Jacques Loussier Trio -《韦瓦第-爵士四季》(Vivaldi: The Four Seasons)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

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震撼音乐史的最新专辑 ~ 给你最惊奇的韦瓦第

「四季」是出自世界知名的「协奏曲之父」韦瓦第小提琴协奏曲集《和声与创意的竞赛》里的1 - 4首,分别是春、夏、秋、冬的标题,每首分别以快-慢-快三个乐章来表现四季不同的景致。丰富的絃律变化,勾引起各种想像!

1934年10月生於法国的昂热(Angers)的贾克˙路西耶,在13岁时便决心以音乐为他的终生事业。两年后,他进入巴黎音乐学院(Paris Conservatoire),在杰出教师伊弗(Yves Nat)的指导下,成为全班五百多名学生中最出色的一位。


Jacques Loussier first left his imprint on the jazz world in 1959 with unusual and remarkable recordings of jazz interpretations of J.S. Bach’s keyboard pieces. Nearly six million copies sold in Europe of these critically acclaimed albums. In August 1996, Jacques Loussier joined the Telarc roster with a new recording of his favorite Bach interpretations (CD-83411). He lends his perfected craft to Vivaldi's best loved piece, The Four Seasons, employing examplary technique and persuasive original improvisations to bridge the world of classical and jazz music.

Like his Bach renditions, The Four Seasons captures the spirit and depth of the composer without sounding contrived or superficial. Loussier approaches the string music with an essentially percussive sound, trying to achieve different ‘lighting’ effects using the bass and the drums to represent the changes in color on Vivaldi’s original.

“It is essential to capure the ‘sparkling’ nature of his music, but I also aim to interpret Vivaldi in the spirit of the twenty-first century, using his orchestral writing as a jumping-off point,” Loussier said.

Loussier is at his finest on The Four Seasons, and is able to capture the essence of Vivaldi and interpret his music flawlessly.


1934年10月生於法国的昂热(Angers)的贾克˙路西耶,在13岁时便决心以音乐为他的终生事业。两年后,他进入巴黎音乐学院(Paris Conservatoire),在杰出教师伊弗(Yves Nat)的指导下,成为全班五百多名学生中最出色的一位。贾克˙路西耶最擅长将古典音乐与爵士乐融合在一起,本辑特别将韦瓦第最优美的一首小提琴协奏曲以爵士的风格呈现出来,让你重新感觉不一样的「四季」。

Pianist Jacques Loussier has certainly had an unusual career, much of it spent performing jazz interpretations of Bach's music. While his original works have been noteworthy, Loussier's most famous projects have been his transformations of Bach's music. In 1997 he tackled Vivaldi's Four Seasons, four concertos that he performed and recorded with his trio. As with Bach's pieces, Loussier pays respect to Vivaldi's melodies and the development of the works while swinging the music. He divides each of the concertos into three parts, improvises tastefully while keeping the themes in mind, and leads his trio through some uncharted territory. Loussier occasionally recalls the style of John Lewis and Allegro Non Molto from the Summer piece has some resemblances to Lewis' "Django." Due to Loussier's impressive technique, respect for both idioms and his well thought-out concept, this unique set is a complete success. ~ AllMusic


Jacques Loussier (piano);
Vincent Charbonnier (bass);
Andre Arpino (drums).

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01. Spring, Concerto No.1 In E Major: Allegro
02. Spring, Concerto No.1 In E Major: Largo
03. Spring, Concerto No.1 In E Major: Allegro/Danza Pastorale
04. Summer, Concerto No.2 In G Minor: Allegro Non Molto
05. Summer, Concerto No.2 In G Minor: Adagio
06. Summer, Concerto No.2 In G Minor: Presto
07. Autumn, Concerto No.3 In F Major: Allegro
08. Autumn, Concerto No.3 In F Major: Adagio Molto
09. Autumn, Concerto No.3 In F Major: Allegro
10. Winter, Concerto No.4 In F Minor: Allegro Non Molto
11. Winter, Concerto No.4 In F Minor: Largo
12. Winter, Concerto No.4 In F Minor: Allegro






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