Future World Music -《未来音乐系列之第五乐章罗曼蒂克.假日与家庭喜剧》(Volume 5 Romantic, Holiday & Family Comedy)[MP3]

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专辑英文名Volume 5 Romantic, Holiday & Family Comedy
艺术家Future World Music

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Future World Music is a custom boutique music library that provides high impact cinematic music for motion picture advertising. Our compositions have traditional orchestral elements mixed with modern cutting edge style and production. Specializing in Fantasy Adventure and Epic Action genres, we have become one of the "go to" libraries for the recent wave of animated movies like "How to Train Your Dragon" by DreamWorks, "Ponyo and "Princess and the Frog" by Walt Disney Pictures as well as Adventure Fantasy movies in the vein of "Night at the Museum 2" by Twentieth Century Fox.

A key factor that separates Future World Music from most trailer music libraries is that the music is very memorable and timeless while maintaining a distinct style and originality without "knocking off" or "approximating" a popular motion picture composition or any other music composition. Staying respectful to our fellow composers in the motion picture industry, we refuse to intentionally copy anyone's work. However, if you hear one of our tracks you will remember it.

In this competitive industry, do not settle for the generic music library. We are sure that once you have heard our music, you will understand why we are considered one of the most powerful and original music catalogs in the industry.

Our clients include DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Pictures, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, MGM, Columbia TriStar, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, The Weinstein Company, Lions Gate Films, Sy Fy Channel and The Ultimate Fighting Championship.



01. Love Conquers All
02. Life In A Day
03. Winter In New York
04. The Party
05. Romantic Escapade
06. Frantic In The City
07. Big Band Swing
08. A Wonderful Day
09. Seductive And Sexy
10. Life Is A Circus
11. Quirky Moments
12. Latin Thing
13. The Race
14. Hide And Seek
15. Swing It
16. Speed Demon
17. Life Is Good
18. Life Is Good (Short Version)
19. Big Daddy
20. Rushing For Love
21. The Con Artist
22. Feeling Lucky
23. Freakin'
24. Chasing Time
25. Mr. Smooth
26. The Perfect Date
27. Ticking Away
28. Sneaking Around
29. The Fun Song
30. Holiday Shoppers
31. Winter's March
32. New Puppy
33. An Unforgettable Moments
34. Waiting For A Miracle
35. Together
36. Emerald Skies
37. First Love
38. Only You
39. Love Affair
40. Fantasy Of Life
41. Utopia
42. Spring Begins
43. The Wish
44. Hope
45. Road To Freedom
46. Life Is A Journey
47. Life Is A Journey 2
48. Heavenly Skies






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