《PowerPoint转Flash工具》(iSpring Presenter)v5.6.1.2967.x86[压缩包]

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    制作发行iSpring Solutions, Inc.
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英文名iSpring Presenter
制作发行iSpring Solutions, Inc.

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应用平台: 2000, XP, Vista, 7,

iSpring Presenter主要用来将现有的PowerPoint演示文稿转为Flash格式,且不论多复杂的演示文稿,iSpring Presenter都能保存原有的演示文稿外观和效果。


iSpring Presenter是iSpring Free的加强版、比iSpring Pro版也增加了不少功能、其目标用户是E-learning内容创作者及交互Flash内容开发者。

iSpring Presenter也是以PowerPoint插件的形式工作的,当前版本为iSpring Presenter 5.6.1 Build 2967,下载解压后先运行!)iSpringPresenterPortable.exe,选择安装后会自动添加插件,再打开PowerPoint就能看到了,iSpring Presenter 5已兼容Windows 7及Office 2010。

相比iSpring免费版、iSpring Presenter提供了更多的Flash播放器模板,还可以灵活地自定义部分模板,其他添加的功能有:音频、视频旁白及同步、内容压缩控制、Flash测试系统制作(QuizMaker)、SCORM支持、ActionScript API、Flash内容保护等功能、

iSpring Presenter. E-Learning Authoring Made EasyTM

iSpring Presenter is one of the smartest e-learning
authoring tools you will find. It transforms standard
PowerPoint presentations into SCORM/AICC compliant
Flash e-learning courses.

What’s new iSpring Presenter 5.6

Creating iSpring Presenter 5.6 we've considered the top requested features. Turning it into an extremely serviceable tool, we added a nice amount of updates, really generous for a "minor" release. Major improvements have been made to iSpring AccuPoint conversion technology used for PowerPoint-to-Flash conversion, Advanced Player template, integrated QuizMaker tool and course grading technique.

More accurate course grading
More flexible Advanced Player sidebar management
Presenter video window size modes
Hyperlinks screentips
On mouse over actions support

PowerPoint Trim audio support
PowerPoint Trim and Crop video support
Question pool
Optional quiz authorization
Automatic product update notifications

An ultimate e-learning package

When it comes to e-learning, iSpring Presenter is one of the smartest e-learning authoring tools you will find. It transforms standard PowerPoint presentations into SCORM/AICC compliant Flash e-learning courses, ready for publishing to any Learning Management System (LMS) including iSpring Online LMS. iSpring Presenter also provides you with a quiz authoring tool to enhance PowerPoint presentations with engaging, interactive quizzes (10 different question formats). Plus, adding Voice Overs and presenter video to e-Learning has never been easier. The result is a quality Flash course that preserves the most advanced effects and features of your original PowerPoint presentation.
Make PowerPoint even smarter

iSpring Presenter works as a PowerPoint AddIn. It transforms your PowerPoint into a high end tool for creating engaging and interactive Flash based e-learning courses that can be viewed on virtually any computer or platform.

    Fine tune and optimize the appearance and playback of your presentations
    Distribute courses in the popular Flash format
    Upload learning materials to SCORM/AICC compliant LMSs, FTP sites and web servers right from PowerPoint.

Create and manage e-learning courses with iSpring Presenter

Develop involving e-learning courses

Take advantage of the latest rich media technologies. Make your e-learning courses more vivid and engaging by bringing a bit of fun into the learning process.

    Create quizzes with 10 types of questions
    Record and sync presenter video
    Add Flash and YouTube videos
    Import or record new audio narrations
    Add presenters info and company logos
    Create unique navigation and design with customizable player skins

Customizable Flash player for e-learning courses

Invent engaging quizzes

Built-in QuizMaker allows you easily create captivating Flash-based quizzes and tests with 10 different question types. iSpring generates SCORM/AICC compatible quizzes ready to be uploaded to any LMS or integrated with a course.

    Accompany question with audio, image and video
    Control timing, points awarded, passing score and number of attempts
    Set specific feedback based on user's results
    Customize player skin
    Create question pools

iSpring QuizMaker to create interactive and engaging quizzes

Deliver courses with iSpring Online

Right from your PowerPoint you can instantly upload your e-learning course to iSpring Online and then track learning activities and quiz results. Get completely equipped with perfectly integrated tools for e-learning courses authoring and delivery from iSpring.
Publish e-learning courses to iSpring Online

Easy publishing to BlackBoard

iSpring features a magic possibility to create courses specially for popular BlackBoard LMS. Uploaded to BlackBoard, iSpring-created courses perfectly incorporate with the learning management system without any additional setup. Plus, you'll make publishing to BlackBoard even easier installing a handy plug-in to import iSpring-created courses into the LMS.
E-learning authoring tool for BlackBoard

Integrate courses with any LMS

iSpring-made Flash courses are highly portable and let you easily deliver solid experience to all your students independently of their computer platforms and software. iSpring creates courses ready for uploading to any LMS compliant to SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th editions) and AICC standards.
E-learning authoring tool LMS

Control presentations with iSpring API

Flash movies created with iSpring Presenter provide a comprehensive ActionScript API which gives you the unique capabilities to direct Flash movie navigation and playback controls.

    Presentation and slide playback control
    Navigation by animation steps, play/pause presentation
    Access to the presentation information
    Playback events notifications
    Sound and volume control

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刚在其他地方下了一个,试了一下还行。iSpring Presenter 5.5.1 build 2904先做源两天,有需要可




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