《Lynda.com出品Excel 2010: 高级公式和函数视频教程》(Lynda.com Excel 2010 Advanced Formulas and Functions)[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人Dennis Taylor
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中文名Lynda.com出品Excel 2010: 高级公式和函数视频教程
英文名Lynda.com Excel 2010 Advanced Formulas and Functions
主讲人Dennis Taylor

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Lynda.com 出品的时长达17小时05分的 Excel 2010: 高级公式和函数 视频教程。由Dennis Taylor阐明了公式和Excel的一些几乎有400个最具挑战性的功能,还讲述了怎样最好的使用它。课程回顾了积木式函数,少数几个关键快捷键用于加速Excel数据的使用。以及如何执行查找功能的高级搜索和数据检索,计算制表数据,统计和数学函数,格式化文本函数数据与财务数据使用的高级公式。本教程附带练习文件。


Viewed Duration
01:49 Introduction
Welcome 01:25
Using the exercise files 00:24
47:12 1. Formula and Function Tips and Shortcuts
Using the entire row/column references 05:43
Copying column formulas instantly 04:35
Converting formulas to values with a simple drag 05:10
Creating 3D formulas to gather data from multiple sheets 05:17
Updating values without formulas 04:25
Displaying and highlighting formulas 07:15
Simplifying debugging formulas 06:29
Enhancing readability with range names 08:18
22:32 2. Formula and Function Tools
Reviewing function basics 07:12
Using and extending AutoSum 04:55
Using absolute and relative references 04:52
Using mixed references 05:33
16:39 3. IF and Related Functions
Exploring IF logical tests and using relational operators 04:43
Creating and expanding the use of nested IF statements 04:47
Using the AND, OR, and NOT functions with IF to create compound logical tests 07:09
41:01 4. Lookup and Reference Functions
Looking up information with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP 04:27
Finding approximate matches with VLOOKUP 06:22
Finding exact matches with VLOOKUP 04:21
Nesting LOOKUP functions 05:51
Finding table-like information within a function with CHOOSE 03:51
Locating data with MATCH 05:03
Retrieving information by location with INDEX 04:51
Using MATCH and INDEX together 06:15
12:27 5. Power Functions
Tabulating information on a single criterion with COUNTIF, SUMIF, and AVERAGEIF 04:49
Tabulating information on multiple criteria with COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS 07:38
11:35 6. Statistical Functions
Finding the middle value with MEDIAN 01:35
Ranking data without sorting with RANK 04:50
Finding the magnitude data with LARGE and SMALL 01:46
Tabulating blank cells with COUNTBLANK 03:24
23:27 7. Data Functions
Understanding Excel date/time capabilities in formulas 07:18
Identifying the day of the week with WEEKDAY 06:02
Counting working days with NETWORKDAYS 03:05
Determining a completion date with WORKDAY 02:24
Tabulating date/time differences with DATEDIF 04:38
25:36 8. Math Functions
Working with rounding functions 08:03
Finding the remainder with MOD and using MOD with conditional formatting 04:42
Building random number generators with RAND and RANDBETWEEN 04:42
Converting a value between measurement systems with CONVERT 03:07
Using the powerful new AGGREGATE function to bypass errors and hidden data 05:02
27:16 9. Array Formulas and Functions
Extending formula capabilities with arrays 07:12
Counting unique entries in a range with an array formula 04:46
Determining frequency distributions with FREQUENCY 03:06
Flipping row/column orientation with TRANSPOSE 04:38
Building analysis via regression techniques with TREND and GROWTH 03:07
Combining multiple functions in arrays 04:27
36:11 10. Text Functions
Locating and extracting data with FIND and MID 06:18
Extracting specific data with LEFT and RIGHT 03:02
Removing excess spaces with TRIM 05:42
Using CONCATENATE with functions 04:24
Adjusting case within cells with PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER 04:17
Adjusting character content with REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE 05:56
Reviewing additional text functions 06:32
13:30 11. Financial Functions
Calculating payments with PMT 04:34
Finding future values with FV 04:03
Determining total amount of future payments with PV 04:53
11:13 12. Information Functions
Working with the IS information functions 04:42
Using error-checking functions: ISERR, ISERROR, IFERROR 06:31
14:29 13. Reference Functions
Getting data from remote cells with OFFSET 04:46
Returning references with INDIRECT 09:43
00:41 Conclusion
Final thoughts 00:41






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