Train -《Alive at Last》[Live][iTunes Plus AAC]

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专辑英文名Alive at Last
版本[Live][iTunes Plus AAC]

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唱片公司: 2004 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
音乐类型: Rock
压缩比率: 256K iTunes Plus AAC
相关链接: iTunes


正版iTunes Plus AAC (256Kbps).若想了解AAC格式音频.请点我跳转.

1999年以单曲《Meet Virginia》一举登上Billboard单曲排行榜Top 20、拿下Adult Top 40榜数周亚军宝座,并促使同名专辑蝉联Billboard Heatseekers榜4周冠军、狂销破100万张的摇滚乐团Train,由5位具备丰富音乐才华的乐手Charlie Colin: 贝斯/吉他/合音、Rob Hotchkiss: 吉他/贝斯/口琴/合音、Pat Monahan: 主唱/喇叭/萨克司风/颤片琴/打击乐器、Jimmy Stafford: 吉他/曼陀铃/合音、Scott Underwood: 鼓/键盘/打击乐器/电子乐器组成,1994年正式成军于旧金山。
从还是一个在北加州地下表演场地表演的乐团,到1998年在Columbia旗下发行首张同名专辑《Train》、成为Counting Crows, The Neville Brothers, The Dave Matthews Band, Hootie & the Blowfish, Collective Soul等知名先进团体巡回全美的首选暖场团体,再到2000年终于独挑大梁地在旧金山最负盛名、最具历史性的The Fillmore会场举行演唱会,成功地创下门票全数销售一空的圆满成绩,一路行来,Train都凭借着其创作好音乐的信念、丰富的音乐元素,以及扎实的现场表演功力,让愈来愈多的乐迷逐步地被他们所征服,成为其死忠的追随者。

Album Review
A truly refreshing thing about Train's Alive at Last is its sound; it feels like a bootleg recording, where the microphones were all located in the audience, capturing the performance as it happened — flaws and all. For those seeking pristinely edited mobile unit sound, this isn't for you. This one is for the legions of fanatics that Train inspire. All of the hits are here, and the set opens with (what else?) "Calling All Angels" as the crowd loses it right away and sings along. Listeners can hear the beer bottles tinkling in "Meet Virgina" just before the band erupts on the refrain. Of course, "Drops of Jupiter" is here as is "Sweet Rain," "All American Girl," "Get to Me," and "Stay With Me," which closes it out. Train are on throughout; they don't sound as if they're going through the motions. It's the thing that people love and hate about them the most: they mean it, every word, every beat, every crunchy guitar fill that bleeds into the verse. The singalong parts are irritating, but if you've ever seen the band live, this will pull you in the same way it forces others to flee from them. In fact, this document is the perfect evidence for both sides. It's easy to understand why people hate them; their sincerity is pervasive and it bleeds all over everything. Conversely, this is also precisely why they inspire such devotion in a fan base that is utterly sick of "cool," "hip," "smart," and so on. They only enjoy themselves and affirm who they are with their peers. There are two new studio tracks here, but they needn't have bothered to include them. Not because they're bad or substandard, but because the live set is the story, the whole thing. Coming as they do at the end — which is the only place they could — feels like an afterthought and anticlimactic, which of course they are in comparison to this garrulous, excessive performance that gets at the heart of what Train are about for their fans.

❤ Calling All Angels

❤ She's on Fire

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注:试听曲目为原AAC文件压缩的192K的MP3,不能代表原文件音质. 本资源来自国外网站,感谢原购买者的分享!



1. Calling All Angels
2. She's On Fire
3. Meet Virginia
4. Save The Day
5. Get To Me
6. Landmine
7. All American Girl
8. When I Look To The Sky
9. Latin Interlude - Instrumental 1:48
10. I Wish You Would
11. Sweet Rain
12. Free
13. Drops Of Jupiter
14. Stay With Me
15. Ordinary
16. New Sensation






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