Various Artists -《梦幻慢板》(Dreaming Adagio)[2 CD Set 更新完毕][MP3]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Dreaming Adagio
艺术家Various Artists
版本[2 CD Set 更新完毕]

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压缩码率: 224Kbps (VBR)


阿兰辉兹协奏曲、梦幻曲、爱之梦、乡间骑士间奏曲、月光、黄泉的天鹅、动物狂欢节–水族箱、泰伊思暝想曲、牧神的午后前奏曲、死公主的孔雀舞曲、吉姆诺培迪 等

罗蓓丝、杜特华、波雷、提鲍德、罗杰、阿胥肯纳吉、甘迺迪、马利纳、萧提 等人演出


This is another great adagio CD box set release from Decca. In 2006, Decca released the LOVER'S ADAGIO (Jan 06), DREAMING ADAGIOS (May 06) and RELAXING ADAGIOS (August 06). This three compilations may appear similar and one may wonder what the difference is and why should one buy another adagio CD? If you are collecting the series you may not ask this question as you will love to complete your collection; but if you are new to the adagio series and you are wondering then I can tell you that though they sound similar, they are all different. There are a few pieces of music repeated in two of the releases but no piece of music is repeated in all three releases. The repeats actually serve to balance the compilation because there is a thin line that separates Lover's /dreaming /relaxing.
The Dreaming Adagio 2 CD set has the following repeated in Lover's adagio - Rodrigo's concerto , Mascagni- Cavalleria Rusticana, Mahler's Symphony, Massenet's Meditation from Thais; Mozart's clarinet concerto, with Faure's requiem repeated in the Relaxing adagio. However there are 28 tracts on the 2 CDs, 14 on each CD with some popular favourites as well as gem discoveries. From favourites like - Schuman's traumerei, Liszt Libestraum No 3, Marcello Concerto in D, Ravel piano Concerto in G, Sibelius the swan of Tuonela, Saint-Saens- the carnival of animals (aquarium), Chopin's etude in E major, Shostakovich Piano Concerto No 2, Faure's Pavane to rare gems like Elgar's Sospiri, Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, Profokiev's : Romeo and Juliet; Debussy's Arabesque and many more beautiful and soothing music that can send you into a beautiful and serene dreamland.
You can't go wrong with this box set


CD 1

01. Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez Robles/MSO/Dutoit
02. Schumann Traumerei (Kinderszenen) Radu Lupu
03. Liszt Liebestraum no 3 Jorge Bolet
04. Marcello Oboe Concerto arr Guitar: Andante Lagoya/ASMF/Sillito
05. Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo NPO/Gavazzeni
06. Ravel Piano Concerto slow movement Thibaudet/MSO/Dutoit
07. Debussy Clair de lune Pascal Roge
08. Sibelius Swan of Tuonela OSR/Stein
09. Saint-Saens Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals Roge/Dutoit
10. Mahler Symphony no 5: Adagietto Concertgebouw/Chailly
11. Chopin Etude de Tristesse Ashkenazy
12. Canteloube Bailero Kiri/ECO/Bonynge
13. Debussy Reverie Thibaudet
14. Faure In paradisum MSO/Dutoit

CD 2

01. Vivaldi Andante from Guitar Concerto in D Fernandez/ECO/Malcolm
02. Massenet Meditation from Thais Nigel Kennedy/NPO/Bonynge
03. Prokofiev Dance of the girls with lilies MSO/Dutoit
04. Debussy Prelude a l`apres midi d`un faune RCO/Haitink
05. Elgar Sospiri ASMF/Marriner
06. Mozart Serenade in B flat- Adagio ASMF/Marriner
07. Massenet Last sleep of the Virgin NSO/Agoult
08. Faure Pavane MSO/Dutoit
09. Debussy Arabesque Kocsis
10. Mozart Clarinet Concerto - slow movement Brymer/LSO/Davis
11. Shostakovich Piano Concerto 2: slow movement Ortz/RPO/Ashkenazy
12. Ravel Pavane Thibaudet/MSO/Dutoit
13. Satie Gymnopedie no 1 Pascal Roge
14. Humperdinck Prayer from Hansel and Gretel Fassbaender/Popp






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