《Lynda.com出品Acrobat X基础训练视频教程》(LYNDA.COM ACROBAT X ESSENTIAL TRAINING)[光盘镜像]

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中文名Lynda.com出品Acrobat X基础训练视频教程

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中文名:Acrobat X基础训练视频教程

国家: 美国
语言: 英语
作者/主讲人:Anne-Marie Concepcion
时长:~ 8小时59分钟


Lynda.com 出品的时长达8小时59分钟的 Acrobat X基础训练 视频教程。由 Anne-Marie Concepcion 演示了在Acrobat X当中如何创建、修改、审查和共享PDF文件。还包括检索,编辑文本和图画,提取PDF中的内容,创建表单,插入互动的富媒体以及文件安全性等。本教程附带练习文件。(文:life_is_good@YDY)

how to create, modify, review, and share PDFs in Adobe Acrobat X. Starting with a tour of the new panels-based interface, the course covers the basics of the software, such as creating and customizing PDFs, searching, editing text and graphics, and extracting PDF content to use in other programs. Also included are tutorials on creating forms, inserting interactivity and rich media, using the prepress tools, combining PDFs with other types of files to create customized portfolios, and ensuring document security. Exercise files accompany the course.


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01:53 Introduction
Welcome 01:33
Using the exercise files 00:20
55:00 1. Getting Started
Opening documents and moving them around 06:03
Working with the toolbars 05:59
Working with the panels 03:43
Customizing the toolbar with Quick Tools 04:40
Using the Pages panel to navigate 03:57
Selecting and copying text and graphics 03:24
Rotating pages 04:49
Changing the viewing options 06:12
Reviewing preferences 07:06
Finding words and phrases 02:35
Searching a PDF and working with the Search panel 04:21
Sharing PDFs by email and with Adobe SendNow 02:11
33:18 2. Creating PDFs
Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office applications 09:46
Creating PDFs from Creative Suite applications 08:57
Creating PDFs from within Acrobat Pro 04:27
Creating PDFs from a web site 08:22
Creating PDFs from the clipboard 01:46
30:58 3. Editing PDF Content
Editing text 08:51
Adding text 04:40
Editing images and graphics 03:39
Changing the page number display 03:48
Digitally signing PDFs 06:26
Cropping pages and documents 03:34
01:06:55 4. Enhancing PDFs
Adding watermarks 06:17
Adding page backgrounds 05:41
Adding page numbers 05:56
Adding headers and footers 09:07
Adding bookmarks 11:30
Attaching files to a PDF 07:11
Adding metadata 03:45
Optimizing a PDF for file size and compatibility 10:12
Creating initial view settings 07:16
37:59 5. Adding Rich Media and Interactivity
Adding hyperlinks to URLs 07:33
Creating links with the Link tool 06:09
Working with interactive actions 06:56
Creating and adding buttons 06:28
Adding video, sound, and SWF files 07:29
Adding page transitions 03:24
27:12 6. Combining and Rearranging PDFs
Extracting pages 03:53
Splitting a PDF into multiple files 04:13
Inserting pages from files and other sources 05:42
Moving, copying, and replacing pages 08:17
Combining PDFs 05:07
27:09 7. Extracting and Converting Content
Exporting text 08:33
Exporting images 06:33
Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Word 07:21
Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Excel 04:42
26:27 8. Creating and Working with Portfolios
Working with portfolios 06:57
Creating portfolios 06:26
Customizing portfolios 07:23
Optimizing backward compatibility 05:41
32:09 9. Getting Started with Forms
Creating an interactive form 06:42
Working with form fields 06:41
Editing field properties 05:34
Distributing and collecting forms 09:43
Enabling Reader to save form data 03:29
34:26 10. Working with Comments in PDFs
Adding sticky notes and other annotations 09:02
Using the drawing markup tools 06:10
Viewing, filtering, and replying to comments 05:24
Printing, summarizing, and exporting comments 06:35
Exporting comments to Word for Windows 03:28
Enabling extended commenting in Acrobat Reader 03:47
25:29 11. Managing PDF Reviews
Understanding the different review processes 02:07
Using the email review process 04:33
Conducting a shared review with Acrobat.com 06:54
Using the Review Tracker 04:32
Using the Collaborate Live review process 07:23
31:02 12. Preflighting and Print Production
Reviewing the print production tools 05:18
Previewing color separations 03:51
Using the Object Inspector to learn details 03:13
Working with the Preflight dialog box 05:34
Fixing hairlines 03:57
Converting colors 02:27
Saving as a standards-compliant PDF 06:42
19:16 13. Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Scanning a paper document to PDF 04:44
Setting up optimization options 06:48
Recognizing text in a scanned PDF 04:43
Reviewing and correcting OCR suspects 03:01
17:18 14. Automating Routine Tasks
Using the built-in Actions for automation 05:32
Editing Actions 04:07
Creating new Actions 04:51
Sharing Actions with others 02:48
35:27 15. Protecting and Securing PDFs
Choosing a security method 05:27
Password-protecting a PDF 07:28
Securing a PDF with a certificate 05:06
Creating a digital id 05:43
Removing sensitive content with the Redaction feature 06:52
Revealing and clearing hidden information 04:51
33:45 16. Adobe Reader X and Acrobat.com
Opening and navigating PDFs in Reader 07:30
Adding comments 03:14
Viewing extended features 06:53
Digitally signing a PDF 06:15
Sharing PDFs 02:29
Using Acrobat.com 07:24
03:54 Conclusion
Final thoughts 03:54






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