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中文名巧学Access 2010视频教程
英文名Lynda.com Access 2010 Tutorials Power Shortcuts

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该教程为Lynda.com最新出品的“巧学Access 2010 系列视频教程。教程中,数据库专家Alicia Katz Pollock 提供了几百种技巧、捷径来极大地提高Access 2010的效率并充分发挥
Access 2010的作用。如利用功能区、快速访问工具栏、文件管理、自定义、快速数据输入和编辑、查询、数据库管理等......

教程名称:Access 2010 Power Shortcuts

主讲人:Alicia Katz Pollock





In Access 2010 Power Shortcuts, Access expert Alicia Katz Pollock shares hundreds of tips and shortcuts to vastly increase efficiency and get the full power out of Access 2010. The course includes tips for working with the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar, managing files, customizing and automating Access, rapid data entry and editing, working with tables, queries, forms, and reports, managing your database, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:

* Creating new field with field templates
* Understanding errors
* Filtering data
* Aligning and distributing controls
* Customizing the interface
* Navigating quickly between records
* Speeding up data entry
* Analyzing a table for redundant data
* Creating a multi-field primary key
* Moving records with append and delete queries
* Transforming a query into a PivotTable or PivotChart
* Working with images, charts, and Smart Tags in forms
* Hiding duplicates in reports
* Formatting shortcuts
* Using macros


Welcome 00:47
Using the exercise files 00:28
25:49 1. Top Tips
Customizing the Navigation pane 02:23
Toggling between Design and Data views 02:40
Creating new fields with field templates 02:09
Understanding the "Cannot contain a Null value" error 01:29
Working with AutoNumbers as foreign keys 02:24
Using input masks 02:39
Four ways to add fields to a query 01:41
Four ways to filter data 02:56
Selecting multiple form and report controls 02:13
Aligning and distributing controls on forms and reports 05:15
05:48 2. File Management
Opening recent files 02:33
Opening your most recently used file automatically 00:56
Selecting a startup form 01:00
Changing the default saving location 01:19
08:22 3. Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Tips
Expanding and collapsing the Ribbon 01:13
Three ways to customize the Quick Access toolbar 03:14
Selecting Ribbon buttons using KeyTips 01:47
Creating your own ribbons 02:08
09:26 4. Interface Shortcuts
Turning the Navigation pane into a switchboard 03:48
Right-clicking 02:48
Using keyboard shortcuts 02:50
05:56 5. Navigation Shortcuts
Navigating between records 02:08
Using Search, Go to, and Find 02:20
Selecting fields, rows, columns, and tables 01:28
21:46 6. Data Entry and Editing Shortcuts
Undo and Redo tips 02:18
Entering data across, not down 00:59
Repeating data from the record above 01:39
Copying and pasting content 02:44
Inserting today's date 01:10
Removing automatic hyperlinks 01:54
Using AutoCorrect 01:36
Using concatenated fields 02:16
Linking Outlook contacts 02:23
Saving imports and exports for reuse 04:47
35:56 7. Table Techniques
Creating a table using application parts 02:18
Creating Quick Start fields 01:49
Saving application parts 02:43
Understanding number field sizes 03:02
Setting default field types 02:55
Using validation rules 04:00
Using flag fields 02:01
Using an index 02:04
Using a datasheet Totals row 02:00
Filtering by selection 01:26
Resizing columns and rows 02:07
Removing gridlines and shading from tables 01:29
Hiding and unhiding table fields 01:13
Freezing fields when scrolling 00:59
Analyzing your table for redundant structure 05:50
10:53 8. Relationship Techniques
Setting a starting AutoNumber 03:14
Creating a multi-field primary key 04:17
Using subdatasheets 01:27
Using relationship reports 01:55
28:32 9. Query Techniques
Using wildcards 05:40
Using IN instead of OR 01:29
Hiding query fields 00:54
Changing captions 01:31
Finding duplicate records 02:13
Moving records with append and delete queries 04:31
Using make-table queries 02:12
Creating an update query 02:55
Turning a query into a PivotTable 02:30
Turning a query into a PivotChart 02:06
Using SQL statements 02:31
28:48 10. Form Techniques
Using the property sheet to work with controls 02:16
Creating option groups 02:43
Using a ComboBox to select a record 02:55
Creating tabbed form layouts 04:45
Inserting charts 03:42
Creating your own smart tags 01:24
Using the CanGrow and CanShrink properties 01:46
Hiding fields in printouts 01:26
Setting tab stops 03:41
Clipping, stretching, and zooming images 01:17
Viewing single or continuous forms 01:01
Changing a form's default view 01:52
09:07 11. Report Techniques
Inserting page breaks in reports and forms 02:15
Creating headers and footers 05:49
Hiding duplicates in reports 01:03
10:17 12. Formatting Shortcuts
Using themes to customize the look of the database 04:12
Using the Format Painter 02:25
Grouping controls on forms and reports 01:35
Setting default appearance for new databases 02:05
17:56 13. Macro and Event Techniques
Using a Before Change macro to create a time stamp 06:51
Triggering a Before Delete warning message 02:49
Creating an After Update macro to email a customer 02:11
Creating a user interface macro 04:12
Using AutoExec macros 01:53
02:53 14. Database Management Techniques
Saving templates 02:10
Locking files 00:43
00:44 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:44




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