《渲染终极者 finalRender R3.5 SE for 3ds max/design 2009/2010/2011 32位/64位 顶渲简体中文版+英文原版》R3.5[压缩包]

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    制作发行原创:cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc
    中文:顶渲 Ma5 www.toprender.com
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中文名渲染终极者 finalRender R3.5 SE for 3ds max/design 2009/2010/2011 32位/64位 顶渲简体中文版+英文原版
制作发行原创:cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc
中文:顶渲 Ma5 www.toprender.com

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finalRender是德国cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc出品的目前最为强大的专业渲染器,它的强大功能,丰富的材质,高质的渲染结果及快速的渲染速度,是其它渲染器无法比拟的,支持网络分布式渲染。并且有针对3ds max Maya cinema 4D等主流三维软件的相应版本。
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操作系统:windows XP/window7 32/64位
3dsmax/design 2009/2010/2011 32/64位




About finalRender 3.5 SE
finalRender 3.5 for 3ds Max 2009-2011 and 3ds Max Design 2009-2011 is offered in two versions. finalRender 3.5 SE (Studio Edition) is the perfect choice for bigger production houses and advanced users seeking the maximum in quality and flexibility, while finalRender 3.5 is targeted to the mainstream user base.

Both products use the same rock solid Hollywood production-proven rendering core and produce the same rendering results (when not using any of the advanced features of 3.5 SE). A complementary copy of finalToon 3.5 is included with a purchase of either version.

For a feature comparison, go to the SE Comparison Table.

Alice in (Stereo-) Wonderland
The new finalRender SE Stereo Camera offers the 3ds Max user a sophisticated way to reproduce true 3D stereo camera effects from within 3ds Max.

Sam Korshid, former effects Supervisor at CafeFX, approached cebas with an urgent need for a proper 3ds Max rendering solution.

It needed to work out of the box, have no issues with live action footage, allow proper compositing of existing footage (created with thinkingParticles R4), and would match rendering setups created in Maya.

Within the tight production timeline of “Alice in Wonderland,” cebas integrated a true 3D stereo camera model into finalRender, which proved to be an ideal rendering solution for this major production.

finalRender R3 SE was the rendering system of choice for Uncharted Territory for the 3D VFX in the blockbuster movie “2012.” DomeLight proved to be the key lighting method used to create believable and fast global illumination scenery.

It also showed great stability in ultra-complex scenes with thousands of animated objects, possessing millions of polygons.

In finalRender 3.5, DomeLight is now faster, smoother and better than before, accelerating both the animation and QMC rendering modes.

Ocean Object and Material Enhancements
User input is very important to cebas. The latest feedback on Ocean Material and Ocean Object has led to more fine-tuning and upgrades in rendering and processing speed.

Foam Map handling, for example, has seen a total overhaul.

Skin2 and CarPaint2
In finalRender 3.5 SE, fR-Skin2 is a new layered skin material shader that resembles the effects of human (or alien) skin much better than the previous fR-Skin.

fR-CarPaint2, with optional new material, makes the paint on your car model look exactly like a shiny, new car.

Also, fR-FastSkin has been upgraded to allow full map control of its features.

...and More
In addition, finalRender 3.5 SE offers RE AA control, the Reinhard Tone Mapper, additional Shadow Mapping tools, as well as many additional texture map shaders, such as fR-Wet, fR-Velvet, fR-FastSkin and many more.

The cebas Non-Photo-Realistic (NPR) renderer for 3ds Max, finalToon 3.5, has also been upgraded with features and functionality. finalToon 3.5 is available as an integral part of finalRender 3.5 and finalRender 3.5 SE or as a standalone product.

finalRender 3.5 SE is Built Upon:
•all features and functionality of finalRender 3.5
•pyroCluster 3.5 (without mental ray shaders)
•finalToon 3.5
•former finalShaders (unlimited network render license)
All the extensive features of finalRender 3.5 are of course also part of the SE version.


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