The Bronx Casket Co -《Antihero》更新试听[MP3]

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The Bronx Casket Co是一支来自纽约的乐队。他们于1998年由Overkill的贝斯手D.D. Verni组建,旨意在探索更多音乐的技巧中寻找乐趣

他们的第一张同名专辑,收到了不错的反响,乐队也从中找到了一种可以一直坚持下去的信仰。像《Who Lives Forever》和《No Miracles》这样的歌曲让歌迷们认识了他们综合哥特和金属音乐并带有让人印象深刻的小调的曲风

2001年乐队发行了一张全新大碟《Sweet Home Transylvania》,也受到的歌迷们同样的激情。尽管乐队从未举办过演唱会,但是人们仍然听着《Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore》 《The Other Me》 和《Black Valentine》这样的歌而为之疯狂


Guitars: Jack Frost
Bass,Guitar,Lead Vocals: D.D. Verni
Keyboards: Charlie Calv
Drums: Rob Pallotta
The Bronx Casket Co. is a band from New York City. They were formed in 1998 by Overkill bassist D.D. Verni, initially as a means to explore different musical interests.

Their first release, simply titled The Bronx Casket Company, was met with great reviews and a strong cult following was to follow. Songs like "Who Lives Forever" and "No Miracles" quickly let the world know what the band is: a blend of Goth and Metal, with melodies that are instantly memorable.

2001 saw the release of their second full length release, Sweet Home Transylvania, which was met with the same great enthusiasm. Although the band had never played a live show, fan interested continued to grow with songs like "Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore", "The Other Me" and "Black Valentine".

Allegedly, the only time the whole band were in the same room together was to shoot the promo photos for the album. Each member recorded his own part in a different studio as to accommodate their commitments to their other bands.

The strength of the songs on the bands second release caught the ear of playwright Andrea Lepcio. Soon after Verni and Lepcio were collaborating with 3-time Tony Winner Hinton Battle to direct and choreograph, and the seeds of The Bronx Casket Co… A New Musical were planted. Verni quickly recruited several members from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to perform the show’s music and, likewise, when the cast consisted of performers from Broadway shows Hairspray, Rent and Dance of the Vampire. There have been several performances off-Broadway for producers/backers and the show is still in the writing stages. It has a gothic/Broadway score with a twisted love story woven throughout. Songs from the first two Bronx Casket Co. releases are included in the show, as well as 13 new songs D.D. Verni penned just for the musical.

2005 marked the release of Hellectric, their first CD with new label Regain Records, and on this, their third full length CD, the band has found their own unique voice. "It takes three records I think", states Verni, "to really decide what a band is going to be". Hellectric is a blend of the more doom sound of the first release with the more metal sound of the second. Produced and engineered by Verni at his New Jersey-based Gear Recording Studio it is an amazing sonic record.

Long time friend Michael Romeo of Symphony X contributed all the orchestrations as well as co-mixing the record with Verni. Together with the most commercial, yet heaviest BCC recording to date, rock radio will be all to eager to get their hands on this! Songs like "Little Dead Girl" and "Sherimoon" are instantly catchy, while others like "Bleed With Me" and "Can’t Stop The Rain" show the band using more orchestral arrangements and finesse. Fans of classic rock will certainly want to check out the Goth rendition of the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit "Free Bird" - "If you're going to do a cover tune, you may as well defile a classic" states Verni.

Hellectric also marks the first video from the band. Directed by Lee Lanier at Beezubugbit Studios in Las Vegas, "Little Dead Girl" is an animated masterpiece in the vein of Tim Burton’s immortal The Nightmare Before Christmas. {Taken from the official site}

Jack Frost has stated on the official Seven Witches website that The Bronx Casket Co. Will return to the studio in late 2007 to record new material

Hideous and Mallare left the band. Rob Pallotta became their new drummer, and Verni took over the role as lead singer.A new album was scheldued for release 29 March 2009, but it has been delayed for unknown reasons


By Krist


01. Antihero
02. Bonesaw
03. You Look Like Hell
04. Sally
05. I Never Loved You Anyway
06. Holy Mother
07. I Am No One
08. Memphis Scarecrow
09. Selling My Soul
10. Death On Two Legs
11. Let Me Be Your Nightmare






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