.Mp3
25 .Ultimate Battle IN-GAME.Mp3
26 .Rigor Mormist IN-GAME.Mp3
27 .Cerebrawl IN-GAME.Mp3
28 .Graze the Roof IN-GAME.Mp3
29 .Brainiac Maniac IN-GAME.Mp3






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