Ornella Vanoni -《Live al Blue Note》(蓝带现场)[2 CD Set 更新完毕][MP3]

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专辑英文名Live al Blue Note
版本[2 CD Set 更新完毕]

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Ornella Vanoni 于1934年9月22日生于意大利米兰,是意大利很知名的歌手。从23岁首次亮相到现在,Ornella Vanoni凭借其优美独特的嗓音以及深厚的演唱功力,成为了意大利乐坛的一棵常青树,受到歌迷的欢迎。被誉为意大利音乐的“第一夫人”。

Born September 22, 1934, to a Milanese family, Italian singer Ornella Vanoni spent most of her twenties alternating between theater (her debut was in 1957 with Federico Zardi's I Giacobini) and music. She started by singing "le canzoni della mala," or songs about the underworld, but after meeting Gino Paoli in 1960 (with whom she wrote "Senza Fine," one of her biggest hits) she began exploring the more sentimental sounds of pop. After she
decided to concentrate solely on music, her song "Tu Si 'Na Cosa Grande" won first prize at the Festival di Napoli in 1964, followed by a second-place finish at Sanremo in 1968 with "Casa Bianca." Though during this time period she did release a number of successful singles (1967's "Tristezza" and "La Musica é Finita," 1969's "Mi Sono Innamorata di Te"), it was in next decades (in 1974 Vanoni started her own record label, Vanilla, and moved to Rome, a stay that would last for four years) in which her status as the First Lady of Italian Music was truly established.

A sex symbol as well as a representation of the new Italian woman (the feminist movement didn't hit there until the '70s), Vanoni's look was admired by Gianni Versace, among others, especially as she began to branch out -- both in terms of audience and style -- from her homeland, exploring Brazilian music as she sang Italianized versions of Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho as well as of Erasmo Carlos' "Sent Ado A'beira Do Caminho," retitled "L'Appuntamento" (a song which, incidentally, after its inclusion in the 2001 film Ocean's Eleven, started a resurgence in Vanoni's popularity stateside), and she has also sung with jazz players like Herbie Hancock, Gil Evans, and Beppe Quirici. In 1985 Vanoni reunited with collaborator Paoli for a sold-out tour as well as for Ti Ricordi? No Non Mi Ricordo, an album
of 12 new songs that was released two days after her 70th birthday. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi

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01. Aria
02. Parlato 1
03. Vita
04. La mia storia tra le dita
05. Parlato 2
06. Dune mosse
07. Parlato 3
08. Quanto tempo e ancora
09. Parlato 4
10. Ogni volta
11. Parlato 5
12. Non abbiam bisogno di parole
13. Parlato 6
14. Alta marea
15. Parlato 7
16. Una sigaretta
17. Parlato 8
18. My funny Valentine
19. Parlato 9
20. I get along with you
21. Io che amo solo te


01. La voglia, la pazzia
02. Samba per Vinicius
03. Parlato 10
04. Io so che ti amero' (Eu sei que vou te amar)
05. Samba di una rosa
06. Tristezza per favore va via
07. Parlato 11
08. Perduto (Procuro olvidarte)
09. Eternita'
10. Parlato 12
11. Senza fine
12. Domani e' un altro giorno
13. Parlato 13
14. I maschi






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