Paul Hardcastle -《希望》(Desire)[MP3]

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艺术家Paul Hardcastle

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专辑风格: Smooth Jazz


Paul Hardcastle出生于英国伦敦,是一位音乐制作人兼键盘手,从1993年开始录制唱片,他将电子、舞曲、R&B等多种音乐元素完美的融合在 Smooth Jazz其中,在全球各地引起了强烈反响,拥有了成千上万的爵士乐迷,创造了Smooth Jazz的传奇,是近15年来现代爵士界最成功和创作最丰富的作曲家之一。Paul Hardcastle在Smooth Jazz领域有两个非常知名的Project,一个是他和一些器乐演奏家一起录制的《The Jazzmasters》系列,而另外一个是他个人的《Hardcastle》系列,两个系列都是乐迷珍藏的经典。旋律轻柔流畅,节奏舒缓时尚,器乐创新搭配,魅力女声Helen Rogers的轻吟浅唱,这些都是Paul Hardcastle的成功法宝,使他的Smooth Jazz如同和煦清爽的凉风与清凉透心的泉水沁人心脾,令人舒适之极。Smooth Jazz发展到现在已经二十多年了,如果追溯起源,从各种各样的档案资料里都可以找到,Smooth Jazz是Fusion(融合爵士)的一种衍生物,在其音乐当中,音乐家们不再把他们的精力投入到即兴创作及演奏当中去,而是更加注重音乐的旋律化,以及和R&B等其它音乐之间的融合能力。(摘自网络)


In the early 1980s, Hardcastle played the keyboards on several singles on the Oval record label by the dance music groups Direct Drive and First Light, before going solo.He achieved some acclaim for his early singles, notably in 1984, the Electro-funk Hip-Hop instrumental classic, "Rain Forest", which along with the track, "Sound Chaser" hit number two on the dance chart.Rain Forest" also hit number five on the soul chart and number fifty-seven on the Hot 100.In 1985, he came to greater prominence with the international hit "19," a song about America's involvement in the Vietnam War and the effect it had on the soldiers who served, using sampled dialogue from a USA television documentary about the post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by veterans.Hardcastle enjoyed several further hits in the UK, including "Don't Waste My Time" (with vocals by Carol Kenyon) (UK #8) and the now-classic "The Wizard", a UK #15 hit that became the theme tune from BBC Television's Top of the Pops. He also had a hit with "Just For Money", which reached #19 in the UK and featured Bob Hoskins and Sir Laurence Olivier. Earlier, he had cut a cover version of D-Train's most influential hit "You're the One For Me", segued with his own compositions "Daybreak" and "A.M." Hardcastle also wrote the theme tune for Saturday Live, a popular entertainment show which ran from 1985-1987.He also made the hit single The Voyager, which was used for the BBC One programme Holiday. Paul now acknowledges he was behind the Nineteen Not out track with Rory Bremner.After 1986, Hardcastle started to specialise in television soundtracks and remix work, for artists as such as Five Star, Barry White, Third World, Sinitta, Johnny Logan, Hiroshima and Ian Dury.In 1988, Hardcastle released the concept album, No Winners, which focuses on the potential negative effects of the Cold War arms race.Hardcastle has also recorded several synth jazz albums, alternating releases under the artist names Kiss The Sky, The Jazzmasters, and Paul Hardcastle. Working regularly with vocalist Helen Rogers, Hardcastle has recruited several saxophonists including Gary Barnacle (on the first album), Snake Davis, Phil Todd and Tony Woods. All these albums have been played on smooth jazz radio in the United States, where some of the most played tracks include "Northern Lights," "Lost in Space," "Desire," "Shine" and "Serene." He won the Billboard Smooth Jazz Artist Of The Year award for 2008.2010 Jazzmasters 6 track "Touch and Go" featuring his son Paul Jr on sax makes number 1 on the USA Billboard Jazz songs chart, his 10th Number 1 on the Smooth Jazz charts in total


01. Desire
02. Valentines
03. Forever Dreamin’
04. Closer
05. Wonderland
06. Lost Summer
07. Same Place Same Time
08. Lost in Space
09. Smooth Jazz is Bumpin
10. Cloud Watching
11. Ready or Not.mp3
12. Don’t You Know (Ibiza Chill Mix)






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