《电视台台长2》(TV Manager 2)v1.4硬盘版/更新英德双语完整硬盘版[压缩包]

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    游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
    制作发行Niels Bauer Games
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英文名称TV Manager 2
游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
制作发行Niels Bauer Games

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System Requirements:
· OS: Windows XP/Vista
· CPU: 600 Mhz
· RAM: 128 MB
· DirectX: 6.0
· Hard Drive: 37 MB
0day TE小组硬盘版。


【英文名称】TV Manager 2
【制作发行】Niels Bauer Games
【游戏类型】SIM 模拟经营


感觉电视上没什么好节目?电视节目总不和你的口味?不如自己开家电视台?Niels Bauer Games推出的最新游戏TV Manager 2中,玩家将扮演一名小电视台的台长,目标是通过经营成为全国最大的电视台。在游戏中,玩家需要购买电影授权,签署广告合约,管理现场新闻节目,并合理安排电视播放时间以获得最高的收视率。记住,你的竞争者也不甘示弱。(文:life_is_good@YDY,转载请注意礼节)

Nothing worth watching on television? Those TV schedulers never seem to get it right. Think you could do better?

TV Manager 2, the latest release by Niels Bauer Games, puts you in charge of a small TV station with the aim of turning it into the biggest network in theTV Manager 2 picture country. Buy movie licences, take on advertising contracts and manage your own news spots and programme schedule to get the highest audience figures you can. But remember - your competitors are doing the same!

A sequel to the original TV Manager, TV Manager 2 is available both as a Standard edition or with an expansion pack, giving you more maps, more scenarios and more content. And if you want a real challenge, why not try the Booster Cards?

TV Manager 2 also features a compatibility mode for the blind, allowing those with full or partial loss of vision to play the game using third-party screen reading software.

TV Manager 2 offers a lot of cool features.

Standard edition:
• Maps of the USA and the European Union
• Up to three computer-controlled competitors
• Turn-based planning phase and real-time broadcasting phase
• Real (slightly modified) movie and ad titles (no random titles anymore)
• Movie and ad titles based on real titles
• 12 different movie genres with 250 movies
• Three different scenarios (Fast, Normal, Long)
• Beautifully hand-painted artwork and interface
• High quality sound effects and music
• Compatibility mode for blind players

Expansion pack / Premium edition:
• Maps of the UK, Germany and France
• Three additional scenarios (expert mode, tweaked 24 turns and custom scenario)
• Movie, ad and news editors to create your own content
• 100 additional movies to choose from

Booster cards pack:
• 20 unique booster cards, which you can use to modify and tweak the gameplay.
• No trading card game, no unfair advantages.
• Purely optional. Can be turned off anytime.
• For example: Play a TV channel focused only on news.

System requirements:

The game should play fine on any PC running Windows XP or better. It is fully compatible to Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-Bit and 64-Bit).

You might even be able to run it on a Mac, if you use an emulator.

Blind compatibility mode:

This game offers a compatibility mode for blind players. Blind players can use it to navigate through the game using a third-party screen reading software. To start the compatibility mode you have to click on "Blind compatibility mode" on the main menu (the first screen after starting the game). This mode is not recommended for players who are not blind.

The game has mainly been tested with the screen reading software “Hal” from Dolphin Computer Access Ltd. You can purchase it or download a 30-day free trial on the internet.
It can most likely be used with other screen reading software like “Jaws” too, but the following hints are for the software “Hal”.

Hint: To activate the blind compatibility mode from the main menu you first have to minimize the tutorial window, which will popup during the first 5 starts of the game. To do this click on “minimize”. Right below the window you will find the blind compatibility mode button.

Hint: Right-clicking at items in the game might bring up additional information.

Hint: To drag & drop something in the game with “Hal” in virtual focus, you have to click ctrl home to pick up soemthing to drap and rig

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IPB Image

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