《野生动物园3》(Wildlife Park 3)破解版[光盘镜像]

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    游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
    制作发行Bit Composer
    Deep Silver
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英文名称Wildlife Park 3
游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
制作发行Bit Composer
Deep Silver

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《野生动物园3(原Wildlife Park 3)》依旧由系列作开发商B.Alive 制作、Deep Silver 发行,玩家将扮演野生动物园的经理,掌管动物园内大大小小的事,并依照自己的想像力来创造出独特的动物园。

玩家可以选择开放狮子、老虎、大象或其他动物给游客观赏,游戏将提供各种令人惊奇的任务让玩家在这个虚拟世界展开冒险。 《野生动物园3》为结合现实动物、企业管理与建设策略的模拟游戏,也是得过无数奖项的《野生动物园》系列的最新作品。

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Wildlife Park 3 (c) Deep Silver

:  Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT            : : Release Date: 15/04/2011
Cracked by:  FAIRLIGHT              Game Type: Simulation
Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT              Image Format: ISO
DISCS: 1 DVD                        Protection: ProtectDisc

System Requirements : (S)-1-phenylpropan-2-amine

Game information

In Wildlife Park 3 the player becomes a  modern  animal  park  manager.  In
Campaign mode, 20 missions take him around the globe and set  him  a  range
of exciting and varied challenges. The player's imagination  can  run  riot
in the ever popular "free game" mode: the virtual wildlife park manager has
over 40 plant species, a range of  visitor  facilities,  numerous  building
options for enclosures and many more elements available to design and build
his own park. Of course he must also consider the needs of the 25 different
animal species and must hire and train animal keepers  to  look  after  the
animals  and  their  offspring.  Randomly  generated  quests  also  provide
variety nor should the "cute factor" be ignored in Wildlife Park 3 either

A number of innovations have made Wildlife Park 3 the most  successful  and
thrilling part of the series to date, as the management part  of  the  game
has been substantially  upgraded  compared  to  its  predecessor,  and  the
numerous park facilities  and  enclosure  types  can  now  be  individually
designed. The behavior and movements of the  various  animal  species  have
been faithfully reproduced and of course the  popular  animal  lexicon  has
been retained, which, besides the animal species,  also  contains  lots  of
background information on plant  species.  A  new  weather  system  affects
animals, plants and visitors alike: animals run for shelter in a  downpour,
plants wither if it is too dry, and visitors can quickly  buy  an  umbrella
in the park shop if it starts raining. An improved clothing system provides
a vast selection of different dress styles for the NPCs, each of whom will
have different requirements that must be satisfied


Exciting campaigns, taking the player around the world in 20 missions
Popular "Free Play" mode on over 20 selectable
maps with additional mini quests
Using terraforming tools, you can create landscapes
according to your imagination
A detailed tutorial to explain the features
of the game in a playful manner
Animal shop for trading animals in the game
Realistic depiction of the 25 different
land and water animal species
Individual animals and animal species, colorings and patterns,
tails, manes, tusks, horns, etc. are created randomly
Encyclopedia with lots of interesting information
about the animal and plant species
Extensive possibilities for customization with countless
decorative park elements, fence and enclosure types,
plants and extendable visitor facilities

Installation Information

Burn or mount
Install the game
Apply the update located in the Fairlight folder
Copy the crack from the Fairlight folder






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