《英国古典文学探索》(Classics of British Literature---An Exploration)公开课[MP3]

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英文名Classics of British Literature---An Exploration

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播讲者:John Sutherland




播放长度:24 hrs

出版公司:The Teaching Company.

一共48课时,每一课时30分钟。内含文档。Taught by John Sutherland
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
University College London Ph.D., Edinburgh University

主讲人Professor Sutherland介绍
A Teacher with a Relish for the Sounds of the Language

It's hard to imagine a professor better suited to teach this course than Professor Sutherland, who brings to these lectures not only his decades of academic and teaching honors but also extraordinary charm and wit.

When he reads aloud, as he does throughout the course, you can't help but revel with him in the many different sounds of his native language.

As he moves from the Anglo-Saxon of Beowulf to the Middle English of Chaucer to the various class accents still representative of today's English speech, his delivery alone conveys a sense of just how much is encompassed by the term "British literature."

本资料收集整理来自原典英语学习论坛 http://bbs.homer-english.com素材共享区。
01 Anglo-Saxon Roots Pessimism and Comradeship
02 Chaucer Social Diversity
03 Chaucer A Man of Unusual Cultivation
04 Spenser The Faerie Queene
05 Early Drama Low Comedy and Religion
06 Marlowe Controversy and Danger.
07 Shakespeare the Man The Road to the Globe.
08 Shakespeare The Mature Years
09 Shakespeare's Rivals Jonson and Webster
10 The King James Bible English Most Elegant.
11 The Metaphysicals Conceptual Daring
12 Paradise Lost A New Language for Poetry
13 Turmoil Makes for Good Literature
14 The Augustans Order, Decorum, and Wit
15 Swift Anger and Satire
16 Johnson Bringing Order to the Language
17 Defoe Crusoe and the Rise of Capitalism.
18 Behn Emancipation in the Restoration
19 The Golden Age of Fiction
20 Gibbon Window into 18th-Century England.
21 Equiano The Inhumanity of Slavery
22 Women Poets The Minor Voice.
23 Wollstonecraft First of a New Genus.
24 Blake Mythic Universes and Poetry.
25 Scott and Burns The Voices of Scotland.
26 Lyrical Ballads Collaborative Creation.
27 Mad, Bad Byron.
28 Keats Literary Gold
29 Frankenstein A Gothic Masterpiece.
30 Miss Austen and Mrs. Radcliffe
31 Pride and Prejudice Moral Fiction
32 Dickens Writer with a Mission.
33 The 1840s Growth of the Realistic Novel
34 Wuthering Heights Emily's Masterwork
35 Jane Eyre and the Other Brontë
36 Voices of Victorian Poetry
37 Eliot Fiction and Moral Reflection
38 Hardy Life at Its Worst.
39 The British Bestseller An Overview.
40 Heart of Darkness Heart of the Empire
41 Wilde Celebrity Author.
42 Shaw and Pygmalion
43 Joyce and Yeats Giants of Irish Literature
44 Great War, Great Poetry
45 Bloomsbury and the Bloomsberries
46 20th-Century English Poetry Two Traditions
47 British Fiction from James to Rushdie
48 New Theatre, New Literary Worlds
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