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歌手Ronan Keating
版本[iTunes Plus AAC]

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唱片公司: 2002 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
音乐类型: Pop
压缩比率: 256K iTunes Plus AAC
相关链接: iTunes


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恶补Ronan Keating!!!

Ronan Keating(罗南)可能是一个众歌迷相对陌生的名字,但说到他所在的组合-boyzone(男孩地带),恐怕就是无人不晓了。单飞后Ronan从男孩地带这样青春组合的模式中脱颖而出,逐渐在歌坛树立了成熟的形象,《When You Say Nothing at All》,《Ronan》等专辑都反响热烈,给著名影片《诺丁山》的配唱也引得万众瞩目,最新专辑《Destination》不但有黄金搭档Gregg Alexande和Rick Nowels担大梁,罗南也一改青春男孩的形象,贡献了3首词曲俱佳的歌曲。专辑中还翻唱了一首美国乡谣天王Garth Brooks的经典老歌。全明星制作阵容,高质量包装上市,这张唱片堪称本年度流行音乐节的经典之作。

Album Review
Not since his days with Belinda Carlisle had writer and producer Rick Nowels invested as much of himself into a singer's career. On Ronan Keating's Destination, his collaborations with Gregg Alexander, totaling nine tracks, offer more upbeat, guitar-infused pop confections, with background vocals to spare, than any listener of Ronan's very mellow debut album could have expected. But these songs with hard rock potential, in the hands of the neighborhood charmer from Ireland, are kept well-mannered; if Meat Loaf had gotten his clutches on them, we'd be discussing a very different album, but Meat Loaf's loss is Corned Beef and Cabbage's gain, or...where were we..."Pickin' Me Up" is a hip, indulgent, sparkling mix of theatrical pop and rock, with lyrics including "Fat farm, skinny school, we've lost the plot," and touches on CNN, African genocide, and "a world of plenty run by thieves," while sounding slick and joyful every bit of the way. Well, of course it's joyful — how many depressing songs can you name that rhyme "Niagara" with "Viagra"? It's the best of the upbeat offerings, but there are others, notably the first single off the album, "Lovin' Each Day," "I Love It When We Do," and "Blown Away" all of which are as corny as Iowa, and as catchy as Yogi Berra. "Joy and Pain" is a pleasing soulful, gospel pop song, and because Ronan's voice tends to lull after several tracks, it's nice to hear him backed by strong female vocals. He makes room for breathing with Garth Brooks' "If Tomorrow Never Comes," a cover of "We've Got Tonight" sung here with Lulu, and his self-penned weeper "The Long Goodbye." The U.K. release features the R&B bonus track "I Got My Heart on You," which neither adds nor detracts from the quality of the other songs.

歌曲试听: ♩♪♫♬ If Tomorrow Never Comes

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01. I Love It When We Do
02. Love Won’t Work (If We Don’t Try)
03. If Tomorrow Never Comes
04. Come Be My Baby
05. Lovin’ Each Day
06. My One Thing That’s Real
07. Time For Love
08. Blown Away
09. As Much As I Can Give You Girl
10. Pickin’ Me Up
11. Joy And Pain
12. We’ve Got Tonight
13. The Long Goodbye
14. I Got My Heart On You (Bonus Track)






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