McCoy Tyner -《Guitars》(爵士吉他高手云集的钢琴三重奏)[FLAC]

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歌手McCoy Tyner

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钢琴名家McCoy Tyner 终於发行了与各派当家吉他手合作的专辑“Guitars”了、与贝斯大老Ron Carter、ECM 当家鼓手 Jack DeJohnette 钢琴三重奏之外又加上与五位各流派的吉他演奏家共同演出了的热情作品。全都皆属於个性派,拥有各独特癖好的吉他演奏家,蓝调派的 Derek Trucks、斑鳩琴好手Bela Fleck、前卫派的Marc Ribot、以及爵士吉他的Bill Frisell 与 John Scofield 与 McCoy Tyner 三重奏玩兴大起,震盪出激烈华丽的精湛演出,不失一代大师们风范的超水準演出。

自2008年在台湾两厅院爵士音乐节亲眼目睹McCoy Tyner 的现场魅力演出后,虽然起初不知是否因为那充满艺术灵魂的双手尚未热开,似乎对於其他乐手破坏力强悍地暴力演出似乎有点力不从心,鼓手Eric Gravatt 及贝斯手 Gerald Cannon,特别是年轻小号手Christian Scott,精采绝伦、光芒四射的即兴独奏惊豔全场,不过演奏到中场之后,McCoy Tyner 在扮演乐曲的协调者及传说中的左手和声技法上有相当杰出的表现,不愧是爵士钢琴史上的No.1 sideman!

“Guitars”为喜好蓝调爵士吉他以及McCoy Tyner的乐迷2008年必收的优秀作品, 也不失为更深入瞭解 McCoy Tyner 的晚期音乐样貌以及历久不衰的音乐热情。

McCoy Tyner (piano)
Ron Carter (bass)
Jack DeJohnette (drums)

Pianist McCoy Tyner's dramatic arpeggios, thunderous bass pulses and modulated chord voicings have inspired generations of aspiring jazz musicians. An acoustic purist who sustained a viable career through the heavily electrified fusion era, Tyner has maintained impressive consistency in his performances and recordings since his seminal tenure in John Coltrane's classic mid-sixties quartet.

Tyner's vast discography includes relatively few guitar wielding side-men; Guitars, then, is unique in Tyner's oeuvre as it contains a rotating roster of high profile guitarists, featuring Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, John Scofield, Derek Trucks and banjo wizard Bela Fleck.

Bassist Ron Carter and drummer Jack DeJohnette form Tyner's close-knit rhythm section. Revered masters with a deep-seated rapport decades in the making, their skills are unparalleled; they ease through shifting rhythms, modulating tempos and tricky harmonic changes with effortless grace.

Tyner has never sounded better, his monolithic chords resound with timeless drama while his expansive arpeggios ripple with cosmic intensity; his left hand summons a thunderous undercurrent while his right cuts a kaleidoscopic swath through the undertow.

The array of all-star guitarists encapsulates a veritable cross-section of contemporary styles. Renowned slide-guitar prodigy Derek Trucks of Allman Brothers fame reveals gritty blues intensity and a soulful tone on "Slapback Blues" and a passionate rendition of "Greensleeves."

Trafficking in similarly territory, iconic banjo picker Bela Fleck brings a folksy patina and quicksilver effusiveness to traditional Americana, including a dreamily nostalgic take of "My Favorite Things."

One of today's most distinctive stylists, Bill Frisell's laconic phrasing recalls the deep focus of Coltrane at his most plangent on "Contemplation." "Baba Drame" showcases his facility for hypnotically surreal Malian counter-rhythms and cross-harmonies.

John Scofield is the only guitarist present to have previously recorded with Tyner, appearing on 1989's Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Blue Note). His ebullient, serpentine runs on "Mr. P.C." and buoyant lyricism on "Blues On The Corner" rouse Tyner, Carter and DeJohnette to some of their most spirited playing.

The improbable pairing with Downtown veteran Marc Ribot yields the session's most adventurous results. Two improvised duets feature Tyner and Ribot at their most prickly and experimental, with "Improvisation 1" a breathtaking journey into radiant introspection. "500 Miles" is a quirky yet subtle quartet feature, while "Passion Dance" is a stunning tour-de-force that spotlights Ribot's knotty cadences as they uncoil through abstruse rhythms and vertiginous harmonies.

In addition to the audio CD, the set also comes with a DVD that boasts three cumulative hours of multiple angle/in-the-studio footage, including a full performance with each special guest and the unedited duets with Ribot.

Guitars is a most welcome anomaly in Tyner's discography; this thematically concise yet stylistically diverse session proves without a doubt that he still possesses the visionary spirit that made him a legend.

This recording is a studio throw-down with 5 of popular music's most accomplished string specialists: Derek Trucks, Bela Fleck, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, and Marc Ribot. The song stack covers the old and new. McCoy finds common ground alongside a group of handpicked guitar and banjo players. It's a meeting of the generations. The DVD/CD set includes a DVD documenting the making of the CD replete with studio performances, chatter, and viewer options for what to see and where to look.

One of the most important and enduring jazz pianists emerging from the 1960s, McCoy Tyner needs little introduction. John Coltrane's former sideman's style has always mixed melody, beauty, invention, and volatility. GUITARS is proof he's lost none of his edge. Here, Tyner mixes it up with a seemingly disparate range of guitarists (and one banjoist!), which might shock some old-school fans. Each guitarist joins Tyner's trio for two or three tracks. Marc Ribot's jazz-informed thorniness, John Scofield's plump-toned élan, Bela Fleck's down-home sophistication and clarity, Derek Trucks's tightly wound blue-tones, and Bill Frisell's mystic, Jim Hall-inspired poetry--all meet Tyner on his own turf. Each string-bender is pushed to be his best in this setting.

Personnel: McCoy Tyner (piano); Derek Trucks, Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, John Scofield (guitar); Béla Fleck (banjo); Ron Carter (upright bass); Jack DeJohnette (drums).

Down Beat (p.79) - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "[H]ats off to producer John Snyder for steering him to a project that lets him blow off steam while playing against type for a bit."
Signal To Noise (magazine) (p.74) - "Tyner's towering talent has again been placed in a new light, this time on a stunning series of encounters with five guitar greats."

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01. Improvisation 2 - (featuring Marc Ribot)
02. Passion Dance - (featuring Marc Ribot)
03. 500 Miles - (featuring Marc Ribot)
04. Mr. P.C. - (featuring John Scofield)
05. Blues On the Corner - (featuring John Scofield)
06. Improvisation 1 - (featuring Marc Ribot)
07. Trade Winds - (featuring Bela Fleck)
08. Amberjack - (featuring Bela Fleck)
09. My Favorite Things - (featuring Bela Fleck)
10. Slapback Blues - (featuring Derek Trucks)
11. Greensleeves - (featuring Derek Trucks)
12. Contemplation - (featuring Bill Frisell)
13. Boubacar - (featuring Bill Frisell)
14. Baba Drame - (featuring Bill Frisell)






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