《EL-6 Edition 企业版Linux 6操作管理视频教程》(LinuxCBT Enterprise Linux 6 Edition)[光盘镜像]

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中文名EL-6 Edition 企业版Linux 6操作管理视频教程
英文名LinuxCBT Enterprise Linux 6 Edition
学校Linux Computer Based Training

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Linux Computer Based Training出品的时长达40小时70多个视频的EL-6 Edition 企业版Linux 6操作管理视频教程。
本教程采用RedHat Enterprise 6 GNU/Linux红帽操作系统为讲解,帮助你或你的组织顺利部署和管理基于RedHat Enterprise 6解决方案的关键业务,来加强你的GNU/ Linux管理技能。内容涉及EL-6 Edition的全部管理,包括安装、基础命令、权限、文件系统、系统包管理工具、Apache、MySQL、PHP (LAMP)以及系统安全实施技术等。

LinuxCBTEL 6 Edition focuses on the RedHat Enterprise 6 GNU/Linux operatingsystem. LinuxCBT EL 6 Edition, is unparalleled in content. LinuxCBT EL 6Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully deployingand managing business critical RedHat Enterprise 6 based solutions. LetLinuxCBT EL 6 Edition bolster your GNU/Linux administration skills.

Installations Network VNC Kickstart
Explore Requisite Shell Utilities
Permissions Symlinks Quotas File System Management
RPM YUM Package Management
CRON System Scheduler
RSYSLOG and Logrotate
Network Utilities
Network Interface Configuration
Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon (VSFTPD)
Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPD)
Domain Name System (DNS) BIND
Network File System (NFS) Implementation
Samba Implementation
Apache Web Server Implementation
MySQL Relational Database Management System
SELinux Intro
NMAP Reconnaisance and Risk Assessment Tool
Apache SSL
Enhance Security Posture

System requirements:
Web browser with HTML5
Flash Support
Browser: Chrome
Firefox IE Opera
Mobile Tablet
Platform: IOS Droid

Title: LinuxCBT Linux Enterprise (EL-6) Edition
Year: 2011
Manufacturer: LinuxCBT
Size in compressed form (M1): 2,6
Distributed by type of material: Video ourok
Language: English
Size: 2.58 GB


LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition focuses on the RedHat Enterprise 6-GNU / Linux operating system.
LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition, is unparalleled in content. LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition prepares you or
Your organization to successfully deploy and manage critical business-RedHat.

Enterprise 6 solutions. Let LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition strengthen your GNU / Linux management skills.

- Settings-Network - VNC - Kickstart
- Explore the necessary tools Shell
- Permissions - Symbolic links - Quotas - File System Management
- Package | YUM Package Management
- Cron - Scheduler System
- Rsyslog and Logrotate

Utilities Network:
- Network interface configuration
- Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon (Vsftpd)
- Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD)
- Ntpd
- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPD)
- Domain Name System (DNS) - BIND
- Network File System (NFS) Implementation
- Samba Implementation
- Apache Web Server Implementation
- MySQL-relational database management system
- SELinux Intro
- NMAP - exploration and risk assessment tool
- IPTABLES - Firewall
- TCPDump
- Apache SSL
- Vsftpd - SSL
- Improved security posture

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Installations -Network - VNC - Kickstart
Discuss features of RedHat® Enterprise Linux 6
Create HTTP installation source tree
Explore installation options
Install via HTTP - Text Mode
Perform VNC Install
Graphical installation
Kickstart, automated installation
Use Rescue Mode
Explore Single-User Mode
Discuss INIT - Upstart facilities
Explore Requisite Shell Utilities
'pwd', 'touch', 'stat', 'ls', 'id'
'echo', 'cat'
'cp' - copy files
'mv' - move files throughout the file system
'tty' - Discuss terminals
'tar' - explore features and advantages of tarballs
'gzip', 'bzip2', 'zip' - Compress content
'md5sum', 'sha1sum', 'sha256sum', 'sha512sum' - checksums
'file' - discuss logic used to ascertain file type
'find' - single and multiple expressions and criteria
Use 'w' commands
'ps' - explore process lists
free & top - explore process management with top
Process lines with: 'grep'
Process fields with: 'awk'
Explore 'sed' - streams processing
Basics of: 'perl'
User and group management concepts
Permissions - Symlinks - Quotas - File System Management
Explain Discretionary Access Controls (DAC) file system permissions
Manipulate DAC permissions
Create Symbolic links
Implement file system quotas
Use 'parted' and 'fdisk' to manipulate partitions
FSTAB - explore File System Table
Allocate swap storage
Logical Volume Management (LVM) - Discuss concepts and applications
Allocate partitions for usage with LVM
Create Physical Volumes
Create Volume Groups based on Physical Volumes
Create Logical Volumes based on Volume Groups
Mount and use LVM Volumes
Resize LVM Volumes
Generate RAID volumes
Evaluate results
RPM | YUM Package Management
Query existing packages & file-based packages
Identify offline and online package repositories
Install packages
Upgrade packages
Remove packages
Create YUM repositories
Manage packages using YUM
Configure redundant YUM repositories
Explore Package Kit - GUI
CRON - System Scheduler
Explore Cron Implementation
Explain scheduler
Global and scope-based Cron options
Schedules jobs to run & examine the output
Configure individual Crontab entries
Explore 'at' & 'batch' usage
RSYSLOG and Logrotate
Discuss rsyslog facilities & levels
Configure TCP listener
Log Cisco router events to rsyslog server
Explore log rotation
Network Utilities
Use Telnet to test TCP ports
Explore Netstat socket listings
Use arp to enumerate layer-2 neighbors
LFTP - basic usage, job control
LFTP - mirror and reverse mirror content
LFTP - batch, non-interactive, scripted mode
Explore: 'wget', 'curl' & 'ssh'
Network Interface Configuration
Discuss concepts
Identify key files & scripts
Explore: IPv4 & IPv6 configuration
Configure aliased interfaces
Provision additional NIC
Evaluate results
Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon (VSFTPD)
Concepts & Applications
Explore configuration directives
Disable anonymous access
Source connections to VSFTPD
Discuss features
Synchronize inter-server content
Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon (TFTPD)
Concepts & Applications
Install and configure
Archive Cisco router configuration
Use 'tftp' client to move data
Discuss caveats
Concepts & Applications
Enable via XINETD
Source connections to TELNETD
Explain NTP hierarchy
Configure time sources
Synchronize internal resources via NTP
Evaluate results
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPD)
Configure exclusive broadcast domain
Install and configure DHCPD
Implement reservations
Examine client configuration
Evaluate results
Domain Name System (DNS) - BIND
Configure BIND as a caching-only DNS server
Implement Master DNS Zones
Configure Master/Slave Zones with peer
Evaluate results of BIND configuration
Configure IPv4 reverse support
Configure IPv6 forward & reverse support
Resolve queries - compare & contrast client resolvers
Network File System (NFS) Implementation
Implement NFS Server
Export shares and discuss options
Mount NFS exports on remote Linux Host
Implement AutoFS
Samba Implementation
Implement Linux & Windows Integration via Samba
Use key Samba clients
Explore Samba Configuration files
Install Samba Server support
Configure Samba file sharing
Configure Samba-Active Directory Integration with Winbind
Evaluate results

Apache - MySQL® - PHP (LAMP)
Apache Web Server Implementation
Explore Apache configuration tree
Peruse log configuration variables
Configure IP-based Virtual Hosts
Configure Name-based Virtual Hosts
Implement Apache logging system per virtual host
MySQL® Relational Database Management System
Install MySQL® Relational Database Management System
Secure access to MySQL®
Explore MySQL® monitor shell-based interface
Create sample MySQL® database
Populate with data and execute queries
Discuss key SQL DML Commands
Evaluate results
Discuss features and benefits
Install Apache | MySQL Support
Write data-retrieval script
Execute & debug
Evaluate results

Security Implementation Techniques
SELinux Intro
Discuss Concepts & Applications
Explore default configuration
Identify key tools
Expose SELinux subject | object labels
Enable SELinux-restricted functions on key services
Auto-relabel the file system
Copy & Move data & evaluate ramifications
Evaluate results
NMAP - Reconnaisance and Risk Assessment Tool
Discuss features & benefits
Install via YUM
Identifiy key NMAP configuration files
Identify commonly used NMAP options/switches/parameters
Perform service identification
Perform local & remote service risk exposure scans
IPTABLES - Firewall
Concepts & Applications
Explore default tables and chains
Define and test INPUT chain rules
Define and test OUTPUT chain rules
Explain IPTABLES default chains/filters and policies
Filter traffic based on Layers 3|4
Test connectivity
Evaluate IPTables6 (IPv6) support
Write IPv6 rules
Archive | Restore firewall rules
Concepts & Applications
Capture broad-based traffic
Narrow scope with Berkeley Packet Filters (BPFs)
Parse captured traffic
Evaluate results
Apache SSL
Features & Benefits
Explore default configuration
Generate usage keys for virtual hosts
Apply usage keys to virtual hosts & test configuration
Use 'tcpdump' to intercept clear-text & encrypted traffic
Compare and contrast capture results
Features & Benefits
Reference SSL|TLS usage keys
Configure VSFTPD to support SSL|TLS exclusively
Evaluate connectivity with: LFTP & FileZilla
Liberate server configuration with hybrid approach
Capture FTP clear-text & encrypted traffic with: 'tcpdump'
Compare & contrast packet dumps
Evaluate results
Enhance Security Posture
Rationalize consequences (pros|cons) of lean presence
Discuss compliance benefits
Use 'nmap' to identify superfluous services: local & remote perspectives
Mitigate risk by reducing exposure
Loopback candidate daemons
Perform post-mitigation reconnaisance with 'nmap'
Document baseline configuration
Evaluate Results






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