《Total Training微软Win7教程》(Total Training for Microsoft Windows 7)[DVDRip]

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    主讲人Erin Olsen
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中文名Total Training微软Win7教程
英文名Total Training for Microsoft Windows 7
学校Total Training
主讲人Erin Olsen

IPB Image
IPB Image
主讲:Erin Olsen
难易程度:初级 - 中级
Course name:Microsoft Windows 7
Presenter:Erin Olsen
Level:Beginner to Intermediate
Project files:included

电脑的应用已成为日常生活中必不可少的一部分。为了更好的使用电脑的系统,我们需要了解系统的基本操作还有软件及硬件的使用.这门课程将回顾操作系统一些基础的特性以及新版的操作系统中如何有了更方便的应用. 你将在这门课程中学习应用其中的工具更好,更有效并安全的使用该操作系统,并会对其有全新的体验. 同时你将会了解什么是 jumping, shaking, snapping, streaming and Bit Locking.

Using a computer these days is a requirement. In order to use a PC without it becoming cumbersome and frustrating, you need to know the operating system and how to navigate, find, open, use and manage the system including its hardware, software and files. This course will review some of the old standby features and hone in on the numerous enhancements in this version. You'll learn the tools to increase reliability, efficiency and security that will optimize the user experience as never before. You'll also find out what jumping, shaking, snapping, streaming and Bit Locking are.

功能 Features:
利用Action Center可以轻松读取系统维护和安全提示,诊断和修复系统问题.
定期备份,并使用 BitLocker 驱动器加密进行保护(或加密)的可移动驱动器中的内容.

Discover updated desktop options (themes, background, screen savers)
See the revised taskbar in action (jumplists, live thumbnails, notification area)
Learn centralized & simplified hardware & printer management
One-stop for identifying and fixing maintenance, security and performance issues using the action center
Integrated scheduled backup and easy drive encryption including Bit Locker to Go for USB drives

主讲 Presenter:
Erin A. Olsen在Desktop技术方面的教学有几十年的经验,她的课程遍布7个国家近4万人受益. 自PCKeys技术解决以来, 她已著有近40项CBT专著,研发数以百计的课程,并授课千余次. 她独特的授课方式更有效的提高学习效率并在学习中得到极大的乐趣.

Erin A. Olsen has been spreading her enthusiasm and vision for the power of desktop technology since 1994 to more than 37,000 people in seven countries. Since founding PCKeys Technology Solutions, she has authored more than 36 CBT titles, developed hundreds of courses and effectively presented to thousands. Erin's unique combination of personality and skills allow her to provide an enhanced learning experience for all that is effective, engaging and memorable.
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C1 Getting Started Using Windows 7 0:48:02
1 Introducing Windows 7
2 A First Look at the Windows Desktop
3 Working with User Accounts
4 Users, Passwords & Permissions
5 Exploring Log O & Power Options

C2 Customizing The Windows Desktop 0:46:38
1 Using Icons & Shortcuts
2 Adding Gadgets
3 Customizing Backgrounds & Window Appearance
4 Customizing Sounds, Screensavers & Icons
5 Changing Screen Resolution

C3 Accessing The Start Menu 0:37:39
1 Using Start Menu Options
2 Customizing the Start Menu
3 Finding Programs, Files & Settings

C4 Exploring The Revised Task Bar 0:39:28
1 Customizing the Notication Area
2 Exploring Buttons on the Taskbar
3 Taking Advantage of Jump Lists
4 Setting Taskbar Properties

C5 Optimizing The Windows User Experience 1:17:45
1 Moving & Sizing Windows
2 Window Navigation Using Breadcrumbs
3 Window Navigation & Customization
4 Accessing & Conguring Libraries
5 Organizing, Rating & Tagging Files
6 Indexing & Search Options
7 Searching for Files
8 Sharing Files & Folders

C6 Examining Hardware & Software 1:10:10
1 Viewing Devices & Printers
2 The Device Manager, Drivers & Power Management
3 Setting Default Actions & Programs
4 Installing & Uninstalling Software
5 Alternate Hardware & Software Tools: Touch
6 Speech Recognition
7 Live Essentials & Services

C7 Enjoying Media 0:45:07
1 Playing Audio & Video Using the Media Player
2 Ripping CDs & Creating Playlists
3 Experiencing the Next Level with the Windows Media Center
4 Tapping into the Windows 7 Gaming Experience

C8 Connecting To A Network 0:45:01
1 Networking Overview
2 Getting Started with Windows 7 Networking
3 Working with the Network Adaptor
4 Viewing the Network Map & Changing the Workgroup
5 Mapping a Network Drive

C9 Maintaining Your System 0:28:59
1 Optimizing Performance
2 Using Troubleshooters & the Action Center
3 Using the Problem Steps Recorder
4 Keeping Current with Windows Update

C10 Securing Your System & Data 0:33:51
1 Working with System Restore & Shadow Copies
2 Executing Backup & Restore
3 Implementing BitLocker & BitLocker To Go
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