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中文名CBT Nuggets出品思科认证管理员培训课程

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课程名称:Citrix CCA Basic Administration for XenApp6 —— Citrix Exam A18
主讲人:Greg D. Shields 教程节数:20个课时| 教程时长:总共7小时

Learn to install, configure, and administer Citrix XenApp 6 on-demand applications. If you're starting out with XenApp or want a refresher on the new topics that have evolved since Citrix released its last version, this is the training for you.

What's new? XenApp 6 now integrates its management tools into a streamlined single-pane solution with the Citrix Delivery Services Console. Policies are also new, which apply settings configuration in much the same way as Active Directory Group Policy. Finally, in this release Citrix further integrates streaming and presented applications to better tailor application delivery to user requirements.

By the time you've finished watching this series, you’ll be better equipped to build and manage a XenApp infrastructure. Plus, you'll be prepared for the CCA A-18 exam.


What You'll Learn

Series 1:
Video 1: Introduction to Citrix XenApp and Citrix Certification|10:50

Are you ready for XenApp? It’s ready for you! This CBT Nuggets training series is ready to prepare you for successful administration of a Citrix XenApp environment. At the same time, you’ll learn the specific knowledge and skills that align with the topics tested on the CCA’s 1y0-a18 exam. This video starts your learning with a look at XenApp in general, an outline of the series’ elements, and an analysis of Citrix certification in relation to the Citrix Certified Administrator credential. If you’re planning on following along at home with the demos, this nugget gets you started with the resources you’ll need.
Video 2: Understanding the Citrix XenApp Architecture|18:23

You really can’t start installing until you understand where to install and why. That’s why before you ever start clicking buttons, you’ll get an all-up architecture review in this second nugget. In it, you’ll learn about the elements that make up Citrix’s XenApp architecture, and how the pieces fit together. You’ll learn about the ICA protocol and the different ways to connect clients to servers. You’ll also discover how XenApp fits in the greater quiver of Citrix products.
Video 3: Installing Citrix XenApp 6|35:45

By this third nugget you’ll be ready to start installing. And that’s exactly what you’ll do in this video. Learn about XenApp’s hardware and database requirements. Discover Citrix’s new Server Role Manager, and the exact steps (and best practices) you’ll want to know to install XenApp from the GUI and the command line.
Video 4: Configuring Citrix Licensing|24:15

Licensing your XenApp servers has gotten easier over the years, but there are still nuances that you might not guess left to your own devices. Get spun up quickly on XenApp licensing concepts, topics, techniques, and even where and how to get your licenses in this important nugget.
Video 5: Introducing the Citrix Delivery Services Console|14:14

Brand new to XenApp 6 is the new Citrix Delivery Services Console. Combining the functionality of the old Access Management Console (AMC) and the XenApp Advanced Configuration consoles, this new mega-console gives you single-screen access to nearly everything you’ll be managing. In this nugget you’ll walk through the use of the console as well as some of introductory functions to prepare you for all the tasks to come.
Video 6: Citrix Policies: Creating, Filtering, & Prioritizing|21:25

Along with that new Citrix Delivery Services Console is a refreshing prioritization on policies for setting configurations. Whereas previous versions of XenApp used different locations for configuring settings, many in XenApp 6 are now consolidated into policies. This nugget focuses on creating, filtering, and prioritizing those policies, both in the console and in Active Directory’s Group Policy Management Console.
Video 7: Citrix Policies: An Extended Walk-Through|47:59

Part one of this two-part nugget gave you the mechanics of XenApp’s new policy-based management focus. Now get the scoop on the policies themselves with an extended walk-through. Greg shares his significant experience with policies and XenApp configurations in this long and very useful nugget. He’ll walk through all the policies that you need to be aware of, and share a few of his best practices for enabling them. Almost like getting expert consulting along with your training, this nugget is not one to miss.
Video 8: Installing Applications to XenApp 6 Servers|31:41

Getting applications installed to a XenApp server requires a few extra steps. You’ve got to get that server into the right “mode” first. But that’s not all. Some applications won’t work right out of the box. Greg explains those various issues along with some common resolutions in this nugget. He’ll share with you some common tactics that get stubborn applications running when they seemingly won’t with their regular settings. He’ll also talk about XenApp’s more-interesting automation tools like the Streaming Profiler that create profiles of applications for streaming.
Video 9: Installing and Configuring Citrix Plug-Ins|22:29

XenApp has a lot of plug-ins. A lot. Just keeping them straight can be a task all to itself. Figuring out how to customize their installation during install is another challenge. Avoid all the headache by watching this nugget where Greg shows you how to prepare, customize, and control all your XenApp plug-ins.
Video 10: Delivering Installed & Streamed Applications to Users|26:03

You’ve learned how to install applications, and even how to prepare them for streaming. You’ve even got clients ready to go with their plug-ins installed. Now you’ve got the infrastructure you need to deliver applications. In this exciting nugget, Greg starts publishing and streaming applications through the Citrix Delivery Services Console. Best yet, he’ll share with you the secrets he’s learned to get those applications delivered with best performance and user experience.
Video 11: Working with Load Evaluators and Load Balancing Policies|18:21

There are few extra administrative tasks required when you move from your first XenApp server to your second. Two of those that are important are working with load evaluators and load balancing policies. You need to make sure your users are load balanced properly across your XenApp servers, and the ways to do so aren’t immediately obvious. Avoid a week spent digging through documentation and learn them in less than 20 minutes in this nugget.
Video 12: XenApp Administrators & Delegating Permissions|06:48

Short, sweet, and to the point, this nugget quickly highlights the intelligent solutions built into XenApp for assigning rights and privileges to administrators. Did you know that you can assign granular permissions to admins, down to specific activities on specific resources? If not, you’ll learn exactly how in this nugget.
Video 13: Configuring Printing for Citrix Plug-ins|26:00

Printing with Citrix technologies has been nightmarishly difficult in the past. Those days are long gone, but printing is by no means XenApp’s easiest topic to understand. The reason: There are so many use cases for printing. Local LAN users have much different needs than those outside the firewall. Two different WAN users might have two different printers with different drivers you’ve never heard of. A third user might need to print to a printer inside the LAN. All of these create a printing situation that isn’t easy to figure out on your own. Learn from the expert and join Greg in this all-important run-down on XenApp printing.
Video 14: Configuring & Using Web Interface|20:58

Web Interface is the jumping off point for users to find their applications. Particularly useful for users outside the firewall but just as usable inside, Web Interface creates a web-based location from which applications can be launched. It’s customizable too! Using built-in wizards, you can personalize your Web Interface settings to match your company’s needs. Learn how to accomplish those tasks and much more in this nugget.
Video 15: Securing Connections to XenApp Servers|27:52

Connection security for XenApp sessions is more than just encryption. It’s also proxying, and address translation, and authentication, and certificates. Any single one of these topics is an absolute chore, especially if you’re unfamiliar with DMZ networking and all its security implications. Combined, these tasks are a near-impossibility without a little assistance. You’ll get that assistance in this important nugget on security.
Video 16: Advanced Farm Management Part 1|25:43

Zones, CPU management, memory optimization, and server reboot schedules are the topics in this first of two videos on advanced topics in farm management. Incorrectly configured zones mean poor network communication between servers. Bad settings for CPU management or memory optimization could mean application failures or poor performance. Even server reboot schedules aren’t totally obvious at first blush. Start on the right foot by watching Greg show you their best settings.
Video 17: Advanced Farm Management Part 2|17:38

Part two of advanced topics digs into hotfix management, health monitoring and recovery, the configuration logging database, and power and capacity management. These four topics automate hotfix inventory, fix problems as they occur, create an auditable log of administrator actions, and consolidate users for greater optimization and potential power savings. But making bad decisions here can have deleterious consequences on your farm health and stability. Don’t make those mistakes by missing this nugget.
Video 18: Understanding and Using Profile Manager|14:55

As your farm grows, so must your approach to Windows profiles. While mandatory profiles are great for you the administrator, they’re tough to work with as a user. Roaming profiles aid the user, but get tough for the administrator. Citrix Profile Manager combines the best of both approaches into a Citrix User Profile. Enjoying enhanced management functionality in combination with better synchronization, you’ll surely want to implement them as you grow. Learn the basics how in this nugget.
Video 19: XenApp Command Line Tools|18:44

XenApp has a growing GUI-based management suite, and a shrinking command-based management suite. Why shrinking? That’s because its commands are slowly being moved over to Windows PowerShell. You’ll still need to know those that remain for the CCA exam. Find out which ones are left and what they do in this nugget.
Video 20: Troubleshooting Common XenApp Issues|24:16

Last but not least is the capstone video in this nugget series. Coming in at #20 is an all-in review of the top troubleshooting issues seen across XenApp farms. In this nugget, Greg shows you the ones you should be aware of (as well as those you’ll be tested against), along with some intelligent reactions and resolutions that’ll get your XenApp farm quickly working again.


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: CBT Nuggets - Citrix CCA Basic Administration for XenApp6
Citrix Exam A18



Learn to install, configure, and administer Citrix XenApp 6 on-demand
applications. If you're starting out with XenApp or want a refresher
on the new topics that have evolved since Citrix released its last
version, this is the training for you



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