巴赫 -《哥德堡变奏曲》(Goldberg Variations By Mika Väyrynen)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Goldberg Variations By Mika Väyrynen

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Mika Väyrynen,1967年生于芬兰赫尔辛基。17岁开始演奏生涯。从此足迹踏遍欧洲各国,日本、俄罗斯、美国、中国。1990年开始职业生涯,并录制了超过20张CD,包括独奏、协奏曲、室内乐。自1999年起在赫尔辛基学院兼有教职。在业余时间,他还是大韩剑道的爱好者,已达到黑带三段。

Boy, is this fun! Mika Väyrynen not only plays Bach's Goldberg Variations on the accordion to brilliant virtuosic effect, but he also manages to give each variation a unique identity. If Tania Lukic-Marx's more reverential way with the score makes her the accordion's Helmut Walcha, Mika Väyrynen, in turn, evokes the spirit of Virgil Fox on best behavior. Hear how he imbues Variation 7 with gentle swagger and sharp, unexpected accents that prove equally piquant when taken up the octave on the repeats. Redistributed to accommodate a single keyboard and rows of buttons, the two-keyboard variations blast off from their respective starting gates and hardly let up.
Variation 29's toccata-like textures particularly lend themselves to the accordion's breathy bellows, while the canons at the unison and the fifth plus the "black pearl" 25th variation feature Väyrynen's sexy, honey-coated legato phrasing. Sometimes Bach's contrapuntal lines blur within the resonant, roomy acoustic, but the sound is so vibrant and alive that you simply go with the flow. And unlike the three other accordion Goldbergs I've managed to hear (Stefan Husson/Thorofon, Tania Lukic-Marx/Aura, and Wolfgang Dimetrik/Amphion), Väyrynen takes all repeats, save for the Aria Da Capo. Definitely one of 2004's most entertaining and lovable releases. [8/31/2004]

--Jed Distler, ClassicsToday.com

Mika Väyrynen

Mika Väyrynen is one of the foremost accordion and bandoneon artists of today, performing as a soloist, with Chamber Ensembles and Symphony Orchestras throughout the world.

In addition to his teaching at the famed Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, he also travels extensively presenting Master Classes, Seminars and Workshops at major Conservatories, Music Schools and Festivals in many countries.

Performing on both accordion and bandoneon, his repertoire is exceptionally broad, including contemporary accordion music, transcriptions from various periods, new Tango, Concertos and Chamber Music.

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01. Aria
02. Variatio 1
03. Variatio 2
04. Variatio 3 Canone all'Unisono
05. Variatio 4
06. Variatio 5
07. Variatio 6 Canone alla Seconda
08. Variatio 7
09. Variatio 8
10. Variatio 9 Canone alla Terza
11. Variatio 10 Fughetta
12. Variatio 11
13. Variatio 12 Canone alla Quarta
14. Variatio 13
15. Variatio 14
16. Variatio 15 Canone alla Quinta/Adante
17. Variatio 16 Ouverture
18. Variatio 17
19. Variatio 18 Canone alla Sesta
20. Variatio 19
21. Variatio 20
22. Variatio 21 Canone alla Settima
23. Variatio 22 Alla breve
24. Variatio 23
25. Variatio 24 Canone all'Ottava
26. Variatio 25
27. Variatio 26
28. Variatio 27 Canone alla Nona
29. Variatio 28
30. Variatio 29
31. Variatio 30 Quodlibet
32. Aria






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