《PaloAlto 商业计划书 15周年版/含注册机》( Business Plan Pro 15th Anniversary Edition ) CAN v11.25.0009 含注册机[压缩包]

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中文名PaloAlto 商业计划书 15周年版/含注册机
英文名 Business Plan Pro 15th Anniversary Edition
版本 CAN v11.25.0009 含注册机
制作发行Palo Alto Software, Inc.

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该软件是美国Palo Alto公司开发的商业计划软件(该公司还有一款知名的营销计划软件Marketing Plan Pro)的premier edition(精华版,即功能最多最全的版本,是相对于它的pro专业版和standard标准版而言的)。软件界面的截图如上所示,它主要针对“创业人员”编制“商业计划书”的需求而设计的,功能强大、操作简便、模板丰富。详情和视频介绍请去官方网站www.paloalto.com了解。
Business Plan 不仅有条理的把商业计划书的各个要素整理归类、巨细无遗,而且还引导你分析数据,用一目了然的图表说服投资商,最重要的是它在每一个环节都有大量的范例及提醒,使你不断反思、改进自己的商业计划。商业计划书不仅仅是吸引投资,更是未来发展的宏伟蓝图。Business Plan 将创业的激情和理性完美地熔汇在一起,成功,往往就在于这一步的抉择。


* 业务总结


* 特许评估


* 市场


* 市场开发计划


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Product Description
Business Plan Pro is the best selling most recommended business planning software available. Whether your business is large or small established or start-up this software has everything you need to produce a professional and customizable business plan that gets results. With over 500 sample plans plus instructions and examples at every step you never need to worry about writer's block. Business Plan Pro easily exports to Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint and Adobe PDF and includes a built-in Plan Review to ensure bullet-proof financials. Two expert business books are also included to help build your financial success.Features: 500+ complete sample business plans Wizard-driven financials Row-by-row spreadsheet help Strategy development Exit strategy Detailed instructions and examples New Plan Setup Wizard Industry ratios analysis Built-in industry research data Market Analysis Wizard Customize your plan Export to Word Excel PowerPoint or PDF Includes great-looking PowerPoint templates Publish online - 100% secure Custom reports and documents Venture capital database Graphic Forecaster Long-term financial forecasting Automatic charts Import from QuickBooks Import from Peachtree Complete Accounting Plan review Download free add-ins Plan settings for non-profits System Requirements:WIN 2000 SP4/XP SP2/VISTA 100 MB free disk space. Format: WIN 2000XPVISTA Genre: PRODUCTIVITY Age: 756087001781 UPC: 756087001781 Manufacturer No: 0

Produce a complete, accurate plan with a minimum of time and expense.

View a demo of Business Plan Pro.

Write your business plan quickly and easily
Business Plan Pro has everything you need to create a plan today, all proven and error free. The software automatically customizes your plan outline to match your business type. Just answer a few simple questions and you're on your way to creating a professional business plan that gets results. The software automatically creates the spreadsheets, charts and graphs that investors are looking for. Business Plan Pro allows you to focus your time on executing your business strategy and growing your business.

Simple or detailed, it's your choice
Business Plan Pro has a "keep it simple" option to get from start to finish in less than 15 steps. No other software offers a faster way to get your business plan done. If you need more, you can expand your plan at any point to provide the financial and strategic details you want, including SWOT analysis, marketing strategy, and web site plan.

Get from start to finish in less than 15 steps.

Includes the most commonly needed data for virtually every industry.

Expert guidance at every step.

Recommended by experts, trusted by entrepreneurs
Business Plan Pro is the most popular business plan software on the market for nearly a decade, outselling all others combined. It is the recommended choice of:

•The Wall Street Journal
•Entrepreneur Magazine
•PC World
•PC Magazine
•Guy Kawasaki
•and other experts
Not only is it the experts' choice, but it has been used by thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Get started quickly with 500+ sample business plans
Say goodbye to writer's block. Business Plan Pro comes with over 500 real business plan examples to give you inspiration. You can browse the sample plan library by industry type, view a summary of each plan, or skim plans in a printable format. Find a sample plan that mirrors your business concept, and you can use it as a guide to help you write your own – or even edit it directly in Business Plan Pro.

Market research for over 9,000 industries included
Having trouble finding reliable market research information for your business? Business Plan Pro has you covered. The software includes the most commonly needed data for virtually every industry, so you can compare your projected numbers to industry averages for an accurate business plan. Need to know what others in your industry are spending? What you should spend on marketing? How your initial cost per unit compares? The answers are provided automatically.

Impress your audience using the SBA-preferred document format
Need a professional plan document to get funding or inspire your partners? Business Plan Pro produces a complete, easy-to-read document enlivened with colorful charts, tables, and more – all in the format preferred by banks, venture capitalists, and the Small Business Administration. In addition to the printed document, you can also export your plan to PowerPoint for presentations, to Microsoft Word or Excel, or to Adobe PDF format. You can even upload it to a secure website maintained by Palo Alto Software and share it with your contacts for collaborative review and discussion.

What's new
Business Plan Pro adds new options for simpler business plan outlines, Spanish language support, an updated and even easier-to-use interface, certification for Windows Vista as well as XP and 2000, and much more.

Available in two powerful editions
The Standard Edition of Business Plan Pro has everything you need to create a successful business plan. For advanced features such as integration with custom Excel content, ongoing tracking of your business plan against actual results, and business valuation tools, take a look at the Premier Edition.

All the spreadsheets you need
The software's EasyPlan Wizard guides you through the creation of your business plan with instructions and examples at every step of the way. All the tables you need in a business plan are already linked together, financially and mathematically correct, and surrounded by easy-to-follow instructions and explanations. Just plug in your numbers and let Business Plan Pro do the rest.

Key business plan tables available in Business Plan Pro include:

•Balance sheet
•Break-even analysis
•Cash flow
•General assumptions
•Inventory detail
•Market analysis
•Past performance
•Payables detail
•Personal net worth
•Profit and loss
•Receivables detail
•Sales forecast
•Startup requirements
•Startup funding

Get the numbers right with an automatic Plan Review feature
After you create a business plan, the software automatically checks your numbers for common planning mistakes and offers tips and suggestions on ways to improve your plan. Present your plan with confidence knowing that you've got the numbers right.

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