《史黛拉与宝石骑士》(Starla & the Jewel Riders)[全二季][DivX 5][DVDRip]

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英文名Starla & the Jewel Riders
别名Princess Gwenevere & the Jewel Riders
版本[全二季][DivX 5]

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【英文名】Starla & the Jewel Riders、Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders、Starla et les joyaux magiques






Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (also known as Starla & the Jewel Riders, and listed as such on BKN's official site) is a 1995 children's fantasy animated television series inspired by the Arthurian myths.

The show was produced by Bohbot Productions (now BKN) with association with Hong Ying Animation and internationally syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment. It was originally commissioned by Hasbro to accompany their line of toys (albeit only in the form of vague outline and the creators developed the plot and the characters).[1] The series had two seasons of thirteen episodes each in 1995-1996. The third season has been reportedly planned for the fall 1998 season,[2] but it was then apparently cancelled. The cartoon however worked as the basis for the Avalon: Web of Magic series of books since 2001.[3]

Jewel Riders shares many similarities with the magical girl sub-genre of anime and the preceding American animated TV series such as She-Ra: Princess of Power and Wildfire, and was in many ways similar to The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (the both shows had the same creator, Robert Mandell[4]). While it is less well known than its predecessors, it has a fan following and (along with Gargoyles) contains some of the earliest signs of a "quest"-genre series.


Number Title Writer(s)

1 Jewel Quest, Part I Robert Mandell
2 Jewel Quest, Part II Robert Mandell
3 Travel Trees Don’t Dance Christopher Rowley and Robin Young
4 Song of the Rainbow Mary Stanton and Robin Young
5 Wizard’s Peak James Luceno and Robin Young
6 For Whom the Bell Marianne Meyer and Robin Young
7 The Faery Princess Linda Shayne and Robin Young
8 Badlands Katherine Lawrence and Robin Young
9 Home Sweet Heart Stone Robin Young
10 Love Struck James Mattson
11 Dreamfields Robin Young
12 Revenge of the Dark Stone Robin Young and Christopher Rowley
13 Full Circle Robin Young and Christopher Rowley
14 Morgana Robert Mandell
15 Shadowsong Robin Young
16 Fashion Fever Robin Young and Christopher Rowley
17 Vale of the Unicorns Katherine Lawrence
18 Prince of the Forest Robin Young
19 The Wizard of Gardenia James Luceno
20 The Jewel of the Sea Linda Shayne
21 Trouble in Elftown Laraine Arkow and Marlowe Weisman
22 The Wishing Jewel Laura Munro
23 Mystery Island Robin Young
24 The Fortune Jewel Robin Young
25 Spirit of Avalon / Lady of the Lake Robert Mandell and Christopher Rowley
26 The One Jewel / Last Dance Robert Mandell and Christopher Rowley


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