Various Artists -《罗蔓蒂克慢板 II》(Roamntic Adagios II)[2 CD Set 更新完毕][FLAC]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Roamntic Adagios II
专辑中文名罗蔓蒂克慢板 II
艺术家Various Artists
版本[2 CD Set 更新完毕]

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G弦上之歌、卡门间奏曲、牧神的午后前奏曲、爱之梦、声乐练习曲、泰利思主题幻想曲、崔斯坦与伊索笛前奏曲 等

马利纳、克尔提斯、阿胥肯纳吉、夏伊、杜南尼、梅塔、塔克威、卡拉扬、萧提、波宁、海汀克、韦伯、曼纽因、哈瑞尔 等人演出


The title is Romantic Adagios II. The description is "Over 2 1/2 hours of the world's most passionate music." What these are, in other words, are two discs of seduction music, which is fine. Using music for seductive purposes is the oldest ploy in the world. From Orpheus up to Ol' Blue Eyes, music hath charms to arouse, inflame, and incite lascivious and lubricious behavior. The whole purpose of this disc is to ensure a successful seduction. It sure isn't because sticking all of these Adagios together doesn't make any sort of musical sense. How could Wagner's "make love and die" Prelude from Tristan possibly be followed by anything except Tristan, much less by the smarmy Rose Adagio from Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty? How could Debussy's "imagine naked nymphs" Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune possibly be followed by Grieg's tenderly sentimental Adagio from his piano concerto? And how could Rachmaninov's "song of sweet despair" Vocalise be followed by Vaughan Williams' transcendent Tallis Fantasia? None of this fits and the selected performances don't make any sense. Why couple Vladimir Ashkenazy and the Concertgebouw Orchestra's throbbing Adagio from Rachmaninov's Symphony No. 2 with Riccardo Chailly's dreary Crisantemi by Puccini? Why couple Arthur Grumiaux's exquisitely lyrical Romance No. 2 by Beethoven with Jaap Schroder's austere and severe Largo from Bach's double violin concerto? Why couple Clifford Curzon's ethereal Adagio from Mozart's Piano Concerto in A major with Misha Dichter's mundane Libestraum No. 3 by Liszt? Does it work as seduction music? Some of the music can't miss, such as the Rachmaninov Adagio, Wagner's Prelude, and Debussy's Prelude. Some of it seems unlikely to succeed, such as the Elgar Adagio and Brahms' Adagio. ~ James Leonard, Rovi

Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/romantic-adag...AWpD5E38


Disc: 1

01. Bach / Air On A G String 05:23
02. Mozart / Piano Concerto No.23 07:06
03. Rachmaninov / Symphony No.2 14:19
04. Beethoven / “Pathethique” sonata 05:02
05. Puccini / Crisantemi 07:11
06. Brahms / Violin Concerto 09:13
07. Bizet / L’ Arlesienne, Suite No.1 03:13
08. Bizet / Carmen Suite No.1 02:37
09. Beethoven / Piano Concerto No.1 11:10
10. Mozart / Horn Concerto No.4 04:58
11. Chopin / Etude In E 04:25
12. Tchaikovsky / Romeo And Juliet Overture 03:14

Disc: 2

01. Wagner / Tristan und Isolde 10:37
02. Tchaikovsky / The Sleeping Beauty 06:37
03. Beethoven / Romance No.2 07:53
04. Bach / Double Violin Concerto 06:45
05. Elgar / Cello Concerto 05:19
06. Liszt / Liebestraum No.3 03:59
07. Debussy / Prelude a’ l’apres-midi d’un faune 10:07
08. Grieg / Piano Concerto 06:43
09. Rachmaninov / Vocalise 06:58
10. Vaughan Williams / Fantasia On A Theme By Thomas Tallis 14:34






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